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Picnic bags/lunch bags

Picnic bags/lunch bags

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The picnic bag Appearance with the ordinary backpack, but in fact the internal configuration is complete, just like a moving "treasure box".

Picnic bag usually use 600 d Oxford protection water fabrics, connect body lined with PE cotton, hale and hearty has a type. Standard package for a picnic by the tableware warehouse, food warehouse and edge barrels of three parts, sometimes with a carpet.

Tableware warehouse usually in former, configuration is required for the picnic complete tableware, including knife, fork, spoon, mugs, western style napkin, butter, salt and pepper bottle, bottle opener, portable chopping block, etc., and all kinds of structure will be in perfect order is arranged.

Tableware according to the configuration, the picnic bag is divided into two and four doses of two kinds, two copies of the picnic bag is configured with two use of tableware, and Ken picnic bag of tableware is four sets. Food warehouse at the back, usually used for storage of food for the picnic, aluminum foil inside, it through PE cotton insulation both cold heat insulation function. Picnic bag if only food warehouse without tableware warehouse, becomes the ice pack

Q:What kind of underpants do you need to wear for outdoor long walks and camping?
As for your environment cannot change every day, your best choice in the fabric of bamboo fiber. Some wear underwear. Modal second. It is best not to cotton! This is to compare the advantages and disadvantages of three kinds of fabric, give advice.Of course, there are many fakes online now. Do you want to buy genuine goods or go to the big mall to buy one or two good ones? I believe your environmental requirements won't let you change it for three or four days
Q:What are the main functions of engineers? What engineer's spade is better for camping through? How much does it cost?
Engineers outside the shovel sold basically are anti -, a dozen pieces of one, steel mouth is very bad, dig a hole in the stone will have to roll the mouth, the standard Army Engineer shovel is not expensive, but rarely buy.
Q:What does outdoor camping mean?
Camping is not dependent on mountain, hotels and other artificial devices, but with their own prepared props in the wild life in the night. The past camping activities, the most common nouns in the Scout Movement and military activities, and generally refers to the wild nature, to stop places as the center of the free way is called camping, but it still has many forms and methods, non stereotyped, worse, overnight as big as the army, only to one camp, can widely recognized for camping.
Q:What equipment should be prepared for the hike in Tibet? When is the best time for you?
From the climate point of view, the summer is the most suitable, high oxygen content in the air, warm weather.However, due to the summer, and the rainy season in Tibet, when to get more different areas, hiking should avoid landslides, mudslides, mountain areas.

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