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1. Alkaline batteries (Alkaline batteries) is the most commonly used batteries, its electricity than lead batteries, it can't charge, are in a low temperature 0 f only 10% ~ 10% of power, Voltage Voltage will significantly reduce 2. When using Nickel - cadmium batteries, rechargeable thousands of times, it can maintain the use of a certain power, it can't compared with Alkaline batteries to store electrical energy in low temperature 0 f still has 70% of the power, the process of climbing the best carrying high-energy battery it a standard battery high 2 ~ 3 times 3. Lithium battery: it is a 2 times higher than average battery power Voltage, a lithium battery ampere value/more than 2 times of two Alkaline batteries, at 0 f as used at room temperature, but is very expensive, its Voltage can be held constant At high altitude is especially practical Selection techniques to the selection and use of lamps and lanterns headlamp is one of the wild quite important equipment, to do a good job, must first sharpen his device, and the correct selection tool, can make you more easily cope in a different environment, many different kinds of head lamp, according to the different effect, we will have the choice of different lights

Headlamp or flashlight is quite important equipment, but must take out the battery when not in use to avoid being corrosion (2) a few head lamps and lanterns is waterproof and water resistance, waterproof if you think is important is to buy such a waterproof bulb but it is better to prevent the rain, because the weather is not in the field can be manipulated; 3. Head lamp holder needs to have a comfortable cushion, hang on the ear is some such as pen; 4. The switch of lamp holder must be durable, do not appear in the backpack will waste or energy on some conditions, the switch of lamp holder design had better be a groove, if you think there will be a problem it is better to travel process patch is clingy, remove the bulb or take out the battery; 5. The bulb is not can be durable for a long time, had better carry spare bulb use, such as halogen krypton argon bulbs produce heat and than vacuum tubes (vacuumbulb) light bulb, while the use will be high amperage and shorten the time of the battery, most of the light bulb will mark amperage at the bottom, and the average battery life for 4 amps /, it is equal to 8 hours at 0.5 amp bulbs

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