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Textile silk talking Tents

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Years of operation and technology accumulation, has developed into a research and development camping tents, camping tents production, camping tents advertising design, plate making, printing as one of professional manufacturer of camping supplies; and trained a group of experienced technical staff; establish a sound service system.

Double account tent structure

Material glass fiber strut bar

Specifications Flysheet: 220 * 200 * 135 Inner: 200 * 185 * 130

Item LY10105

Weight of 3500 (g)

Origin Anhui Huangshan

Free to build speed to build the case open

Outdoor camping tent factory specializing in the production of single-person tent, double tent, three to four tents, high-grade export trade travel supplies, advertising tents and camping supplies various accessories.

Outdoor camping tent factory with its sophisticated technology, durable, easy to install, etc., has become a leading brand products in Zhejiang province tent, and was widely praised by customers, renowned in the industry.

Outdoor camping tent factory always adhere to the principle of quality, price, reputation among both, and develop new markets, customers and common development!

 I plant to serve the army and armed police departments, the major tourist cities, and foreign aid relief civil affairs department; company organization has a factory office, supply, sales, QC, finance, technology development department, production department , trade unions and overseas offices; strict management, both from raw material storage, a library, to cutting, manufacturing production, or finished product storage, handling, shipping, fireproof, waterproof and mildew, etc. according to ISO9002 quality management system, the quality of our products has been a great protection.

    Currently, in order to produce to meet market demand at home and abroad, the products have been sold to the EU, North America, South America and Southeast Asia, the company's decision-makers strive to meet the export department on the basis of the group to expand the domestic market. Quality is the life, we using ERP systems management software and network management with international standards, all technical workers must undergo a rigorous professional training to posts, and our products get into the country, such as the ISO9000 quality certification and many other prizes.

Q:What's the difference between camping and camping?
Camping is a recreational activity where campers usually carry tents, leave the city, camp in the wild and spend one or more nights. Camping is usually associated with other activities, such as hiking, fishing, or swimming.
Q:Can we put up tents in Taishan?
You can put up tentsHowever, when holidays are crowded, tents are not allowed and there are fixed places.Usually have to choose a good wind performance, the internal account is half silk, the mountain wind is too large, blow head uncomfortable, try to bring equipment.There are a lot of tents, but not crowded
Q:What are the tent accessories?
Tent pegs are made of aluminium, iron and plastic.The style of the ground nails, as well as 7 fonts, 9 fonts, round, square, six angle, triangle, V, Y and so on.See what tent you are, and what you want.
Q:Tent fabric waterproof effect index is how much?
The fabric is determined, the tent has waterproof performance, but also through the special waterproof treatment, the most common is PU (PU is a polyurethane coating of organic polymer, PU coating is a kind of stable temperature resistant coating), namely the PU mortar scraping on the fabric in the coating, soft texture and feel good. Waterproof performance and aging. It is not difficult to understand, PU coating thickness determines the waterproof of the tent, and the thickness of the coating by mm, shows that the static waterproof column height coating under laboratory conditions, such as the PU1500mm coating shows that the coating is not leaking in the static water column 1500mm. According to the practical experience in the field environment PU800 coating can prevent small to moderate, PU10001200 coating can prevent to heavy rain, more than the basic 1500mm coating can be used in a variety of environment.
Q:What is the removal of a tent type mosquito net?
Finally, all the skeletons were removed and arranged and packed into a bag.Note that when two people cooperate, do not use brute force to avoid damaging the mosquito net,
Q:Is it really convenient to build an automatic tent and a lazy tent? Are there any friends who have used a lazy tent or an automatic tent or a boat account?
This tent Alice called "throw the account", that is, find a good place, a throw out on the play, because it is made of memory materials, so when the contraction opened, especially fast.
Q:What brand is moistureproof mat good?
How to choose moistureproof mat?Moisture-proof pad has 3 core functions: comfortable, warm, moisture-proof. Comfort is to let you in the rugged mountain wild soft mattress; warm is the human body and the cold ground isolation, reduce body heat loss, prevent cold ground invasion; moisture is to isolate the ground moisture.In addition the mat can be used as a leisure cushion, picnic mat, inflatable waterbed and other purposes.Main types of damp mats:Air mattressSelf inflating cushionSemi closed air chamber damp proof padClosed air chamber damp proof padCover clothAir mattress: has the advantages of large thickness, up to 8 to 12CM, moisture-proof effect, comfortable, cheap, and can be used in water; disadvantage is generally biased, need inflating or mouth blown, not suitable for long-distance travel through the backpack and carry, more suitable for driving.
Q:How to install and use the cotton tent?
The good fiber rod is inserted into the pipe of the tent, and some double layer accounts are hung inside, and the hook is hung on the fiber pole. A couple of poles should be worn at once. Insert the tent corner 4. rod end of the fiber will be inserted into the bottom corner of the tent stalls, and then to the other end (diagonal), a hand holding rod, holding the tent bottom slowly bar arched, tents propped after the bottom rod is inserted into the stalls.
Q:What problems should we pay attention to when buying a tent? Ordinary camping tent
If it is summer, the tent of less than three hundred yuan on the fine. Because the demand for tents in summer is not so high, that is, it does not require good wind protection, and does not require good cold resistance, as long as the installation is convenient, lightweight, durable and easy to carry on it. But it's necessary to prepare a sleeping bag and a damp pad.
Q:Can the tent protect the snake?
Be careful check in the use of the package, it may hide in the below snakes. The tent zips should be completely closed when camping. Check the bed before going to bed, press the tent, and get up to check the shoes in the morning. In case you find a snake, move back quickly and keep it at a distance.

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