JSS96 Digital-display Timing Relay

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Q:components similar to breakers for low amps?
I have (rarely) seen low-current circuit breakers in appliances and computer components. These are typically about half an inch in diameter, and mount in a round hole, with a protruding reset button. They can't usually be used as a switch, though. Just a resettable circuit breaker.
Q:ford galaxy issues, fuses, relay if there are any, electrical.?
Jay the controls for the windows and door are likely a problem in the drivers side control switches as this works as the main switch for all doors. I have seem this often when someone installed door speakers and unhooked the wires from the way they were tied down. the window came down and pulled them damaging the the wires. The A/C system and heater are hard to call over the computer but I can tell you the fan portion is not connected directly to either. it is a rheostat. a dimmer of sorts. The actual fan motor is built with a power and ground connection and is like all other electric 2 wire motors, a positive and a negative. If the motor isn't frozen inside the motor will spin even if the two wires are switched around as this is only changing it's polarity. what will happen though is your fan will draw air out of the cabin instead of pushing air in. It uses a connection screwed into the air box to control the various speeds. the power enters this device and then used power reducing components internally to slow the motor down or speed it up. your switch on the dash for fan speed feeds this controller. If you are saying you are getting no air to your face but the fan is blowing, I think you will find its blowing on the dash board. maybe the feet as well. This is a factory installed default for a problem in the heater or A/C directing system. It was determined that the most critical thing a driver needs when driving is a clear windshield in the cold of winter. You must be able to see ahead and can bundle up with clothes to keep warm. If the system looses the vacuum needed to run the directional doors to send air to your face etc springs will close the doors and direct the air to the windshield over every other place.
Q:Why does a fuse under the hood of my tahoe blow when i turn on my ac ?
Possibly. okorder
Q:what components do i need to hook up an amp and 2 subs to a 07 civic ex stock stereo?
you are able to, yet for one i might advise a capacitor in there someplace, in case you obtain six hundred watts it is going to dim your lighting fixtures at night. the line adapter is a powerful thought, reason you will choose RCA's to flow to the amp, and yet another difficulty would desire to be the amp distant turn on, which the inventory radio won't have. yet a 12V source from the radio will artwork. i might unload that amp, I have been given one for my vehicle and it sucks, the subs would be severly under powered and you will would desire to crank the stereo to get the watts up, which in turn will make the amp run greater durable, which will finally end up burning out. you will desire to understand RMS wattage additionally, if the subs are 1000 max, they're prolly 650 RMS, and if the amp is six hundred Watt, this is probable 250 RMS watts, you will desire to discover out the ohms of impedance on the subs, and see what your amp will placed out at that ohm.you may would desire to bridge it, or you may in basic terms choose to flow with one sub.
Q:Wiring, electrical component testing trying to find a parasitic drain on battery. 2002 Ford Escape help?
This may not be much help but I had the same problem with my Escape.After much trouble,I found out the radio was drawing current with the ignition shut down.It was getting hot.You might need to be patient with this and do what you said about pulling a fuse for the night until you narrow it down.For now double check the glove box light and radio.
Q:They say that every atom in our body was once part of a star?
Not every single atom, as it happens. At least 10% of our body is hydrogen, which may never have been part of any star. The answer is that cells don't create matter from nothing, but use the matter around them, and that matter was part of star because this planet formed from a cloud of gas and dust which was blown out of an exploding star. The cells of your body just have instructions for organising this matter. They don't make it.
Q:i have a samsung ln26b360c5d the picture quit working doesnt come on at all but if you push the power button i?
Samsung Ln26b360c5d
Q:How do i clean the engine and the under hood components of my car? obviously i am not goin to use water !?
Go to the auto parts store, and buy some engine de-greaser/ cleaner it may be a few $$ per cantake it to the car wash and follow the directions.you will be surprised at the results
Q:Do you trust buying cheap batteries?
If buying NiMH batteries, I always use name brand batteries like Powerex or Eneloop. I also use a good quality charger, like Maha. Having the extra capacity and performance is important so I suddenly don't have enough juice to finish shooting. Also, the quality batteries save money in the long run.
Q:Motorcycle wont turn on.?
Do the ignition lights come on? Will it at least turn over but not start. I think we need more details.

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