Double Layers Hardshell Rooftop Tents Car Camping Roof Top Tent Aluminium

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Product Name

Double Layers Hardshell Rooftop Tents Car Camping Roof Top Tent Aluminium

Tent structure

Double layer

Body Material

330G rips top canvas water pressure 2000 +600D Oxford cloth UV 50+

Shell material

Aluminum Alloy Hard  Shell

Bottom material

Aluminum Alloy

Unfolding Size


Folding Size





2.3m Aluminum   Ladder


30mm Sponge   Non-Deforming Sponge


Installation kit,   telescopic ladder, mattress

Product weight


Packing Size


Q:What are the equipment required for camping in the wild?
Wind and rain protection capacityThis part needs to assess the ability of the tent to prevent the vertical drop of raindrops, the ability to water the rain, the drip flowers, and the design strength of the bar - the strength of the bar is critical to the fight against the wind. Study design of curtain rod, curtain rod diameter, the number of poles of intersection, on account of the hanging mechanism, the external account is connected to the mechanism of curtain rod, the overall structure of the quality, quantity and quality of the wind rope hanging point, etc..Although the most common outdoor tent can resist the strong three quarter storm, but researchers have found that the ultra light tent in strong winds will be more strong and safe, this is because the alpenstock will not support the ultra light tent was broken in high winds, ultra light tent Cuben fiber (crude fiber fabric) than these the most common use of outdoor tent strong fabric coated silicon stronger, and ultra light tent than the ordinary outdoor tent closer to the ground.
Q:What do the tents of 190T and PU mean?
Many of the existing tents are labeled with seasonal suitability, mountain suitability, and field suitability data. Such as the two quarter, the three season, the four seasons tent. It provides great convenience for the buyer to provide a reference for selection.In fact, at the time of purchase, most famous tents are worth it; but it is best to do. There are many brand-name tents have a pretty good price. I've seen a lot of friends buy tents have pretty good performance, but also not what brand, the key is to choose when...... These are just some experience in the process of using, felt a sense of display slight skill before an expert for your reference, welcome; DX and supplement.
Q:Why aren't some tents waterproof? Please, great God!
Tents, foreign tents, is the pursuit of high quality, if there is no quality, there will be no market. In China, the emphasis is on quantity, quantity and consumption. There will be markets.
Q:Recommend outdoor storm proof double deck camping tent!
If you are afraid that the bottom of the leak, you can consider "THEMOREREST super portable bed", the back of this bed is waterproof PU coating, and more than 100 kilograms of people lying completely, you can completely leave the ground. Thus, even if the bottom of the curtain is leaking, the quality sleep of the user on the bed can not be affected.
Q:Classification of automatic tents
But from the price point of view, the only two hundred 5-8, but two hundred or three hundred people, this is light rain, thin cloth tear resistant ability is poor, the family is almost clear weather in recreational use, control of the children also need to prevent tearing damage. And in the middle of the grade in four hundred or five hundred or even thousands of caixing!When you play manual tents, you know so much about automatic tents! Refer to the genuine mobigarden manual double tents to 400 yuan, the highest price of the home, there are slightly more expensive and foreign Keller stone, more expensive than the manual and automatic tent! Should be more expensive
Q:Where are not suitable for tents?
Under the cliff, there may be a stone falling down; lonely under the tree is not suitable for the tent, because meet thunderstorm days, would have been in danger of lightning; not easy to put up the tent of sand or sand; sand or river side, do not know what course when the water will burst up, so it is not suitable for the tent in addition, the more low-lying terrain; not easy to drain, it is also not very ideal.
Q:Is the tent a double deck? Is it a single layer?
This question is quite general, and what can be produced is not good or bad.
Q:Can you put up tents on top of Mount Huangshan? Can tents come with you?
Mount Huangshan camping notes: bring more food to the mountains, food on the mountain is very expensive, the cold weather on the top of the mountain, camping tents should bring cold clothing, and bring some high calorie food,You can bring your own tent, but when you climb the mountain, it's tiring to carry your tent behind you. Thank you.
Q:How are the tents cleaned?
The yarn mesh inner tent is white, dirty and not washed, can be used in washing detergent such as washing powder, but must rinse clean, if you do not want to have a relatively large musty in the next trip, so must be completely dry and placed on the camphor and then close up.
Q:How does winter camping increase tent temperature?
Camp the ground: where to camp is not to say, the situation is changeable, also can not be finished.. Just tell me what the ground under the tent should do. The ground should be level, not inclined.. Sleeping on the sloping ground is painful. Put more dry leaves on the ground, remember it's dry! This will effectively separate the tent from the ground, thus achieving a warming effect!

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