DDS2222 Series Single-phase Electronic Ammeter

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

1.Good temperature characterstics, keep good accuracy from -25 to 55;

2. Good accuracy under lower load;

3. High online measure accuracy;

4. Easy mounting (nothing to do with mounting place);

5. High overload capabality(more than 6 times);

6. No variation after transportation;


2. Product Characteristic:

DDS2222 series use digit energy measurement technics and SMT technics. key parts use famous company’s components to ensure the reliability and use life. The product has antifraud function to measure ac energy with reference frequency 50Hz or 60Hz


1.Operation voltage range0.9Un-1.1Un;

2.Refrence frequency50Hz60Hz;

3.Power consumption:<1W / 5VA;

4. Conform to GB/T 17215 -2002 (IEC 61036:2000) standard;

5.Specified working temperature range: -25℃~55;

6.Limit operation temperature range-40℃~70;

7.Relative humidity less than 85%(under 23);


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Q:What kind of electrical component is this?? From a circuit board.?
It's a 1.6 amp class T fuse. The other markings may be the original manufacturers part number, but I can't read them in your picture. Judging by the charred remains of the fuse plastered all over the board, you had a short circuit straight across the mains supply. Unless you find what caused the short and fix it properly, replacing the fuse on its own is a complete waste of time.
Q:Hi im working on a 2002 hyundia senata i replaced fuel pump, pump relay under stereo consle?
did you check the pump before fitting it, if not get some cable and go from battery to relay and see if the pump runs,if not check by placing temporary wires from pump relay to the pump and trying Again,if still not working temp cable from battery to pump relay then from pump relay to the pump if it works its a short circuit in the cars wiring loom,if it doesn't work then its the relay or pump, if you checked the pump earlier then its the relay at fault,also check the earths (grounding cables) if these are loose of broken then no return means no power,,just to be sure try a fuse that's working another component,of the same rating,in other words just swop the fuses over if they are same rating, and try again,hope this helps and be careful fuel pumps and fuel and sparks can cause fires
Q:I have a 2002 ford explorer . my motor got washed and?
it sounds like from what u say that something is drawing power if u cant find the draw chances r its ur alternator diode burnt out so the alt will need to be replaced the way to test this is using a multi meter with the unit shut off check both sides of the alt for power only should have power from the battery to one side of it good luck hope this helps
Q:components similar to breakers for low amps?
Quote: or components . . . How about fuses?
Q:what would make a fuse blow in a kenwood ka 995?
You have a serious problem. Do not replace the fuse higher than what is recommended. You have an internal short in the system. The fuse blows so that it could not have more damage to the receiver. Call or email the maunfacturer and ask for the closes repair shop they authorize. Hope this will help you out.
Q:Define the quantityand units of?
EMF (pretty much the same as electrostatic potential or voltage) is measured in units of energy per charge such as joules per coulombs (volts). Resistance is measured in ohms Appropriately enough, it's inverse, conductance, is measured in mhos. Because it's simply the inverse of resistance, conductance never really gets used. You just say 1/R instead. The function of a fuse is to burn out when current spikes so that more valuable components DON'T burn out or the circuits in the wall of your house don't catch fire or something very bad. It's rare to see fuses in a house now because circuit breakers do the same job and don't have to be replaced after tripping.
Q:Which device is capable of transforming mechanical energy into electrical energy? * please help?
Generator: mechanical to electrical Motor: electrical to mechanical Battery: chemical to electrical Fuse: electrical to thermal, so that it melts to protect other components
Q:Heater trouble?
You might need to replace the switch or the resistors.
Q:Lincoln town car air suspension?
compressor has a 30amp fuse, but, if the compressor runs, no fuse to check, probably have leaking air springs in rear
Q:Electrical problems on bike?
it sounds like the side light fuse, but could be the earth wire to the lights,check earth connections, quick test get a piece of wire hold it to neg - on battery or bare metal on frame with ignition lights on touch the other end to side of the bulb if light comes on its a bad earth

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