GCA Series General Silicon Rectifying Charger

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Principle & Characteristics

Mini charger, transformer isolated stop-down, full-wave rectification、regulating current and voltage with various grade of switchgear.

Scope of Application

It is widely used to recharge the battery in car and motorcycle reparing、generator group、program controlled exchange board、communication equipment and computer.

Main Technical Parameter
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Q:What would cause RPM and fuel level gauge on 1999 Mitsubishi Galant not to work?
Double check the fuse box. You may have checked the fuse that list the gauges, but there could be a second fuse running those 2 gauges. It might be listed under the fuse but behind some other components that that fuse also runs. If not, I would pull and check all fuses in case they didn't list it right. Also there maybe a second fuse/relay box under the hood. Check that too.
Q:please help! Odometer and Speedometer question?
if the gages read nothing i would start by checking fuses.
Q:1996 Peterbilt 378 i already check all the fuses, diesel filters,hose, and the truck doesn't start.?
1996 Peterbilt
Q:Tapping into a fuse in my car's fuse box for an extra cigarette lighter, where should I ground it though? (picture included)?
Be careful, a cigarette lighter is a very high amperage draw device. The single existing fuse is only designed for one lighter, so you should consider running a dedicated line from the battery, fuse protected, to your new lighter. However, if you only plan on using the lighter socket for small current draw purposes, like a cell phone charger, then you could be okay tapping into an existing line. As for ground, any existing ground should be okay, as well as adding a new ground to a metal frame or body component.
Q:Cadillac having problems?
Sounds like Electrical problems it can be as simple as a blown fuse or a faulty component get it tested. It is strange why all would act up after an oil change. Well if it wasn't for bad luck no one would have any luck at all.
Q:Off Road Light Wiring!!?
hi, sounds like the present your lights furnishings are pulling is greater suitable than the swap or wiring can cope with. i could propose looking out the max amps the swap is rated for and changing it with one double that quantity. a greater effective (and safer) decision is to twine the lights furnishings right into a extreme modern relay under pressure out directly to the battery with extreme modern twine. Mark.
Q:1966 Mustang 289 Short?
Unhook the battery ground cable and hook up a voltmeter between the cable and battery. Start pulling fuses until the meter drops below 11 volts. This will tell you which circuit is drawing power. Check out all items on this fuse. The most common places to look are the lights in the trunk, glove box and under the hood.
Q:Electricity in the home Components of the main please help me!!!?
components are: circuit breaker aka MCB circuit breaker box aka distribution panel aka Consumer unit wire of various sizes wire staples outlets switches lights (permanent mounted in ceiling or wall) Parts attached to the appliance, not part of the mains plug wire and the various tools used to put it all together.
Q:Need help in recognizing power pole types and its components.?
Most of these are insulators. A, D, E G are pin or post insulators B, C F are suspension insulators. The items circled in magenta on F and in yellow on G are fused disconnect switches.
Q:why did my blinkers, brake light, and gauges stop working on my kawasaki kz1000?
Now that you're satisfied with your fuses and connections,check your relays, and wiring between connections for any place where the may get pinched. Also check mounting of all the affected devices for a good, clean, rust free and solid mounting to ensure good grounding of those devices. It sounds like the failure of any one of these components affects them all.

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