JSS72 Digital-display Timing Relay

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Q:Car speakers won't work, any help greatly appreciated?
I suppose it's possible that when the amp was disconnected from the fuse it blew it out or something like that. If you can reconnect the back speakers to the stock amp and they sound OK you know that the problem is with the amp, not the speakers. Also try just putting a new fuse in the amp (they usually come with an extra fuse.)
Q:hi i want profile of fuse industry?
there is no fuse industry - fuses are a very small piece of electronic components market
Q:My car battery keeps dying over night. New battery and good alternator.?
Replace worn Battery cables and check ground wire for open current
Q:1981 Subaru GL Headlight Fuse Kerps Blowing.?
Check your wiring harness. It can be shorting out if there is contact between two bare wires (rat damage) or a wire that is not grounded properly. Make sure nothing is stripped or bare, you should never be able to see through the plastic on wires. Make sure your battery is not corroded and grounded properly. Test light your harness to make sure the hots are hot and the nots are not. There is a lot of stuff on forums for wiring diagrams and such to make sure that no one pieced it together wrong or cut/spliced into something they shouldn't have. If your Lights are spliced with a higher voltage component the wires will get hotter than they were designed for and that will cause a fuse to burn out. Hope that helps. Follow the wires from the back of your headlight all the way to the firewall and make sure connection to battery is still good (will will likely have to pry apart that black slinky looking wire cover to make sure it's all good under the hood). Make sure to check for signs of pests!
Q:93 chevy caprice. fuse for the computer keeps blowing in-dash. Any reason why?
if it shuts off when you put it in gear you need to check the mounts real good in it,it may have a broken engine mount,and that may be allowing it to break ground ,this will cause it to stall out,and blow a fuse,because when you loose the ground wire,you loose power to some of the inside components,such as the computer,and this will make them blow fuses sometimes,its worth a try,good luck with it.
Q:2002 Ford expedition (power seat and power mirror not working at the same time)?
need more info do they work on there own or not at all try fuse i hope you have all ready if one works then once thats of the other works is proberly wire ing fort get checked out could be dangerous hope ive helped
Q:Four electrical components are connected to a 120v household circuit. The light bulb dissipates 100W, the e?
P okorder
Q:What makes cells stick together?
Components of the cell membrane are responsible for connecting cells. Desmosomes attach cells together, almost like glue. A tight junction fuses cells together (this is only present in vertebrates), while a gap junction consists of pairs of channels fused (in animal cells). Plasmodesma fuses plant cells together, the plasmodesmata in plants are analogous to gap junctions in animals. Hope this helps;)
Q:3 of 4 Electric stove top not working?
Those coils do go bad. Plus it could also be a problem with the transformers burning out for each coil. Call a repairman.
Q:alternator fuse keeps blowing?
Please let us know the make, model, year, and engine of your vehicle. The information may help us at this end. And did this problem appear all on its own? That is, was any work done to the car previous to this problem? What gave you the idea to put tape around your O2 sensor? It is very strange that it even had any effect on the situation. I find your problem very intriguing and would like very much to help you out. I'll return and edit this answer after you give us some more clues. Thanks for your cooperation. ---------------------------- Edit: As of this moment, you haven't given any more information. So I have to guess that although your alternator has been tested, it is likely not been tested as it would be stressed under the conditions that you have specified. I can only imagine that for some reason when under a high speed load, there is a condition in the alternator that causes excessive amperage to be drawn through the 30-amp fuse. A thorough inspection of the wiring to the alternator is also needed to rule out a short. Sorry to not be of more help. --------------------------------------- Edit: Did read your additional information. I checked for service bulletins. Although there were 126 of them, none of them dealt with this problem. The charging circuit was very simple and it looks as though the problem is internal to the alternator. Whatever test has been used is not covering the mode of operation that the alternator encounters in the vehicle. If individual components are available internal to the alternator, it can be the voltage regulator or possibly a rectifier. Often nowadays, the procedure is to replace the alternator altogether.

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