Ceramic Components for Resistors

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Ceramic materials are highly suitable for electrical insulation. This field covers a wide range of applications, from fuses, household appliances to heating elements. No other material group combines the properties of a high degree of heat resistance and electrical insulation as well as ceramics.


Components for Fuses

*NH fuses

*DIN fuses

*Fuse tubes

*Chamber plates


Household appliances

*Thermostat casings



*Connecting parts



*Profiled bodies

*Solid bodies

*Steel coils

*Spiral pipes


Electrical heating (electrical heating technology)

*Perforated strips

*Heating element supports

*Insulation beads

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Q:1981 Subaru GL Headlight Fuse Kerps Blowing.?
Check your wiring harness. It can be shorting out if there is contact between two bare wires (rat damage) or a wire that is not grounded properly. Make sure nothing is stripped or bare, you should never be able to see through the plastic on wires. Make sure your battery is not corroded and grounded properly. Test light your harness to make sure the hots are hot and the nots are not. There is a lot of stuff on forums for wiring diagrams and such to make sure that no one pieced it together wrong or cut/spliced into something they shouldn't have. If your Lights are spliced with a higher voltage component the wires will get hotter than they were designed for and that will cause a fuse to burn out. Hope that helps. Follow the wires from the back of your headlight all the way to the firewall and make sure connection to battery is still good (will will likely have to pry apart that black slinky looking wire cover to make sure it's all good under the hood). Make sure to check for signs of pests!
Q:What do these circuit components do?
Switch- Turns the circuit on. Cell- Basically, a single battery Battery- A pair of cells. Diode- A semiconductor device with two terminals, typically allowing the flow of current in one direction only. Resistor-A resistor is an electrical component that limits or regulates the flow of electrical current in an electronic circuit. Variable Resistor- A variable resistor is a potentiometer with only two connecting wires instead of three. Lamp- A device for giving light, either one consisting of an electric bulb, together with its holder and shade or cover, or one burning gas or a liquid fuel. Fuse-an electrical device that can interrupt the flow of electrical current when it is overloaded. Voltmeter- A device that measures Volts. Ammeter- A device that measures Amps. Thermistor-A resistor whose resistance varies as a function of temperature. Thermistors are used in electrical devices such as thermometers and thermostats that measure, monitor, or regulate temperature. I.D.R- Interval data recorder.
Q:What is the blood component to these functions?
Protection Against Disease Blood Component
Q:wipers & windows don't work, fuses ok?
Loose ground or connection, Corroded connections etc. Check the wiring to and from the components
Q:a circuit i n which the components form a single path?
Answer b) A series circuit only has one possible path for the electrons to move.
Q:Can a 20 amp fuse be used for a 7.5 amp transformer?
The weakest link in a Variac is the carbon commutator wiper (the part that rotates on the exposed adjustable winding). While the Variac may tolerate a 20 amp fuse rating for a short period of time - the wiper will soon burn out and become intermittent or open due to excessive current. Try a 7.5 amp slo-blow fuse instead of the conventional fuse. This will give the variac more surge protection and provide the same capacity as a higher rated fuse for a short period of time and still prevent permanent damage to the wiper/winding components.
Q:Speaker drops out after replacing blown fuse, how do I fix it permanently?
That fuse blew to protect your amplifier. Normally it will blow when the speaker circuit opens and that is what I would be troubleshooting if I was working the problem. In my opinion you have an intermittently loose connection; probably either where the wire enters the speaker enclosure or inside the enclosure. It's a remote possibility that the speaker wire is damaged but that is very remote. A thorough inspection of the speaker wire, from the point where it begins to move when you bump the speaker right up to the enclosure. If that exposes nothing the problem is in the enclosure itself. High quality enclosures are a specific size, and ported with carefully designed holes. Most of the time the only way to access the guts is to remove the speaker itself. Do so carefully and inspect every connection. Pay special attention to any small/fine wire connections especially the ones to the voice coil and cone. Now here's the secret, if you don't understand exactly what I am saying in the above you probably aren't qualified to open the cabinet and you would be well served to seek out someone who is. It isn't difficult to damage things in a speaker housing, frequently without even knowing that you did cause more trouble. Good Luck GIMP EDIT: Have you swapped the channels, i.e. run the left speaker off the right channel and vice verse?? Anytime you have something broke and an identical something working that working unit will become your best friend. Keep talking to me, I'll keep listening and adding EDITs. Cheers
Q:no electricity in the car?
You have popped some fuses, or perhaps burned up some components, like voltage regulator or relays, or worse, burned some wires. You have generated some business with a car repair shop.
Q:Car Wire Short Finder?
An induction short finder shouldn't cost $50.shop around for a less expensive alternative. These work very well in locating the shorted circuit and generally will pretty much pinpoint the area where the circuit is actually shorted.
Q:The turn signals on my 1996 GMC Sonoma have stopped working. What should I do about it?
What you are experiencing is a shorted multifunction switch. I am assuming all of your light bulbs are working properly. If the bulbs are not all working, fix this first and recheck. If you still have a solid arrow or it flashes like ten bear, you will have to replace the switch and harness inside the steering column. Good luck.
Our company mainly produces 75% , 95% , 99% alumina, titanium, zirconium, steatite, magnesia, cordierite products which are widely used in metal welding, electronic conductor, mechanics, assembling, insulation, chemicals, instrument, textile, nuclear industry, aerial, as well as hairdressing field.

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Year Established 1999
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