RN1 Indoor high-voltage current limit fuse

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This product can be used in indoor system of AC 50Hz and rated voltage of 3~35kV to protect electric facilities and electric transformer from overlood or short circuit.

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Q:Can Alternator Cause Battery Drain?
the surge when shifting into drive sounds like an entirely independent problem. Often this can be caused by low Automatic Transmission Fluid. If it hasn't been run in a while, it takes a second for it to heat up so it fills the torque converter completely. Before it lurches, it probably seems like it's needing to have high RPMs to go a low speed. If it makes a really loud slamming noise, it's possible something in the transmission itself is a problem, but usually it sounds more like grinding, as if the gears didn't quite catch. If the car starts, runs and has 14.x volts on the battery, then your ground isn't a problem. Make sure though you have the actual ground strap grounded to the car. Occasionally the positive cable to the starter is wrapped in black which can lead to problems and a shortly dead battery if you ground it to the chassis. But that's probably not the problem for you. Like other people have said, short circuits can cause a rapid battery drain. If you're leaving it for a week and the battery is dying, I wouldn't worry too much. The car I'm working on right now, (1986 BMW 325e with 1991 525i engine) loses enough power over the course of a week if it's not run so that even the electric locks don't work, much less start. My friend's 1989 325is seems to run dry fast too. Point is, some cars just are big battery wasters and if you don't drive it often, it'll lose its charge surprisingly quickly. Hope I've been helpful, and good luck solving your problem!
Q:Wiring, electrical component testing trying to find a parasitic drain on battery. 2002 Ford Escape help?
You test at the fuses with a multie meter or cheap test light, just remove each fuse and test across,one at a time,the one that is drawing small amount of power will show up, you dont disconnect anything before testing, and remember all doors should be closed before testing and ingnition key off. i had a short on one car i owned and it was the cygarette lighter,i just cut that wire at that fuse,as i never ever used it,and i never ever tryed to findout the cause. battery was fine from then on.
Q:How to fgure out whats wrong with my 2000 vw golf reverse light?
It could be the reverse light switch. I had one go out on a Golf with manual transmission. It was mounted on the transmission. The part was cheap and I replaced it myself, but it wasn't much fun. Pretty hard to access.
Q:why is my 1997 linc mark VIII keep bloing the 30 amp fuse which is under the hood? every time i turn on lights
Sounds like a dead short. The answer to a blowing fuse is not just replace it (x10??), you have to trace the cause and there could be many causes. for example: Has any part of the wiring been chafing on a sharp metal edge?
Q:What can cause my Polaris 500 sportsman to pull start and run fine but have no electric start/lights ect?
Push up on the switch on the left handle bar. It is also the kill switch if you move it left or right. When it is in the center position it will push up as well to start the engine.
Q:Shortage with my airsoft gun?
Yes, a blown fuse is always caused by a short (uhnot shortage, but short;-) A quick fix is to throw it away and get a new one, another is take it in to a repair shop, but there is no inexpensive 'quick fix' for a short, usually ever in anything. Electrical shorts or short circuits occur because there is a very low or no resistance connection between the terminals of the power source, i.e. the battery, adapter terminals, wires from the wall. This can be caused by: Two uninsulated conductors touching. A burned out component that failed by shorting. Foreign object that is conductive (pin, paperclip, bread sack tie, screw, etc.) contacting two conductors. Solder bridge on a PC (Printed Circuit) board. Internal short in a multi-cell battery or battery pack. Exposure of a PC board to non-distilled water or other liquids, even after the board is dried. Wire with metal terminal end coming loose and touching another wire or a PC board trace. And I'm sure that I've not listed all the potential causes for a short. (Oh, yeah, forgot PBJ(peanut butter jelly sandwich) in a VCR. Sorry, but there isn't a quick fix. Using a larger fuse may be tempting, but it would only worsen the problem should it NOT blow. Fuses blow to protect the equipment they are used in from permanent damage from shorts. Fuses that DON'T blow DONT protect equipment from shorts. They can, in some cases, do a great job of starting a camp fire;-) Best advice, take it to a repair shop and get it fixed.
Q:ge washing machine blows fuses?
you just need to trouble shoot the problem I might start with seeing if water is leaking onto electrical components you say its just the machine as you have tried other items on same circuit BUT are there many things on same circuit when machine is on ? anyway . no simple answer I wouldnt have thought unless theres a known component failure on these machines
Q:wich pc component is dead?
i think your psu is dead as the monitor takes the direct power and does not affects your psu
Q:Car speakers won't work, any help greatly appreciated?
I suppose it's possible that when the amp was disconnected from the fuse it blew it out or something like that. If you can reconnect the back speakers to the stock amp and they sound OK you know that the problem is with the amp, not the speakers. Also try just putting a new fuse in the amp (they usually come with an extra fuse.)
Q:ford mondeo electric problem heeeeeeelp?
There must be a blown fuse. The purpose of a fuse is to break the connection if the circuit becomes overloaded, this prevents electrical fires, and other dangerous situations. Blown fuses are not obvious if you just glance at the fuse box, you need to remove them in order to see the conductor. I would look at a wiring diagram, find the components on the diagram that are not working, and trace them back to the fuse number and location. This problem can only be a blown fuse or fuseable link.

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