CDW7 Series Air Circuit Breakers

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Q:What electrical modifications do I need to make for 2 15 Kicker L7's?
Actually they really are 2000 a piece depending on how you set the gain with a lot of watts to it. 100 amp fuse is awfully small for that system, you need to get up to 250 or 300 amps if you plan to run 1 ohm an another thing what ohm are the subs?? cause if they are 2 ohm subs then you're gonna need a amp for each sub.
Q:Fuse Rating Inscription: is F2A 250v same With F2AL 250v?
L Fast acting. Must use same type.
Q:wipers & windows don't work, fuses ok?
Loose ground or connection, Corroded connections etc. Check the wiring to and from the components
Q:What could possibly be wrong with my dc bench power supply?
Fuses generally protect against fire rather than damage. So even if you replace the blown fuse, the power supply may still be broken.
Q:Blown fuses (subs?) amp in protect mode now? Helppp?
The amp probably has a burnt component inside. I doubt that amp is meant to handle more than 60 amps, and from the looks of it, it was pulling that much for a while. You probably were clipping the signal way too much. Your subs are definetely blown.
Q:What is an internal thermal fuse and what does it do?
Q:ac blower and turn signal stopped working?
Fans usually have their own relays my car has two. Completely different systems would not be connected. Look in your owners manual there may be another fuse box. My daughter's car has 4 fuse boxes.
Q:please help me to get a block, schematic diagrams for +/- 15V basic power supply With less than 15 Components?
you opt for a voltage regulator, amperage concerns much less subsequently. I make uncomplicated circuits and for all people I upload a voltage regulator. considering which you're working at a extra physically powerful voltage, you're above my sort (i take advantage of 6v and below). in spite of the incontrovertible fact that, maximum high quality voltage regulators comprise geared up in cutting-edge and voltage secure practices. A voltage regulator additionally will modify the present to a particular output. verify the link below, 5 amps max (thats solid on your case). The voltage is likewise in the skill, dont be perplexed by way of the information sheet. that's unquestionably fairly user-friendly. You DO choose a multi-meter to purpose the outputs in basic terms incase. yet that would desire to do it for you guy. i'm unfamiliar with the kind of regulator I appropriate in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it is going to tolerate warmth effective judging by way of its layout and schematics, not a low priced little 1cm x1cm element. this might set you back approximately 5-12 greenbacks. based the place you purchase it, choose a soldering iron and additionally the multi meter. something with DC, i like to characteristic a diode for a circuit, stops cutting-edge/voltage from going the incorrect way. Your capacity supply might have it regular although. Edit: in spite of if that's RATED for 10 amps, it does not advise that it is going to likely be 10 amps, relies upon on the draw. Thats all it may produce. Odds are you have a low priced duel factor fuse in there. it is going to hold a solid 12 amps for 15-20 min. Volts will burn out circuits quicker than amps (yours is possibly rated for 600v), so verify that score first. As an electrician, we continuously verify volts first. OCPD (overcurrent secure practices gadget) will cease any injury. You DO choose a regulator although, to guard your amp. Edit back: Jumbilia kinda reaffirmed it. Love electric engineers!
Q:What happens when an electrical component becomes 'shot'?
Shot is usually used as a general term to mean the component/circuit is broken, which can come from any number of reasons. In an IC, for example, if too much heat is applied during soldering the chip will no longer function as intended. Likewise if too much voltage and/or current is applied the chip will no longer function. All three of these different things can lead to the component being shot, that is no longer functional. What types of things can break different components definitely depends on what component you're looking at.
Q:why do my gauge lights and side mirros not work on a 94 xle camry?
time for another car friend. don't mess with this as it is old. face it jap cars don't last forever. u no n japan they don't rebuild anything? everything is replaced every 100,000 km which is 66000 miles. ur car isn't designed to last. that is why every jap car in a wreck is totalled. the jap car co's make more money selling u a new car. so but another jap car. I don't want to catch u riding n a real car, like a 57 chevy or 67 mustang. I will pop u n tha haid an take it from ya.

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