GHF, GHS, KGHF, KGHS series silicon rectifier for electrolysis, electrochemical devices

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Product Description:

GHF,GHS, KGHF, KGHS series silicon rectifier for electrolysis, electro chemica ldevices

1.     Application

GHF, GHS, KGHF, KGHS series silicon rectifier for electrolysis, electrochemical devices meets the national standards of GB3859 and JB/T8740, is widely used in non-ferrous metals, chemicals, water electrolysis, and other industries, especially in   brine electrolysis, water electrolysis hydrogen production, hydrogen production, , electrolytic aluminum, copper, zinc and nickel and graphitefurnace applications.

2.     Structure

The products is frame structure for facilitating maintenance,  as steel or aluminum alloy glass doors, taking high power rectifying element and double holes cold water copper busbar as

radiating and conducting bar, the product has the advantages of high efficiency,  simple structure, low noise, easy to maintenance, large output capacity, high reliability and anti-erosion.

The complete set of the product includes: on load tap changing transformer,rectifier transformer self-saturation reactor, rectifier cabinet, controlcabinet, measuring control panel (total control), metering panel, large currentmeasurement unit, and we also can provide water treatment device, large currentbusbar switch and intelligent instrument for our customers.

Rectifier mode: three phasebridge rectifier or three phase bridge same phase opposite shunt rectifier.

Voltage regulation range:

0-100% forInduction voltage regulator

60-100%for On-load regulator rectifier transformer

50-105%for On-load regulator rectifier transformer and rectifier transformer:

10-108%for On-load regulator rectifier transformer and rectifier transformer andself-saturation reactor

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Q:The difference between rectifiers and transformers
Fluorescent lamp ballast is because it starts with high current and high voltage, to be activated, only a lower voltage and a smaller current to maintain its working condition, it must be ballast. Other transformers are due to their rated voltage range, to be adjusted
Q:Why is the battery connected to a rectifier
The rectifier should have an automatic float management program. When the AC power is restored and the power supply is resumed or the continuous float is running for about 3 months, the battery pack is automatically charged to reduce the charging time, eliminate the battery behind the battery and prevent the passivation of the battery active material.
Q:Is the rectifier pulse the better?
The current output from the rectifier can be said to be infinitely impulsive. (Specific analysis please see Fu Li Ya class pulse formula) itself is the infinite amount, does not matter more or less concept.
Q:Solid state relays are different from rectifiers
Relays and rectifiers can not replace each other, usually ordinary relay is composed of coils, iron core, contacts and other components, many types of relays, such as voltage relays, current relay pressure relays, thermal relays, speed relays, gas relays, weak magnetic relays, liquid Bit relay, phase sequence relays, etc. according to different needs as a circuit control and protection.
Q:What is the difference between a car voltage regulator and a rectifier?
The voltage regulator is a generator that regulates the current. The rectifier is made by alternating current
Q:The difference between the rectifier and the inverter
Low-voltage direct current conversion boost into high-frequency high-voltage alternating current rectifier filter into high-voltage direct current and then converted to low-frequency mains. Because the low voltage to be converted to high voltage will use the transformer, the transformer volume want small, then use high frequency to convert.
Q:Motorcycle rectifier performance is good or bad
I have seen the maximum power of the motor rectifier is 220w crazy 300w, the use of button-type switch pipe. Another kind of shunt-absorbing pure fuel-consuming king in the high-speed operation to the extra power consumption in addition to increase the heat, increase the engine load no other advantages, but more than 250 displacement motorcycle, mostly use this type.
Q:What is the difference between the regulator and the rectifier?
Thyristor regulator, also known as "thyristor power regulator" "SCR power regulator" or "power regulator". "Thyristor", also known as "SCR" (SCR) is a four-layer three-terminal semiconductor device, put it in the middle of the power supply and load, coupled with the corresponding trigger control circuit board, you can adjust the voltage applied to the load , Current and power.
Q:Full-wave regulator rectifier and half-wave regulator rectifier! Where is the difference?
Full-wave rectifier with four diodes, or rectifier bridge, half-wave rectifier with a diode can be. Full-wave rectifier output current than the half-wave rectifier output current stability, half-wave rectifier output is pulsating DC,
Q:What is the difference between a five-wire rectifier and a four-wire rectifier?
Four lines of function are as follows: two yellow lines are generator phase line, green ground, red battery positive pole. The generator is automatically turned off after the battery is fully charged and no longer works. The engine does not have to consume fuel in order to overcome the magnetic moment. Therefore, the four-line chopped flow to save fuel.

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