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CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump

CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump

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  1.  CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump description

CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump, using magnetic coupling drive, without dynamic seal point, solving general shaft drive centrifugal pump seal outside run, drip problem. Flow components are using fluorine plastic and high purity of industrial ceramics, It has excellent corrosion resistance and seal ability, widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, aluminum foil, acid, paint, and other non-ferrous metal industries and explosive, volatile, toxic transport, organic solvents and precious liquids.

Applicable temperature:-20C~100°C

2. Model sense

CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump

3. Performance curve diagram

Situation: The medium is water and n=2900r / min

CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump

4.Model performance

5. Install size / flange size

Type one:

schematic diagramCQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump

Data specification

CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump

Type two

schematic diagram

CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump

Data specification

CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump

Type three

schematic diagram

CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump

Data specification

CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic pump

6. Installation and maintenance Notes

-. Make concrete foundation in accordance with the basic size and embedded anchor bolts.

- Check the pump and motor before installation, all parts should be in good condition, no debris inside the pumps.

- Install the unit on the basis of concrete, put pairs wedge cushion between the base plate and foundation, through high-speed cushion, find the right horizontal position on the pump.

- The inlet and outlet pipe line should have a supporting foot, can't use the pump to stand pipe line. The inlet& outlet diameter of the pipeline and the inlet& outlet diameter of the pump should be same.

- After installation, turn the coupling by your hand and check whether if any rubbing.

- Magnetic pumps not allow to extract the medium which containing particles.

- In order to prevent debris entering the pump, should be located in the entrance filter, filtering area should be greater than the pipe cross-sectional area of 3-4times

- High head pumps should be installed back valve on the outlet pipeline, in order to prevent the sudden stop caused by water hammer damage.

-Must ensure that the installation height of pump in line with the pump NPSH and consider the pipeline loss and temperature of the medium.

- When the medium temperature is too high, the cooling measures should be taken, in order to prevent the machine seal deformation, static ring cracking.

Q:What is the nominal pressure of the hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor?
Rated flow refers to the flow under the rated speed and rated pressure input to the motor.Due to leakage loss, the actual flow of the input motor must be greater than its theoretical flow. Actual flow of motor (i.e. inlet flow) leakage flow = theoretical flow of the motor.
Q:Household automatic booster pump, how much pressure to work automatically, the water pressure and how many kilograms?
Start the pump. Water pressure depends on how large you buy the pump, generally small, mostly 10-15 meters hydraulic pressure, about 200 of the price.
Q:Water pump spoon pipe for power plantWhich hero can tell me what is the water pump spoon tube ah? And its role
Then control the speed level, to achieve the purpose of regulating the speed and flow of the feed water pump.
Q:How about the depreciation of vacuum pumps?
(five) electronic equipment, for 3 years.The depreciation period of a vacuum pump can be calculated for 5 years. The expected residual rate is generally 5%, or it can be estimated by itself.
Q:What is a solution pump?
2.1 advantages of canned pumps(1) fully enclosed. There is no dynamic seal in the structure. Only the static seal in the outer shell of the pump can be made without leakage. It is especially suitable for transporting flammable, explosive, precious liquids and toxic, corrosive and radioactive liquids(2) high safety. The rotor and stator each have a shielding sleeve, so that the rotor and stator of the motor are not in contact with the material, even if the shield is broken, it will not produce the risk of leakage and leakage(3) compact structure and small footprint, the pump and motor is a whole, disassembly and assembly do not need to find the center. The base and foundation requirements are low, and the daily maintenance workload is low, and the maintenance cost is low
Q:What is cavitation, centrifugal pump cavitation phenomenon how to solve?
The pump is in operation, if the over-current part of the local area (usually the impeller blade inlet somewhere later) for some reason, the absolute pressure of pumping the liquid was reduced to liquid vapor pressure temperature, liquid vaporization began in the area, produce a lot of steam, forming bubbles, when the liquid contains a lot of bubbles forward by high pressure impeller zone, high pressure liquid around the bubbles in the bubble decreases drastically and rupture. Condensation in the bubble burst at the same time, the liquid particle filled hole at a high speed, this moment has a very strong effect of water hammer, and with a high impact frequency against the metal surface, the impact stress of hundreds to thousands of atmospheric pressure, impact frequency can be up to tens of thousands of times per second, serious breakdown when the wall thickness will be.The process of cavitation in a pump is caused by the bursting of bubbles and bubbles in the water pump and the destruction of the over-current components. Water pump cavitation, in addition to the over-current components will have a destructive effect, but also noise and vibration, and lead to the performance of the pump down, seriously when the pump will be interrupted liquid, can not work properly.
Q:Centrifugal pump flow, why can be adjusted through the outlet valve? Can the flow of the reciprocating pump be adjusted in the same way?. Why
First of all, we know that pump according to the principle of work is divided into speed and volume type, centrifugal pumps are speed type, and reciprocating pumps are volume type.The centrifugal pump can adjust the flow through the outlet valve and outlet valve opening can determine the pump flow and head performance curve parameters such as specific relationship between the outlet flow and pressure can be provided by the data pump manufacturers endplate that even close the outlet valve of the pump pressure will also have a fixed value, but not allow zero flow pump operation, vibration caused by damage to the pump on the mechanical seal is not good and so easy to cavitation, set the minimum reflux line.
Q:What is the Rhodes pump?
Work principle editorRoots-type pump is a vacuum pump without internal compression, usually compression ratio is very low, so high and medium vacuum pumps need pre pump.A vacuum pump for pumping air by pumping a gas by the simultaneous rotation of a pair of lobed rotors in a pump cavity and a reverse rotation.Roots vacuum pump is a mechanical vacuum pump with a pair of synchronous and high-speed rotating sole shaped rotors. The pump can not be drawn out separately. The front stage needs to be equipped with an oil seal and a water ring, etc. it can be discharged directly into the atmosphere.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of the pump control system and valve control system in the hydraulic system? How to choose in the project?
Large pump control valve controlled energy consumption at least 30% reason is that there are serious throttling loss of a throttle valve control system of severe fever but simple structure and low cost which is why now valve control system still occupy the main market reasons.Pump control system with complicated structure especially when serious nonlinear control unsymmetrical cylinder control effect is not ideal, but the biggest advantage is energy-saving and low fever America professor Monika points out that using the pump control system of hydraulic excavator energy efficiency compared with the valve control system can be improved by over 46% but costs are high. But in control, the three pump invented by Professor Quan LONG of China is a good solution. LZ can find the invention patent or find his paper on sage. It seems that there are three or four SCI about this pump
Q:What are the general water pump failure, how to repair?
Troubleshooting of water pumpFirst, the water pump does not cause water analysisThere is air in the inlet pipe and pump body(1) before the water pump is started, the water is not filled enough. Sometimes it seems that the water has been discharged from the vent hole, but the pump shaft is not rotated. The air is completely discharged, resulting in a small amount of air remaining in the inlet pipe or pump body.

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