GCA-H series Automatic Silicon Rectifying Charger

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Principle & Characteristics

It is manufactured with the high quality elements、materials and the excellent technology, strictly follow the national and professional standard. It changes the electricity into LV DC output voltage through isolating step-down of transformer and bridge full-wave rectifying. In the charging period, it can stop charging for a short time automatically for each intervals of time. It has the function to stop charging automatically when it is filled and the current can be adju sted, when the advantage of reasonable structure、stable running、safe and reliable、reason able price and so on.

Scope of Application

It is widely used to recharge the battery in car and motorcycle reparing、generator group、program controlled exchange board、communication equipment and computer.

Main Technical Parameter
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Q:What would cause RPM and fuel level gauge on 1999 Mitsubishi Galant not to work?
Double check the fuse box. You may have checked the fuse that list the gauges, but there could be a second fuse running those 2 gauges. It might be listed under the fuse but behind some other components that that fuse also runs. If not, I would pull and check all fuses in case they didn't list it right. Also there maybe a second fuse/relay box under the hood. Check that too.
Q:The fuse to my amp blowes every time I replace it and my subs wont work.?
Remove or check that whole wire from one end to the other and see if its shorting out on something.
Q:Car speakers won't work, any help greatly appreciated?
Something electrical has happened with the amp. Since it was disconnected, there was likely a sudden instability in the electrical flow, at best only blowing a fuse, at worst blowing a critical internal component in the amp. Check all fuses, if you don't find any blown ones, check the ground cable. Check fuses for the car too, if the hot touched a direct ground, it may have popped one. If still nothing, you are likely looking at serious damage to the amp. If it smells like crispy, it is crispy.
Q:2002 GMC Envoy with no power to the rear tailgate.?
in side of fuse cover should show full lay out of same look on inside of cover plate
Q:Why do I have a parasitic draw from a 2006 Jeep Commander?
IOD stands for Ignition Off Draw, so obviously it will always exist on modern cars. There are things like clock, radio stations, etc., that always draws a small amount of parasitic current. I am not sure what the normal IOD draw should be, but is yours so much that the battery dies over night and won't start? If not, then forget about it. Try taking the battery cable terminal off a battery post and putting a test light across the gap. It is does not light bright, then it is probably too low of amps to worry about. But if it is too much, then you disconnect things one at a time, like stereo, to determine the cause.
Q:How do I fix my broken amp? (fuse related)?
There's an excess current drain in the amp. A component has failed and needs to be replaced. Replacing the fuse won't be of any help until the amp is repaired. Without technical know-how yourself, you'll need to take the amp to someone that can fix it for you.
Q:Jeep Cherokee fuse problem?
Q:2001 cadillac devile. motor will not turn over loud clicking from fuse panel when turning key.?
It would have nothing to do with an oil change. Would need more info. But it sounds like maybe an electrical issue. Could be something with the starter or a bad connection to that. I don't understand the fuse box under the seat clicking.
Q:1992 grand am start up problems?
Sounds like the fuel pump fuse.try looking under the dash or on the side of the dash when you open the door.if it isn't there it will be under the hood.I would reccomend you go to your local autozone and purchase a $15 book on your car!! not only will it help you find those pesky relays and fuses.but it will also have a wiring diagram to show you where that disconnected wire goes.but don't fret if you can't find that because sometimes car manufacturers use wiring harnesses for different cars and option packages and that wire may not be used for your vehicle.although given it's location my guess isthat it goes somewhere.Buy a book if you are going to be doing your own work on the car.it is a invaluable investment!!!!!!!!!
Q:What's the most common component effected by electrical surges?
Typically the power supply. Sometimes as simple as a blown fuse, other times it can wreck the transformer, bridge, regulation circuits and of course resistors etc. Check fuses first.

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