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What are the pollution problems in drinking fountains?
Minerals accumulate to form insoluble particles;Three is difficult to clean inside the water dispenser, easy to accumulate scale, bacteria.
Water dispenser with tap water
It is now popular to filter the tap water through filters to produce fresh, pollution-free drinking water.
The mineral water burned by the water heater is not boiled. Can I drink it?
8, long-term non power outages "long burning" (enterprises and institutions basically not power, drinking water frequency is very high);9. Clean with chemicals (water delivery or yourself);10, not in the water quality guarantee period, finished drinking.
Today, I cleaned the water dispenser. After washing, I added water and didn't turn on the power. I got a glass of cold water at the cold water switch. After that, the cold water switch was leaking. How to solve this problem?
Very good solution, as long as the top of the water faucet gland unscrewed, the inside of the scale cleared, and then installed on the line. It is better to put more water in it so that the residual incrustation in the pipe will flow out before loading.
How to repair the water leakage at the bottom of the water dispenser?
Then introduce how to determine the machine Water Leakage or barrel leakage of simple and feasible method is to cut off the power supply; after the bucket removed, will be removed after a clever look of warm water (room temperature) water bucket is greater than or less than half, if more than half of nearly half of the water level, we can determine the barrel problem. According to the above method to deal with it, but it's a machine problem, recommendations for the repair or replacement of new people drinking water machine; if there is a problem do not understand, can contact our group (mutual aid group, see the name), let everybody to help you make plans! You say the machine is leaking below, most of the achievements are bucket problems, you can use my approach to make a judgment! Good luck!
What kind of water dispenser is the best and healthiest?
Buy household drinking water machine according to a survey, people have used drinking water machine 35% domestic large and medium-sized city residents. "Originally thought to buy a water dispenser is very simple thing, but to the mall to see, or silly eyes, in the face of a wide range of prices of different drinking fountains, filters, immediately feel at a loss." Many people are not familiar with the family's water processor, and they think it's almost the same. Buy a cheaper one. Some people think that the more expensive the better, but after buying it, I know it is not suitable for me. So, how do you choose a drinking device that suits you? Learned from some shopping malls, household drinking fountains on the market are mainly the following. When shopping with their own needs, it is not difficult to buy the heart for their own that one. Bottled water dispenser, if you think bottled water is more reliable, then the problem is relatively simple, you just buy a base. The machines are simple in structure and inexpensive in price. They are usually heated and some can be cooled. The so-called refrigeration, of course, and the refrigerator, air conditioning principle is different, used in semiconductor refrigeration. Cooling function is useful in summer, may wish to consider
The water fountain is out of order. What's the matter? The line seems to be all right
3., anti drying thermostat jump, (maintenance measures: press the button can) 4. heating tank broken, (maintenance measures: the replacement of heating tanks), as large as the reasons for these faults ~! If the bright lights is to remove the rear cover of drinking machine, anti dry burning temperature control press heating tank, should be located in the heating tank on the second (from top to bottom), if not enough, is to replace the heating tank circuit, heating tank is good!
Why does the water fountain trip when it is plugged in?
Finally, if the circuit breaker is protected by leakage, it may be caused by the leakage of the inner heat pipe