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It is simply operated. The user just need place tester on the surface of tested items, and directly read the figure indicated via LED lights. The testing method follows the ASTM D-257.







±1/2 decade



Testing Voltage


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Q:Measurement of resistance, the pen to answer?
Multimeter to measure DC voltage and line parallel to one is connected to the positive and negative negative electrode; measuring DC current and line series, also is connected to the positive and negative negative answer.
Q:What are the requirements for measuring voltage and current when grounding resistance is tested?
Do you mean the voltage and current requirements of grounding? This depends on the relevant standards.
Q:How to measure the insulation resistance of elevator electrical equipment? What is the required value?
Attention should be paid before the measurement of voltage can not withstand the circuit (such as frequency conversion, output terminals, I/O terminals, etc.) off, to prevent electrical components are broken down.
Q:What is the significance of measuring DC resistance?
It is a method to test the degree of damp of transformer
Q:How to measure the resistance of transformer tap changer?
As the voltage level and capacity of the transformer are different, the materials used and the diameters are different, and different transformers and DC groups are different.Measuring transformer DC group using the instrument: now are using a special transformer, DC group test instrument, charging current is larger: 1A - 10A selection, charging time is short, resistance stability fast. Single and dual arm bridges are virtually useless.
Q:What is the principle of ground resistance meter and its measuring method?
During the test, turning the handle according to the requirements of the speed tester through internal magnetic motor to generate electricity, the measured pile X and farther aided test pile (called Z) between "into" the current time in between the measured pile and X pile can obtain a Y auxiliary voltage meter by measuring the current and voltage values can be calculated by measuring the grounding resistance of the pile. The biggest difference between the ground resistance meter and the electrician's shake table is that the use is not the same. The two can not replace each other. There is no device that can always measure and display the size of the lightning protection, only by regularly testing your ground resistance.
Q:What is the influence of transition impedance on distance protection?
Transition resistance is a state of resistance in an instant. When an electrical equipment has an interphase short circuit or a relative short circuit, the resistance through which the short-circuit current flows from one phase to another or from one phase to the other. When the phase is short circuited, the transition resistance is mainly arc resistance. When grounding short circuit, the transition resistance is mainly the tower and its grounding resistance. As soon as the fault disappears, the transition resistance disappears.
Q:How to use multimeter test circuit
Measuring transformer: measuring transformer and measuring inductance have many similarities. First, the transformer is composed of a primary winding, a secondary winding and an iron core. There are two kinds of step-up and step-down transformers.The primary winding is mainly connected to the power supply, if you want to measure the primary winding of the transformer TV put two pen multimeter plug the two end on the line, to the ohm value, directly connected to the socket, the resistance should be very small that is good.
Q:A method of measuring low resistance
Voltammetry, double bridge method and double "single bridge" method can be used to measure low resistance. The measurement results of several methods are in good agreement.
Q:Method for using grounding resistance tester
Use grounding resistance tester to measure step1) insert two grounding probes along the radiation direction of the grounding body into the ground of the ground body 20m and 40m respectively, and the insertion depth is 400mm, as shown in the following figure.Diagram of grounding resistance testGround resistance test using diagrams: a) actual operation b) equivalence principle2) place the grounding resistance measuring instrument horizontally near the grounding body and conduct wiring. The wiring method is as follows:Use the shortest special wire to connect the grounding body with the ground terminal of measuring instrument "E1" (three button measuring instrument) or the common end (four button measuring instrument) after short connection with C2.Using the longest special wire, the measuring probe (current probe) from the grounding body 40m is connected with the measuring button C1 of the measuring instrument.The special wire by the rest of the length of the center distance will be m, grounding measurement probe (potential probe) and measuring instrument wiring terminal "P1".

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