D86 series three-phase meters

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Three phase the meters are used to measure active or reactive energy of three-phase circuit with refrence frequency 50Hz or 60Hz. DT862、DT864、DS862、DS864 are three-phase active meters,DX862、DX864、DX865、DX863 are three-phase reactive meters.

Technical parameters

1、Meters conform to GB/T 15283-1994 and GB/T 15282-1994 standards (IEC521-1998).
2、Meters can be made into types: direct wiring and CT/PT wiring;
3、Can be made into special meters according customer’s requirements (different frequeny, voltage, current specifications etc.)
4、Power consumption:active power consumption of voltage circuit less than 2W(under reference conditions)
5、Dielectric properties:1.2/50µs wave,peak value:6kV, no damage permitted under 10 times test. meter can withstand 2kV(circuit to earth, under 45~65Hz,1 minute)。

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Before order you should fill out the type,specification and quantities. if you have special requirement please negotiate with manufacturer.

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Q:Replaced the bulbs in a 97 sebring fog lights fuses are fine, still dont work?
There are really only three options left and I would check them in this order: The fog light relay (most likely underhood) The fog light switch The wiring between all components A volt/ohm meter can test all of the above.
Q:Is the fuse for the A/C located in the hood fuse box or the interior fuse box?
both fuse boxes will have a/c components, and not just fuses. there are also relays
Q:Transmission Fluid Change?
Q:just bought a new car 89' 190E Benz i cant find the fuse box any where in my car?
There are two locations: 1. there is a fuse box under the hood. The top right side, in front of the driver, just look for broken or fried metal on the fuses. 2. Go on-line and print the schematic of the fuses which are disbursed throughout the engine. I am not a mechanic, but an Computer IT Tech, so I immediately checked the internet and found everything I need to know about my 889 190E Benz, it is an amazing car, it runs better than some newer non-German cars.
Q:Blown Kenwood KDC-P5028 CD Reciever?
If the fuses are good and it was a dead short you most likely fried the circut board. If you are mechanically and electronically inclined dis assemble the unit and go over everything with a good magnifying glass. Start at the point of the burn. (it will be obviously marked) and follow the track. If it is only the wire its self then you get off easy by replacing it. Next look inside as many units have another fuse hidden inside. If that is not it and it is one of the fine strips in the board take a very fine bit of wire and solder it in to bridge the burnt section. If any of the small components (resistors, diodes) you can replace the larger ones but not the tiny ones. Damaged ones of any type will be discolored and you can spot them with the glass.
Q:motercycle batteries?
With luck, all you've blown is the main fuse.
Q:Car stereo not working?
No, fuses do not protect against reversed polarity. They are designed to protect from shorted electrical supply wiring and overloads (excessive current). Reversing the DC polarity to many devices will spell sudden death. Depending on how long the condition existed, there could have been a really huge buildup of heat which has damaged power supply components. One reason that reverse polarity is used with DC welding equipment is that normal polarity puts more heat into the workpiece, whereas reversed polarity puts the heat into the welding electrode.
Q:Phone Damage. HELP! How to tell if your phone has been damaged from a blown fuse?
Fuses and circuit breakers are shielding instruments to steer away from hearth in case of a short circuit or overload. while they blow or holiday, they're doing their activity preserving you and your domicile. If whether, a fuse blows as quickly as you replace it, or a circuit breaker journeys as quickly as you reset it, you have a confusing short in that circuit. do no longer put in a greater amperage fuse, or shop attempting to reset the breaker. examine each and all of the a lot on that circuit. Unplug each thing from the shops and take a glance at changing the fuse or resetting the breaker lower back. If it nevertheless blows/journeys as we talk, examine your lighting fixtures. in case you have an previous fluorescent fixture, you have between the previous ballast transformers that has shorted. Get a qualified electrician to provider the sunshine for you. If whether, the fuse remains good and the breaker would not holiday, something you unplugged is inflicting the quick. examine each and each load via plugging them in, separately till you come across the single that blows the fuse or journeys the breaker. it is the wrongdoer. If whether, no longer something i've got pronounced works, you in all probability have a wiring project that must be repaired via a qualified electrician.
Q:can I replace 4 amp 250V FUSE for 5 amp 250 V. FUSE manual says 4amp?
yes you can, 1 amp wont hurt it at all. just do it in a static free area.
Q:wich pc component is dead?
i think your psu is dead as the monitor takes the direct power and does not affects your psu

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