Outdoor portable car rear tent car awning truck tent suv van awning tent for camping

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Product Description:


Product Name 

Outdoor portable car rear tent car awning truck tent  suv van awning tent for camping




190T polyester pu2000MM


150D oxford pu1000MM


Fiber glass pole 



Packing size 



1pcs/carry bag,6pcs/carton 

Carton size 

67*30*37CM 20/21kgs 

Outdoor portable  car rear tent car awning truck tent  suv van awning tent for camping

Outdoor portable  car rear tent car awning truck tent  suv van awning tent for camping

Outdoor portable  car rear tent car awning truck tent  suv van awning tent for camping

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Q:How do you fold an automatic tent?
Two: This is the most critical step, the two hands grabbed the rope at the top of the tent, the tent is slightly upward, push the direction of the two rope pull, so don't put it out for three seconds, tent.
Q:What do the tents of 190T and PU mean?
190T refers to the nylon fabric density is used in textile materials marked universal system for linear density (Tex System). It is a kind of density? A qualified jacket should be 230T-250T, 250T is better, after beating fluffy fly, density below 230T. Like a the umbrella is 150T, such a description that you should have a basic concept. In order to better waterproof, anti coating material or simply using composite materials (**TEX).
Q:The difference between a double deck tent and a double deck tent
Only a single tent tent with double layer, two outer layers, double insulation is just one aspect of the double deck waterproof on a great advantage, especially when the temperature difference between inside and outside the tent of the dew, this is very useful, can be separated in the middle of the outer and inner layers. However, the specific rainproof index should be determined according to the fabric and coating
Q:Why aren't some tents waterproof? Please, great God!
The tent is very many, you can search the tent at night at least end of waterproof, even if the record are not waterproof, you must not go outside the store to buy.
Q:What do you mean by a tent in the Bible?
While Israel was in the wilderness, they lived in tents, and Abraham pitched tents in those days.
Q:Recommend outdoor storm proof double deck camping tent!
The average big brand tent is all right. As for the rainstorm, I think the people who go out to play normally will consider giving up the trip under the condition that the situation is predictable.
Q:What brand is moistureproof mat good?
Self inflating cushion has a variety of processing technology, a complete separation of the inner and outer layers without any fixed, this mat is very cheap, 100 yuan, but to use inside and outside layer slip away, uncomfortable; a fixed type, between the inner and outer layers has a plurality of fixed points; a total heat compound, inside and outside with hot layer composite technology fully bonded, the mat use effect is best, but the price is too expensive, Sanfo CAMP-A-REST, THERM-A-REST is full of hot compound, the former domestic, the U.S. imports, CASCADE DESIGN products, the price is 360 yuan and 980 yuan.
Q:Red tent and blue tent. Which is against the sun?
At present, domestic and international standards for textile anti UV properties generally use the UPF value, that is, UV protection system to assess the value. The UPF value is the ratio of ultraviolet radiation to the average amount of radiation of unprotected skin, and the greater the UPF, the better the UV protection. This index will be marked on regular manufacturers' products. I hope my answer can help you,
Q:Which tent is better waterproof?
Actually speaking, mobigarden tents are good, Lengshan series of cost-effective, breathable waterproof outdoor camping or with appropriate
Q:Which is the best for the tent mat, the aluminum film and the aluminum free film?
Look at your location, if you use the site and more humid, cold to suggest PVC, moisture-proof pad, wave or washboard on the line, can have the effect of moisture and cold, if only use the local park, cement, recommend the use of aluminum film moisture-proof pad on the line, aluminum film there are a few tips mat Oh, last bought aluminum moisture-proof pad Himalaya outdoor, only 10 a few dollars out, except as a cushion, a reflector can be photographed with a waterproof pad pad, very interesting

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