Temperature Fuse

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Product Description:

1.Thermal Fuse high current capacity. 

2.Sensitive to ambient temperature. 

3.Single operation over-temperature protection


Temperature Fuse: 

1.Rated Current:10A&15A (AC) 
2.Rated Volt:125V&250V (AC) 
3.Rated Temperature:73-240C 


Using scope:

Suitable for refrigerator elec. , oven boiling pot , iron etc business machines of household appliances.

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Q:Why is my Chevy Lumina car not charging battery?
There is an alternator fuse in the under hood fuse box . If that is not blown check the battery wire on the back of the alt for battery voltage .
Q:What electrical modifications do I need to make for 2 15 Kicker L7's?
Actually they really are 2000 a piece depending on how you set the gain with a lot of watts to it. 100 amp fuse is awfully small for that system, you need to get up to 250 or 300 amps if you plan to run 1 ohm an another thing what ohm are the subs?? cause if they are 2 ohm subs then you're gonna need a amp for each sub.
Q:How can I get the lights on my car stereo faceplate working again?
it maybe a fuse check your car fuses
Q:How to figure wire size needed for 12v DC?
There really isnt a formula for such a short run. You need to determine how much current your device will utilize (radio maybe 10 amps, or a light maybe 5, etc) Once you determine how much current your device will draw, you then determine the proper gauge wire.
Q:1996 Cadillac Eldorado ETC, No power to Fuel Pump - Filter, Fuse, Connections & Relay all good, what can it be?
You have a open circuit from the relay to the fuel pump.Check continuity from those two points.If no continuity and hot leg from relay is hot,run a new wire from the relay to the fuel pump. Cam sensor plug with power on should read about 8 volts at the plug and 5 volts going to the computer.If you do not have 5 volts coming from the sensor to the computer ,the sensor could be bad if you have the 8 volt input before the came sensor. Make sure the oil pressure sending unit is plugged in as if it is unplugged it will not allow the injectors to work.
Q:How many fuse boxes does a 1989 Toyota pickup has?
Spark, gasoline, compression. verify for spark with an previous spark plug inserted into between the plug wires and the metallic area of the plug touching a metallic floor on the engine, see in case you may discover a spark while the engine is cranked. verify for gasoline, in case you haven't any longer have been given a gauge you may depress the schrader valve on the gasoline rail, it in lots of circumstances has a plastic cap over it and it feels like the valve stem on a tire. be careful as gasoline will spray out at 40PSI so conceal it with a rag. to ascertain for compression without a compression guage, crank the engine over it would sound even, as each and each cylinder comes up on its compression stroke the starter will decelerate somewhat. If a variety of of cylinders have low compression the sound would be choppy. If not one of the cylinders have compression, the sound would be secure without pulses. the eu is remarkable. once you turn the main to on does the verify engine mild come on? if no longer then the workstation won't be getting ability. different issues to ascertain are cam or crank sensors those administration ignition and injector timing.
Q:Smoke puff out of my instrument panl.I'd like to know what ws it n if other components r damage.can it b fix
It is a burned wire. The first place to look is at the aftermarket radio wiring. Check the fuses also and make sure they all have the correct rating. The fuse should have blown before anything burned.
Q:break lights dont work. ?
First check the bulb, see if your filament is intact. Then use a multimeter to check if 12v is coming in your brake light when brakes are pressed. If no voltage then check the fuse box and see if the fuse is blown. If it is not take it to the mechanic.
Q:Define the quantityand units of?
EMF (pretty much the same as electrostatic potential or voltage) is measured in units of energy per charge such as joules per coulombs (volts). Resistance is measured in ohms Appropriately enough, it's inverse, conductance, is measured in mhos. Because it's simply the inverse of resistance, conductance never really gets used. You just say 1/R instead. The function of a fuse is to burn out when current spikes so that more valuable components DON'T burn out or the circuits in the wall of your house don't catch fire or something very bad. It's rare to see fuses in a house now because circuit breakers do the same job and don't have to be replaced after tripping.
Q:why dose this fuse keep blowing in my car?
Sounds like you have a bad ground wire in that harness. A bag ground requires more positive power draw (through the fuse and electrical componet) to jump the bad connection on the other ground side. It will only get worse as the jump sparking increases on the grounding side of the component. You need someone to go through and OHM out all of your ground connections in that area.
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