Glass Type Water Dispenser HD-1239

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Glass Type Water Dispenser                HD-1239

We are a scale enterprise specialize in small electrical home appliances,such as water dispenser,heater, electric fan, the annual output of all small electrical home appliances more than 1,500,000.

We had always insisted on the management theory of opering the market with the best quality products and seeking development by new products,Relying on the high-qual-
ity products to open the market and good after-sale service to flrm market,the products are popular in the most of cities in China and overseas.Our products have gained favorable comments of the consumers.
For years of efforts,we have created a famous brand, And win the China well-known trademark,which is based on the best quality products and honesty service.

Glass Type Water Dispenser                HD-1239

Becoming a GMC manufacturer means:

00001. Genuine manufacturer with ISO certification

00002. High-quality products and high capacity

00003. Prominent R&D capability

00004.  Substantial export experience and OEM/ODM experience

00005. Good reputation within the industry

Glass Type Water Dispenser                HD-1239

2015 fashionable designed free standing water dispenser

1. Environment Friendly & Energy Efficiency Design

2. High Quality Compressor: Panasonic

3. Major Thermostats : EGO (German Brand)

4. Backup Thermostats : WAKO  (Japanese Brand)

5. Hot Water Tank Insulation foam, UL approved

6. R-134a refrigerant:  INEOS (Japanese Brand)

7. ABS anti-scratch stand with adjustable height

8. With water leakage detector

9. Easy maintenance, no tool required for replacement

                   The 8 GMC Benchmarks

Benchmarks                               GMC Members   
Genuine Manufacturer

employees engaged in manufacturing process


factory or brands owned, not a trader or broker

Dedicated  Exp on  team

necessary educational background


export  sale experience


foregin language skills

High-quality Products

ISO certification obtained and in its valid period


quality control system established


products certified by the third party

Considerable company Size

or 2,500,000 USD and above export volume

5,000,000 USD and above production capacity

Research and Development Ceapability

suffhcient equipment

sence of social and environmental responsibity

adequate professionals

OEM/ODM Experience

prior experience in original equipment manufacturing (OEM)

or prior experience in original design manufacturing (ODM)



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Q:How much water temperature does the water heater burn?
There is no specific standard for the hot water burned by the water heater. Generally 85 degrees Celsius, 90 degrees Celsius, 92 degrees Celsius, not to 100 degrees Celsius, because it is pure water, do not need to boil.
Q:How can I get rid of the dirt of the water dispenser?
The third step: will be used for drinking fountains disinfection decontamination effervescent tablets 1 dissolved in about 2 liters of water, take some of its disinfectant liquid, wash water dispenser liner and lid inside and outside side;The fourth step: the rest of the disinfectant filled the entire cavity, to be retained for 10~15 minutes, then open the water dispenser switch, including the sewage pipe and drinking water switch, drain disinfection solution;
Q:How much is the hot water of the dispenser?
Conventional water heater heating tank water temperature is generally above 90 degrees, less than 100 degrees, the faucet water temperature is 86 degrees
Q:How many degrees does the water heater keep for 2 minutes?
General heating insulation is 80-90 degree temperature jump, but because of the heat conduction causes 80 degrees temperature after boiling water temperature should be above 85 degrees, this is only the general drinking water machine, the machine should be 90 degrees, tea drinking machine can reach more than 95 degrees.
Q:What does the yellow indicator of the water fountain refer to?
Indicates that the water has been boiled, red, etc., indicating that the water is boiling
Q:The principle of cooling water out of water dispenser
The heating switch is pressed, the heating indicator is bright, the electric heating tube is heated, and the water in the hot pot is heated up. When the water temperature is known to set the temperature, the temperature controller contacts are disconnected, the heating power is automatically cut off, the heating indicator is turned off, and the electric heating tube is stopped heating. When the water temperature drops to the setting temperature, the temperature controller contacts are closed, the heating power supply is automatically connected, the heating indicator is bright, and the electric heating tube is heated. The process is repeated so that the water temperature remains constant between 85-95 degrees centigrade.
Q:If the table is part of the parameters of a drinking machine nameplate, its internal simplified circuit
(1) from the table data, the power of the drinking machine under the thermal insulation condition is 44W,According to P=UI, the current at normal operation:I=PU=44W220V=0.2A;(2) the electric energy consumed by the water heater for insulation and 50min:W=Pt=44W x 50 x 60s=1.32 * 105J;
Q:How often do you drink water from the water fountain?
First, scaling: water dispenser prone to scale, especially in areas of high water hardness. The white precipitate that appears is mostly carbonate. In fact, these salts exist in a very stable compound form, and there is no evidence that it is harmful to humans. But the existence of these substances affect the efficiency of heat exchange, fouling serious, it will bring security risks. Therefore, drinking water timely descaling.Two, "thousands of boiling water": this formulation is not scientific. The heating temperature of the water heater is generally 85 DEG C, ~95 DEG C, and the boiling temperature is not reached. But the activity of long-term heating of water will affect the heating time in the water activity of the poor, commonly known as "aging water", so in a long time without drinking, should turn off the power, in addition to saving, but also avoid the loss of water activity.Three, the water dispenser contains nitrite: as the water contains nitrate nitrogen, when the drinking water machine microbial pollution is serious, it will make nitrate nitrogen into nitrite nitrogen. When the WHO drinking water directive specifies that the target exceeds 3mg/L in the short term, the baby will suffer from methemoglobin. From the current study, there is insufficient evidence to suggest that nitrite is directly related to cancer.
Q:Water dispenser with tap water
It is convenient and safe, and now becomes the first choice for many families, hospitals, factories and schools. Especially hospitals, schools and more people, drink plenty of water, large water purification equipment has become necessary.
Q:How to open the lid of the water dispenser?
I also have the same problem, that kettle design is an idiot, it is difficult to open. It took me more than 10 minutes to open it. You have to press the lid of the kettle with your left hand and pull it down at the left

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