DZ12 Series Circuit Breakers

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Q:what electronic component is this?
3.15A 250WV fuse.
Q:high amp alternator or capacitor?
both thats alot of stuff
Q:what components do i need to hook up an amp and 2 subs to a 07 civic ex stock stereo?
a car stereo place would be best
Q:fuse for central locking on Nissan Serena Van?
buy a $20 manual at your parts storethis will show you what you want , it wil also come in handy later for other problems.
Q:Peugeot 306: What electrical component is failing?
get new terminals fitted .and as suggested charge battery ,car will start ok with that done .rem to tighten battery terminals well .you said you wiggle them and lights come on . that suggests not tight enough ok .all the best .
Q:Need help with car audio please???
He is correct, you cannot damage a sub by underpowering them, that is just a myth. You can damage them however by going more then 10% over the rated wattage. Your head unit doesn't effect your subs it only effects the speakers wired to it. Since you upgraded and you only have an 80amp fuse, you will need a bigger one. You need one that matches somwhat close to your fuses on your amp, I am running a 100amp fuse on a 750w amp and im sure your amp is much larger.
Q:Fuse box(es) on a 1986 Pontiac Firebird (2.8L V6)?
Yes, there is another box for relays circuit breakers, somewhere under the hood. USUALLY on the drivers side wheel well. The only electrical power the a/c uses is for the clutch, you can test it by using a jumper wire to briefly touch the clutch wire directly to the battery, engine OFF. If the clutch is working, you'll hear it CLICK. The ignition cylinder sounds like it's worn out, they are replaceable, also. On the radiator fans, you could wire them to a circuit so they are ON when the engine is On, not mess with the toggle switch.
Q:I have a 97 ford explorer. Niether the AC or fan are working at all. Will coolant work?
I would start with electrical components, beginning with fuses and relays (remove and inspect). I would then look at the low pressure switch tied into the A/C line (jump terminals in cable harness plug while A/C is on to see if compressor kicks in). If you know lots of refrigerant is present and jumping that plug makes the compressor turn, get a new switch. If the coolant has leaked out, don't let the compressor run on empty for more than a few seconds. If the compressor never comes on after all this, try jumping 12V to it directly to see it a bad clutch coil (still won't come on) or bad wiring or control circuit. The next step is to pull a hard vacuum on the system: -29.5 Hg is what you want, and see if the vacuum is stable with the pump off and valve shut. If the vacuum leaks out find out why and get it fixed before buying R134a. If you think it might be a very slow leak you could now take a gamble and get it charged and add leak dye. This can tell you how slow the leak is and where, in the meantime you might have some A/C for a little while. EDIT: The blower motor in the dash might just be broken, which isn't affected by the level of freon in the sealed system. Have this blower problem resolved before digging into the A/C system itself, because it might be just fine.
Q:1996 Camry LE 4 cyliner, clock and radio won't turn on, everything else works fine?
Check your accessory fuse(s).
Q:please help me to get a block, schematic diagrams for +/- 15V basic power supply With less than 15 Components?
Connect transformer primary to mains and secondary to bridge rectifier. Connect centre tap on transformer this will be the ground. Connect + and - terminals of rectifier to large capacitors, then via regulators to output. connect small capacitors across output terminals. 9 components. if you like put a fuse.

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