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Years of operation and technology accumulation, has developed into a research and development camping tents, camping tents production, camping tents advertising design, plate making, printing as one of professional manufacturer of camping supplies; and trained a group of experienced technical staff; establish a sound service system.

Outdoor camping tent factory specializing in the production of single-person tent, double tent, three to four tents, high-grade export trade travel supplies, advertising tents and camping supplies various accessories.

Outdoor camping tent factory with its sophisticated technology, durable, easy to install, etc., has become a leading brand products in Zhejiang province tent, and was widely praised by customers, renowned in the industry.

Outdoor camping tent factory always adhere to the principle of quality, price, reputation among both, and develop new markets, customers and common development!

 I plant to serve the army and armed police departments, the major tourist cities, and foreign aid relief civil affairs department; company organization has a factory office, supply, sales, QC, finance, technology development department, production department , trade unions and overseas offices; strict management, both from raw material storage, a library, to cutting, manufacturing production, or finished product storage, handling, shipping, fireproof, waterproof and mildew, etc. according to ISO9002 quality management system, the quality of our products has been a great protection.

    Currently, in order to produce to meet market demand at home and abroad, the products have been sold to the EU, North America, South America and Southeast Asia, the company's decision-makers strive to meet the export department on the basis of the group to expand the domestic market. Quality is the life, we using ERP systems management software and network management with international standards, all technical workers must undergo a rigorous professional training to posts, and our products get into the country, such as the ISO9000 quality certification and many other prizes.

This section tent for 2014 new enhanced version (thicker fabric finer work) and general market models vary greatly, good quality is not just a little bit, oh

 Lifetime replacement bracket (broken off can change the bracket) need to change pole clients postage themselves.

This section has a new enhanced version of the tent and the regular edition (enhanced version where all connections are secondary reinforcement, all tent materials are quality using high-end)

 This section new enhanced version of the tent for 14 years, the fabric is thicker 210D Oxford cloth (than the market in general 190T polyester fabric thickness and tear has greatly enhanced), finer workmanship, high quality

Hydraulic models new listing if necessary, please contact customer service

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Q:What do you have in a camping tent?
To the beach camping should pay attention to the sea, high tide and other security problems, and the other is moisture and heat problems and other health problems.Therefore, in the camp site selection, we must do a good job of security!
Q:Which is better, tent, drawstring or spring?
You should say that the automatic tent top, relatively speaking, the spring to be more convenient, a distraction, a pull on the OK, and the kind of rope pulling you need to pull up, and need to knot. Open, what do you like?!
Q:Recommend outdoor storm proof double deck camping tent!
The average big brand tent is all right. As for the rainstorm, I think the people who go out to play normally will consider giving up the trip under the condition that the situation is predictable.
Q:Can you put up tents on top of Mount Huangshan? Can tents come with you?
Hello, on the top of the Mount Huangshan is a tent, Mount Huangshan mountain tent camping site is the best hotel in Beihai in front of the basketball court, the site, the ground formation, is next to the police station, from the public toilets are also very close. In addition, in this hotel, Baiyun Hotel, bright top floor are the ideal place to set up tents.
Q:What is the removal of a tent type mosquito net?
Finally, all the skeletons were removed and arranged and packed into a bag.Note that when two people cooperate, do not use brute force to avoid damaging the mosquito net,
Q:What are the inner cushions for outdoor tents?
The bottom should be at least a damp mat. If you want to feel comfortable, get a cotton pad or air cushion
Q:How much is a double tent?
In a large area using the account each hole is smaller than the 1*11MM Jacobs, both to ensure the best ventilation performance of the whole tent, and avoid the invasion of the small summer mosquitoes, suitable for use in season three. When the inner ledger is used separately, it has more unique effects of attracting visitors to the house.Everyone will have a budget before buying, so let's look at the price first. At present, more than 2000 yuan in BLACKYAK, MSR, BD, TNF, MOUNTAINHIKER, HOLIDAY MHW; between 1000-2000 yuan, does not seem too much; 300-1000 yuan between is the Volkswagen brand, ACME, ANEMAQEN, K2, SNOWWOLF, CAMPLAND, LUXE, CAMPER, Pathfinder, and Gaudi...... 300 yuan, I suggest you do not consider, the cost is too low, tents must be very rotten thing.
Q:Where are not suitable for tents?
The ridge edge, where the tent is in danger of being hit by lightning or sudden wind;
Q:What if the inflatable tent leaks?
When the leak point is very large and the diameter is more than 15 centimeters, you can repair it temporarily with the above method. When you have free time in the inflatable tent, you can return it to the factory for free maintenance, so as to ensure the quality of the inflatable tent!
Q:Which tent is better waterproof?
According to waterproof 2000, water resistance is about the same, but a single layer, and two double layer account, personal feel double deck account ventilation better, use more comfortable

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