D86K insett-type three-phase ammeter

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D86K is the same to D86 series except for the mounting dimensions and wiring methods. the ammeters are used in distribution panel and box.

Type and meaning
Technical parameters

1、Meters conform to GB/T 15283 -1994 and GB/T 15282-1994 standards.
2、Meters can be made into types: direct wiring and CT/PT wiring;
3、Can be made into special meters according customer’s requirements (different frequency, voltage, current specifications etc.)
4、Power consumption:actiD86K is the same to D86 series except for the installation dimensions and wiring methods. the ammeters are used in distribution panel and box.ve power consumption of voltage circuit less than 2W(under reference conditions)
5、Dielectric properties:1.2/50µs wave,peak value:6kV, no damage permitted under 10 times test. meter can withstand 2kV(circuit to earth, under 45~65Hz,1 minute)。

Outline and installation dimensions
Type and specification

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Q:Peugeot 306: What electrical component is failing?
get new terminals fitted .and as suggested charge battery ,car will start ok with that done .rem to tighten battery terminals well .you said you wiggle them and lights come on . that suggests not tight enough ok .all the best .
Q:Grounded a circuit board by accident. It can be fix?
It is most likely one of the components on the circuit board. Most of these components are 5 or 12 volt parts and easily damaged. Check for a blown fuse but you will probably need the circuit board diagnosed and repaired. ps I am an electrical engineer with over 30 years experience in damaging circuit boards.
Q:Autozone Electrical System Check (Reversed polarity)
mroe likely then not you just need a new battery. check al the fuses and relays as well.
Q:Blower not working on 01 Jeep Wrangler, Checked fuses, wiring and Resistor all good. What next?
might locate and replace the blower relay.
Q:Fuse or instrument cluster?
Hey Jasmin, Well, I think you must've hit the wrong button 'cause your question got posted in the Jeep section not the VW section. But hey, no worries. Most modern cars have a protection circuit that will set off a fuse or some other device to prevent serious damage to the engine computers (and other components) if someone gets their positives mixed up with their negatives when jumping the battery. I would suggest you bring it in to either a highly regarded independent shop specializing in European autos (usually BMW, VW, Mercedes and Volvo) or to the dealership. Depending on the car, you may have no choice but to bring it to the dealership if there is some type of special factory software that needs to be used to repair it. I would check in with an independent shop first tell 'em what happened and what's going wrong and they should be able to send you in the right direction (their shop or the dealership). Just be aware this might cost you some large coin to fix just be ready for that.
Q:What would have made my 92 Honda Accord lose it's pwr ant, lighter, rear defrost & dome light all at once? TY
Are you sure that you checked ALL your fuses? Sometimes there are fuse blocks under the hood also. I'm just not familiar with your car specificly but it sure sounds like a fuse problem and I would start by ruling out that you DID in fact check all the fuses. Check the owners manual to see if there are some in another location that maybe you missed.
Q:1994 GMC Jimmy electrical problem?
You have most likely lost a ground wire somewhere. If you don't have the system grounded, then the return current takes the path of least resistance and blows fuses. Your lights will flash from dim to bright, and will generally give you headache. Also, if the trailer plug you installed is wired incorrectly, then it causes problems. Remember, on the plug it is green for your right turn and stop, the yellow for the left turn and stop, the brown for tail lights and running lights, and the white is ALWAYS the ground. If you made the most common mistake, you wired the green as ground, which is true in house wiring, but not auto wiring.
Q:Slow draw on battery in my RV - source found!?
that should be all that's on it,but here's what i usually do ,pull the fuse and start checking to see what all wont work on it,the put it back in,and see what all does,this helps narrow it down a little,and it also gives you a direct shot at what the problem may be on it,make sure some one hasn't used the hot wire on the back of the lighter to wire something else to it,often people do this on a RV,i do a lot of work on these,i like working on them because there big enough that you don't have to squeeze in to places,and the wiring is usually strait forward on these,but that method right there has helped me a lot in the past,maybe it will help you also,good luck with it,hope this helps.
Q:2004 Hyundai Santa Fe Radio problem.?
The radio has a second fuse for memory, although it is used by other components so you would notice that worth a second look though! Check all the fuses with a lest light or a volt meter, if they're all are ok then its likely your radio, they are rather problematic
Q:my 10 amp power supply goes on but wont work?
Does the power cord coming from the cb radio have a fuse? if so, it is probably blown. If it does not, then you may have fried a diod or other component on the cb radio circuit board.

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