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I am installing IC recessed lights (no attic acess)I have one existing light in the middle of ceiling, I am planning to wire in series (9 of them)My question is, since I can't get to attic there will be wires all over the ceiling is it safe? I don't see any ways to hold the wires down in between joist and punch through them one fixture to anotherUnless drop whole ceiling downMy understanding to IC recessed light fixture was made for this purpose, so I don't create fire with insulationsI just don't have clear idea about wires inside all over the ceilingThanks.
been there done thatNo the wires can not hang down on the ceiling, if on the ceiling surface they must be protected by conduit of some typeWire mold comes to mind, but with 9 lights and being recessed it could get uglySince most of the time can lights are relatively close to one another you should be able to precut all the holes and get the wires you need from hole to holeYou can also use a many other ways to get the wire pulledStiff solid wires work well for pulling long distancesYou can shape it to snake over the joists tooMost cans i have installed are no farther then 32 inches apartWith a helper you should have no problems getting the wires strung, unless you are doing this on a cathedral ceilingEven without help I have fished wire over 6 ft by myself just by manipulating the wireDaisy chain them and use the rework type cansMake sure the clips are snap type so they don't pop back outAlso make sure you have thick enough ceilingMost cans need at least 5/8 sheetrock to fit rightIt is okay to NOT secure wires in an inaccessable place such as inside a wall or above a ceilingAs long as nobody can step on or grab ahold they are fineSo in the attic space they can dangle just not below the ceiling.
It has to be high in fiber because I have constipationVoila my breakfast:30g all bran plus cereal + 2 tbsp oats + 3 dried apricots + 3 almonds + around 1/4 -2/4 semi skimmed milk.Is this healthy or too much? Around how many calories is that?
It's not balanced enough, you're not reaching atleast a serving of each foodgroup, try this ideal healthy balanced breakfast for weightloss to start your'e day/ high fiber: - 30g (cup) or wholegrain cereal (Bran Plus) - 2TBSP Wheatgerm or oat's - Cup (250mL) of semi skimmed milk - 1/4 Cup dried fruit, such as apricot's/ raisins/ craisins/ dried banana sliced/ etc (or ~3/4 cup fresh or frozen berries, 1/2 cup canned fruit or applesauce, 250mL/ cup of fruit juice, 3/4 cup grapes or diced melon or medium fresh fruit; banana/ apple/ orange/ etc) - 1/4Cup nut's/ seed's (eg: almonds) Hope i'v helped, best of luck!
there's so much! yarn, paint, frames, models, fabric, home decor.whatever else you'd find in a hobby store
Yea, I been in there tooI bought a 6 shelf plant stand.
I have physics homework in for tommorrow and I really need anyone's wild guesses to point me in the right direction to answering this question! I know it is a really hard question and totally pointless (don't ask me why me pysics teacher wanted me to do this) I just need some tips on how: what the serving in a white cup and saucer and the froth is important for keeping the drink hotAnd if it helps, the topic I'm doing is heat transfer through infra-red radiationThanks!
Firstly serving in a white cup is very interesting actually I have never thought of this White Cup Infrared radiation is reflected in the same way as light, thus using white means more of the radiation is reflected back into the cappuccino instead of being absorbed by the cup; therefore keeping it warmerPorcelain Cup Any material with low thermal conductivity can be used to reduce conductive heat transferCeramics are known for low thermal conductivityThis slows the conduction of heat from the cappuccino to the porcelain and air outsideFroth Most insulators in common rely on the principle of trapping air (air being a good insulator) to reduce convective and conductive heat transferThe froth on a cappuccino traps the air preventing it from conducting away heat.
I used to have a normal metabolism (I could eat 2500 cals of healthy foods be 133 lbs) - I'm 5'10, 18 years oldI also walk for a half hour daily.But ever since i went on vacation for during the last week, and completely gorged out on pasta and candy for the whole week (and none of my usual walking), I actually gained 5 lbs! This NEVER used to happen when I gorged on junk.Now, my metabolism seems to be SHOT because I can't get the weight off even if I eat only 1800-2000 calories a dayI've been doing that exercising for a week, I've actually GAINED 2 lbs!And not to be gross, but now I'm eating around 40 grams of fiber a day (from foods, to keep me full) I'm drinking 64 ounces of water a day, but I haven't been able, poop, like I used to(Sorry to be gross).My stomach is also kind of distended ALL the weight is going to my stomach!! My legs arms are just as slim as before, oddly enough.Please help!! I don't want to be one of those people who have to eat 1200 cals a day just to avoid being 300 lbs!!
I would use a cotton or cotton blendAcrylic yarns have a certain amount of stretch to them, which might be unfortunate in a bikini top! Are you going to line it? If you are, the fiber source won't matter as muchGood luck!
I have not straightened it for 2 yearsI'm really scared of damaging it, but I would like to straighten it since I'm going out tonight with my boyfriendIt's wavy/curlyHow can i avoid some damage? Or will there be much damage.
Iron is the ONLY magnetic metaliron alloys are NOT particularly conductive there is NO SUCH THING as a magnetic metal other than iron
What are some home remedies for poor digestion?
-Drink a full glass of water about 15 minutes before mealsThis hydrates your stomach so it can produce enough acid to properly digest your food -Lemons and beets are great for your digestion and stimulating liverEat them dailySome people add lemon to their water while eating to help them digest better -If you notcie more burps after eating, try taking HCL before meals (lemon water can also help this a bit) -Get enough healthy fats and oil in your diet, it encourages bile flow (important for good digestion!)Fish oil is a good idea or just add olive oil to salads and fry with coconut oil -Eat lots of fruits and vegetablesProblems like heartburn are often caused by meals that are too heavy or greasy -Probiotics! Or just eat more yogurt -Get enough soluble fibre (oatmeal, rice, pasta) and cut back just a bit on insoluble fibre (whole grain bread, whole wheat, raw vegetables)Soluble fibre will help problems like constipation or IBS -Eat fruit! It's a natural laxative and will prevent constipation
i ate a small battery ~by accident~ shut upthe poison control center said i have to eat non acidic foods that are high in fiber p and would pizza be a problem? cause my birthday's in two days and i wanna nom some pizza like there's no tomorrowp
This Site Might Help YouRE: I have a concrete floor in my man caveWhats a cost effective way to put down some kinds of barrier for cold? I have a detached garageI made a 16X14 man cave bar areaThe floor is concrete slab with a garage doorIm thinking of putting laminate plywood and cellulose insulation then plywood for attic spaceI have a 1500 watt oil filled heater from HDDosent seem to get the place warm if its 40 or less.