CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump

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  1.  CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump description

CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump, using magnetic coupling drive, without dynamic seal point, solving general shaft drive centrifugal pump seal outside run, drip problem. Flow components are using fluorine plastic and high purity of industrial ceramics, It has excellent corrosion resistance and seal ability, widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, aluminum foil, acid, paint, and other non-ferrous metal industries and explosive, volatile, toxic transport, organic solvents and precious liquids.

Applicable temperature:-20C~100°C

2. Model sense

CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump

3. Performance curve diagram

Situation: The medium is water and n=2900r / min

CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump

4.Model performance

5. Install size / flange size

Type one:

schematic diagramCQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump

Data specification

CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump

Type two

schematic diagram

CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump

Data specification

CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump

Type three

schematic diagram

CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump

Data specification

CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump

6. Installation and maintenance Notes

-. Make concrete foundation in accordance with the basic size and embedded anchor bolts.

- Check the pump and motor before installation, all parts should be in good condition, no debris inside the pumps.

- Install the unit on the basis of concrete, put pairs wedge cushion between the base plate and foundation, through high-speed cushion, find the right horizontal position on the pump.

- The inlet and outlet pipe line should have a supporting foot, can't use the pump to stand pipe line. The inlet& outlet diameter of the pipeline and the inlet& outlet diameter of the pump should be same.

- After installation, turn the coupling by your hand and check whether if any rubbing.

- Magnetic pumps not allow to extract the medium which containing particles.

- In order to prevent debris entering the pump, should be located in the entrance filter, filtering area should be greater than the pipe cross-sectional area of 3-4times

- High head pumps should be installed back valve on the outlet pipeline, in order to prevent the sudden stop caused by water hammer damage.

-Must ensure that the installation height of pump in line with the pump NPSH and consider the pipeline loss and temperature of the medium.

- When the medium temperature is too high, the cooling measures should be taken, in order to prevent the machine seal deformation, static ring cracking.

Q:Is vane pump good or gear pump good?
1) the reversible design of gear pumps can also usually reverse, but reverse after the suction port change, and the pump safety valve does not work; leaf pump is generally not allowed to reverse. 3) the single acting vane pump can be designed to change the eccentric distance by moving the stator at the constant speed, so as to achieve the purpose of variable direction.
Q:What is the name of the day pump and ground pump? Specific introduction
People often say "day pump" actually refers to the boom pump, it also has many other name, such as pump, boom pump, concrete pump, concrete pump truck, these words are "day pump".Ground pump, in fact, refers to the pump drag pump. Therefore, to understand the difference between day pump and ground pump is to understand the difference between the boom pump and the tow pump
Q:Concrete pump 125 pipe wall thickness
Concrete pump, also called concrete pump, consists of pump body and pipe. The utility model relates to a machine for continuously conveying concrete along a pipeline by utilizing pressure, which is mainly used for building, bridges and tunnels
Q:What is the nominal pressure of the hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor?
Rated flow refers to the flow under the rated speed and rated pressure input to the motor.Due to leakage loss, the actual flow of the input motor must be greater than its theoretical flow. Actual flow of motor (i.e. inlet flow) leakage flow = theoretical flow of the motor.
Q:Fire pump and shower pump flow head selection, high resolution.
Selection of flow head of fire pump and spray pump:1, the volume is greater than 5000 is less than 10000, the minimum water consumption of indoor fire hydrant is 10L/s
Q:The water tank of the fish tank does not air out and only has the water outlet
The air inlet pipe is connected with the oxygen burst, the entrance also pulled out, we can see that it is the design of a miter, the oblique incision back to the direction of the water flow speed, this outflow, negative pressure is formed in the oblique incision, the air can be sucked in. As shown.
Q:The function of centrifugal pump
4, bearings are set on the pump shaft supporting the pump shaft components, there are two kinds of rolling bearings and sliding bearings. Rolling bearings use butter as a lubricant, refueling should be appropriate, generally 2/3 ~ 3/4 of the volume is too much, will heat, too little, there is noise and fever! The plain bearings are made of transparent oil as a lubricant and fill up to the oil level. Too much oil will leak out along the pump shaft and float *, too little, the bearings will overheat and burn out, causing accidents! In the pump running process, bearing temperature is highest in 85 degrees, generally run at about 60 degrees, if higher, will find the reason (whether there is impurities, whether the oil is black, whether water) and timely processing!
Q:Does the control cabinet of the fire control pump need to be related to the fire control room?
The relationship is simple, the fire pump is pressurized water supply device, the control cabinet is the power supply for the fire pump, the regulator tank is to stabilize the pressure of the network management, reduce the pump frequently start device.
Q:What is the Rhodes pump?
Best answerRoots vacuum pump (referred to as: Roots pump) refers to the pump is equipped with two opposite direction of synchronous rotation of the leaf rotor, rotor, rotor and pump housing between the walls of a small gap and no contact with a variable capacity vacuum pump.Roots vacuum pumps have been tested for long time in the fields of petroleum, chemical, plastic, pesticide, steam turbine rotor dynamic balance and aerospace simulation, so it should be popularized and applied in china. It is also widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, textile and other industries. Vacuum pump fittings are used for noise control of vacuum pumps, vacuum pump silencers.
Q:What's the difference between a centrifugal pump and a centrifugal pump? What are they used for?
Centrifugal pumps are used to transport liquids (or mixtures, waste water, waste materials) from one location to another.

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