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Q:Why does the fuse in my Honda's 12-Volt power outlet burn out shortly after I plug in my radar Detector?
Sounds to me like your radar detector, which you stated that you have used for years, has finally met it's maker, kicked-the-bucket, met it's timely demise, etc. Some component in it has shorted out or something, it now is attempting to draw too much current, and your electrical system is doing exactly what it is should, blowing it's fuse before burning itself out (and/or the radar detector, the whole car, etc.). I would say that it is time to start shopping for a new radar detector.
Q:components similar to breakers for low amps?
I have (rarely) seen low-current circuit breakers in appliances and computer components. These are typically about half an inch in diameter, and mount in a round hole, with a protruding reset button. They can't usually be used as a switch, though. Just a resettable circuit breaker.
Q:My car won't start!!!?
The ignition fuel and starter are all on the same circuit?? Seems odd, but possible I guess. Your going to have to get an amperage draw test done on the individual components of the system and see which one is drawing enough amps to melt the fuse. Could be the components, the wiring (not likely) or the control module (rare). Also could be a short to ground or short to power. Sounds confusing but I bet it's faulty internal starter windings causing the problem. Have the starter removed and professionally tested by a reputable auto electric shop not a parts guy that thinks he's a mechanic. Also if it's a manual transmission car try parking it on hills and roll starting it to verify the problem if this is possible.
Q:we have a new battery, new starter, all terminals are good. when attempting to start you hear a slight click?
Be sure and check the INTERNAL surfaces of your battery cable terminals. They should be clean and shiny for best electrical conductivity. Clean with a battery brush (available at any auto parts store) and tighten snugly so they can't be moved by hand. If that doesn't solve the problem you may need a starter relay, starter solenoid, or a starter motor. To quickly check your starter, have someone tap on it with a hammer or metal object while you try and crank the truck over. If it starts that's a sign that either the solenoid is bad or the starter motor is bad. Get a jump start and go have your starter tested at any auto parts store.
Q:2005 lincoln navigator doesent work?
you blew a fuse. check the fuse box and replace it. there should be spares in the fuse box
Q:How does a fuse blow in a ballast?
The main component in the ballast is a large inductor, and if a turn gets shorted, it will draw high current. Suspect the ballast. Also, with a coffee maker and a microwave, the total current could be too high for the circuit breaker.
Q:I have a component cable with an end for a ps3, xbox 360 and wii. If I plug a xbox 360 and ps3 into it?
Not sure if you can connect them both. The adapter piece is probably too short to connect both. The power adapters will create too wide of a separation to connect them. If you did manage to connect them you're either going to get nothing or you're going to blow up your house and every house within a 5 mile radius.
Q:Which device is capable of transforming mechanical energy into electrical energy? * please help?
a generator.
Q:how many watts will 2 40 amp fuses hold?
i would guess it only hold up for 1200 watts. ive got a sony xplod 1200w with 2 40 amp fuses and when i had the sub wires bridged it overloaded the amp and one of the fuses kept popping out, it never blew but jus popped out enough for the subs to stop working
Q:What can you do to check a distributor and fuses in a 1993 Toyota Camry?
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