Intelligent gas scuba savings for deep diving

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Scuba origin
In the 1830 s, as a result of the mask, human across a big step in the conquest of the underwater world.But by the mask, people only can submerge to a depth of 10 meters in seawater and stay for a very short time, this is because the water depth at about 10 meters, hydraulic pressure and atmospheric pressure (1.03 Kg/M2) is almost equal.But every additional 10 meters, water pressure is increased 1 atmospheric pressure.If the breathing air pressure is higher than general air pressure, is the body in the blood and tissue nitrogen is highly concentrated;If the pressure sharply reduce, nitrogen will produce toxic effects of human organs and blood vessels, causes the death of divers.
During the second world war, the French navy officer jack, eaves Augusta, scuba succeeded and developed into history.Augusta was naval service officer, I tried all the diving equipment, including portable compressed air bottle, can guarantee to their proper air pressure.After studying, he finally invented a set of air supply system, make divers in the bottom of the sea can breathe the same as the ground air pressure in the air.Later, Augusta and control valve engineer add south cooperation study again.1943 south invention respirator, using gas regulator is converted into a breathing apparatus control valves, can automatically supply proper pressure of air as required.Such, divers breathe itself can by adjusting the air supply and absorb the discretion of the lungs, air pressure to control, the equipment simple and small, divers take it, then wear vests with high pressure air can dive to 50 ─ 60 meters of water.People with scuba breathing, free into the water, for human detection and extend a sea underwater world.
The improvement of 2 scuba
Scuba through continuous improvement, constant progress.In Florida in the United States, Israel, the first of the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia and the UK island and wave beck peninsula coast, has used the breathing device "Ocean Park", where tourists can enjoy visit the beauty of the underwater world.
Used the breathing device, ancient wreck divers for positioning, measurement and salvage work, created a new field to Marine archaeology.Most scuba allow divers diving 2 hours, so use it can freely underwater divers, such as maintenance of offshore oil drilling platform, the supervision of the port construction projects, the police search tasks, etc.If long time work at the bottom of the sea, such as maintenance of equipment or check the submarine pipeline interface, with a "umbilical tube" the diving bell and the huge reservoir study, to supply a diver and nitrogen in the air.
3 biology definition
Respiratory biology definition: sea cucumbers animals.Part by the end of the digestive tube into the body cavity, then constantly in the body cavity of branches, forming dentrites, therefore is called "breathing tree".Besides a respiration and excretion function.
Sea cucumber animal digestive tract tubers, the inflexion in the body, end) into cloacae, which gives off a branch of the tree structure, said trees or scuba breathing, as the specific respiration and excretion of sea cucumber organs.

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