8-10 Persons Large Space, Waterproof Travel Camping Tents with 2 Bedrooms Big Size for Family

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8-10 Persons Large Space Tent


8-10 Persons Large Space, Waterproof Travel Camping Tents with 2 Bedrooms Big Size for Family

8-10 Persons Large Space, Waterproof Travel Camping Tents with 2 Bedrooms Big Size for Family

8-10 Persons Large Space, Waterproof Travel Camping Tents with 2 Bedrooms Big Size for Family

8-10 Persons Large Space, Waterproof Travel Camping Tents with 2 Bedrooms Big Size for Family





Four seasons tent

Product Name

8-10 Persons Large Space Tent


Quick Automatic Opening


Fit for 8-10 adults

Fabric Material

6000mm water pressure thick and wear-resistant imported PE

External Material

210T4800mm water pressure encrypted polyester fabric; anti-ultraviolet

Inner Material

210T4800mm hydraulic polyester + High-density insect-proof mesh.


Two Bedrooms

Frame rods

6 high-strength 20mm painted steel pipes


Ground nails X14;Wind rope X 6

Bottom Waterproof Index

>3000 mm




Carry bag



Place of Origin

Zhejiang, China


Customized Color


Accept Customized Logo


Outdoor Entertainment



Package size


Net weigh


Gross Weight


Applicable occasions

Wild  Fishing 、Outdoor Sports、 Hiking

Sample Time



8-10 Persons Large Space, Waterproof Travel Camping Tents with 2 Bedrooms Big Size for Family

Q:What is the removal of a tent type mosquito net?
Then, one hand, another two of the supporting frame slowly pulled out, usually have a plastic cap, unplug, there will be a general node then pulled out, when each node will buckle is opened, the skeleton will become a section of the section, convenient arrangement.
Q:Want to buy domestic tents and moisture-proof mats, recommend the brand!
I personally even in the seaside with dozens of tents, in the seaside withstood more than six or seven typhoon...... But mainly by the wind ropes.
Q:What do you have in a camping tent?
To the beach camping should pay attention to the sea, high tide and other security problems, and the other is moisture and heat problems and other health problems.Therefore, in the camp site selection, we must do a good job of security!
Q:How to install and use the cotton tent?
The good fiber rod is inserted into the pipe of the tent, and some double layer accounts are hung inside, and the hook is hung on the fiber pole. A couple of poles should be worn at once. Insert the tent corner 4. rod end of the fiber will be inserted into the bottom corner of the tent stalls, and then to the other end (diagonal), a hand holding rod, holding the tent bottom slowly bar arched, tents propped after the bottom rod is inserted into the stalls.
Q:Which tent is better waterproof?
According to waterproof 2000, water resistance is about the same, but a single layer, and two double layer account, personal feel double deck account ventilation better, use more comfortable
Q:Can you put up a tent on the beach?
Tents can be built, there are two choices. The first is in the hotel beach tent, this will have security, but it is to end the cost and insurance, probably 30 yuan / person. If you want to rent a tent in the hotel, it will cost about 180 yuan / top (including space fee, insurance fee, beach night fee).
Q:Is it really convenient to build an automatic tent and a lazy tent? Are there any friends who have used a lazy tent or an automatic tent or a boat account?
This tent Alice called "throw the account", that is, find a good place, a throw out on the play, because it is made of memory materials, so when the contraction opened, especially fast.
Q:The camping tent to buy a big point, aluminum rod and glass rods which use resistance better? What quality brands do you have?
Selection of outdoor tent support: aluminum rod or glass fiber (glass fiber reinforced plastic)? Tent stand is one of the core components of tent, mainly used to prop up clothes. Usually the tent bracket length of each section is 25cm to 45cm, the diameter of 7mm to 12mm, with a hole in the middle, multi section pole by elastic rope connected between each set in a splicing method for connection, spliced into a long rod. Tent bracket is mainly divided into aluminum alloy rod and glass fiber pole two kinds of material, the tent stand on the market at present also mainly take these two kinds of material as the main.
Q:Do you have anything to notice when you put up a tent near the lake in Qinghai?
The tent exit must be in the Lee position when the tent is set up at the campsite. Then the tent each corner to find some larger stones and other heavy objects on, then at four directions on the ground with four pin iron stick, the four corners of the tent with a rope and insert in the iron fasten, ensure the wind resistance of the tent.
Q:What if the inflatable tent leaks?
First, wipe the gas column clean, and then smear the surface with soapy water to check the leak point.Two, find a quiet place (best at night), gas filled, and then around the inflatable tent quietly listen to a circle, will hear the sound of leakage, and then find the root.

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