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Is the energy-saving lamp a fluorescent lamp?
Yes, the energy saving lamp is called compact fluorescent lamp. I hope it will be a happy holiday!
Are there any differences between fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps? What are the differences between them?
Rare earth phosphors are mainly used in office, store and factory high performance fluorescent lamps. Since the middle of 80s, with the development of less expensive fluorescent phosphor containing terbium, the application of this energy-saving lamp has been increasing rapidly. In mid 90s, the international launch of the TMT2 straight tube fluorescent lamp, the diameter of only 7mm, power is 6W~13W, light efficiency is 621m/W.T5 straight tube type fluorescent tube diameter is 16mm, power 14W~35W, 28W fluorescent light up to 104m/W, life is more than 16000h. in new development of high power light type 55W~120W is suitable for outdoor lighting compact energy saving rare earth fluorescent lamp, light efficiency more than 801m/W.
Why can fluorescent lamps emit various colors?
The fluorescent lamp uses this principle. The fluorescent lamp itself sends out ultraviolet light, and the fluorescent powder coated on the tube wall absorbs ultraviolet lightAfter the line is changed into visible light, the phosphor is different and the color of the light is also different
How to adjust light in fluorescent lamp
Fluorescent light dimming can also extend the life of the light source, dimming to 90%, doubling the life of the light source; dimming to 80%; the light source life is extended two times; dimming to 50%; the light source life is extended ten times. Although this is a theoretical value, but shows that fluorescent lamp dimming can also reduce the frequency of replacement of the light source, the light source in the unit of time to reduce the amount of change a lot, it also has its positive significance for energy saving and emission reduction.
Maintenance and repair of fluorescent lamp
Fluorescent lamps have many circuits and require auxiliary devices, so they must be used in conjunction with the corresponding transformers and capacitors to ensure that the lamp is activated to the proper power.
What's the difference between an energy-saving fluorescent lamp and a LED light?
The semiconductor wafer consists of two parts,One part is the P type semiconductor, in which the hole dominates,The other end is the N type semiconductor, which is mainly electronic here.
What are the types of fluorescent lamps?
The single side compact fluorescent lamp. The lamp, fluorescent lamp ballast and the lamp tightly integrated (ballast inside the base), in addition to destruction, to put the demolition, it was known as the "compact" fluorescent lamp. Because no additional ballast, the driving circuit in the ballast. The fluorescent lamp is self ballasted fluorescent lamp and fluorescent lamp. The lamp start by E27 lamp directly with the power supply network connection, can directly replace incandescent lamps.
What is a fluorescent lamp? What are fluorescent lights?
The fluorescent tube is a glass tube, the inner wall is coated with a layer of fluorescent powder (magnesium tungstate, calcium tungstate, zinc silicate, etc.), different phosphors can emit light of different colors. The lamp tube is filled with thin inert gas (such as argon gas) and mercury vapor, and both ends of the lamp tube have a filament made of tungsten, and the filament is coated with an oxide which is easy to emit electrons after being heated. When the filament passes through the current, the filament in the lamp tube emits electrons, and the temperature in the tube is increased, and the mercury is evaporated. Along with the gradual rise in temperature in the tube, mercury vapor free, inert gas molecular collision when mercury vapor discharge, arc discharge, it radiates invisible ultraviolet light, visible light fluorescent powder in the inner wall of the tube after UV excitation.