DD862 type single-phase meters

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DD862 type single-phase inductance AC active energy meters are used to measure active energy loss with frequency 50Hz or 60Hz。 features: new design, resonable construction, high overload, low power consumption, long life , high stablity. the meter is very popular by customers.

Type and meaning
Type and specification
Main technical parameters

1、Meters conform to GB/T 15283 -1994 and IEC 521-1988 standards.
2、Meters can be made into types: direct wiring and CT/PT wiring.
3、 Can be made into special meters according customer's requirements (different frequency, voltage,current specifications etc.).
4、 Start-up: under the condition of the referenced voltage, reference frequency and cosΦ=1, and the load circuit doesn't exceed the 0.5% of the basic circuit, the ammeter's rotor can be started up and constant turning.
5、 Potential action: the ammeter's rotor turns without exceeding one cycle when its line has no electric current and the voltage is 80%~110%of the reference value.
6、Power consumption:active power consumption of voltage circuit less than 2W(under reference conditions).
7、Dielectric properties:1.2/50µs wave,peak value:6kV, no damage permitted under 10 times test. meter can withstand 2kV(circuit to earth, under 45~65Hz,1 minute)。

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