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Q:Car speakers won't work, any help greatly appreciated?
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Q:Collisions, two dimensionals.?
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Q:ge washing machine blows fuses?
GE blows period. Don't buy GE anything. I get nervous every time I fly and see the jet engines with their brand name on them
Q:Smoke puff out of my instrument panl.I'd like to know what ws it n if other components r damage.can it b fix
It is a burned wire. The first place to look is at the aftermarket radio wiring. Check the fuses also and make sure they all have the correct rating. The fuse should have blown before anything burned.
Q:How to fgure out whats wrong with my 2000 vw golf reverse light?
if it is a manual trans, check the wires that plug into the reverse light switch, located on the trans just above the starter, they tend to break since the harness is pulled pretty tight
Q:Transmission Fluid Change?
Follow the manufacturers recommendation as listed in the Owners Manual. There's quite a difference between makes, and even models within makes. For example: we have two 2008 Fords. . . . . Ford recommends a transmission service at 60,000 miles for one.not until 100,000 miles on the other. I do NOT believe in transmission flushing using a machine as offered by many quick oil change shops and chain garages: that stirs-up the fluid, contaminants and crud in the transmission but doesn't change the filter. All car makers I know of recommend having the transmission drained, lower pan removed, filter replaced and new fluid.
Q:My headlights in my 1987 Nissan Pickup keep burning out. I've checked all my fuses and they are good any idea?
Fuses save circuits from shorts, if the bulbs are blowing out as opposed to the fuse or circuit breaker interrupting the power, then you may have a voltage regulator problem. Put a voltmeter across the headlight socket rev the engine, it should go no higher than 13.4 volts. If it does you need a voltage regulator. If not, check the ground connection. Good luck!
Q:During the formation of a star, two reactions take place.?
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Q:What could cause my cable to short through a usb adapter?
Theres too much power going into the fuse. Try plugging it in to a different fuse to see if it blows that one also.
Q:What would happen if you installed a car battery in backwards?
that is somewhat not basic to assert precisely. Did it burn each and every of the rubber insulation off of the cord? or perhaps even burn the cord in 2? If no longer you're likely ok. I mean it would not damage replacing that floor cord basically so in a lengthy time period down the line you haven't got issues. Does the automobile nonetheless run? i have had batteries short out and do a similar element. Fried the black cord grounding the battery to the automobile. Burnt off each and every of the rubber insulation. My basically option on the time changed into black electric powered tape I had contained in the glove container. I placed a battery in it and drove it abode. i in my opinion forgot about that tape restore I had done till analyzing your question. i must have pushed that truck yet another 40,000 miles with out issues.

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