D(S)JW-WB series Micro Computer Contactless Compensation Voltage Stabilizer

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Principle & Characteristics

DJW-WB、SJW-WB series single、three phase micro-computer contactless compensation voltage stabilizer adopted monolithic processor to control the thysistor to compensate the voltage and reach the goal of voltage regulating, it has the advantage of high efficiency、energy saving、the three phase balanced automatically and so on.

Scope of Application

It is suitable in these places that need regulated power supply as communication、medical treatment、textile、broadcasting、TV、precision instrument、various elevator system and so on. It is particularly suitable in these unattended machine rooms in communication field.

Main Advantage

It has auto protection or alarm function to over(under) voltage、phase-open、fault phase sequence and so on; No phase shift, no additional waveform distortion, no waveform aberration;Available for any load; no mechanical fault or carbon brush friction loss, with intelligent interface,and can remote monitored and controlled.

Main Technical Parameter
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Q:I have a 2006 chevy impala in the ac fuse keep blowing what should I do?
It sounds like the ac compressor clutch is bad. How to troubleshoot: Unplug the A/C compressor clutch wire and replace fuse and turn on A/C. If it does not blow, it is not anything in the wiring to the compressor. If it blows without the compressor plugged in you are going to have to check wiring and components from the compressor back.

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