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Prouducts Specs (3x3m High Quality Screen Printing Commercial Display Tent )

Print type:Screen print

Size: 3*3m/2*2m/3*4.5m/3*6m/4*4m/4*6m/4*8m  are available

Artwork: customers' design

Frame:Aircraft aluminum reinforced  frame or white powder coated steel frame

Fabric:300D,420D,500D ,600D polyester ,oxford , canvas coated PVC or PU ,waterproof or fireproof for you option


1.Good quality

2.PVC/PU coated 600D polyester

3.Waterproof,Fireproof and UV resistant

4.Good service


Packing bag,pegs and ropes,pegs bags,sand bags .

Logo Print:

Artwork, logo, graphics are available to be printed on roof,sidewalls, carry bags with dye-sublimation printing or screen printing

All these products are widely used in agriculture and construction. We have perfect technical inspection facilities, advanced quality control system and great production capacity, all which ensure good quality as well as timely delivery.

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Q:What do you pay attention to the selection of tents?
This is a very important but often overlooked problem. On a hot night, nothing is worse than living in a suffocating, airless tent. But sometimes there will be some contradiction between the characteristics of ventilation and tightness, so if you are going to a cold place, you can not take into account the characteristics of ventilation. Most of the tents for three seasons from spring to autumn, they take into account ventilation, pest control and heat preservation; and a tent is all made of net, the net is opaque, it is extremely suitable for use in the summer and warm and humid area.
Q:Which kind of tent is automatic and assembled?
As for the need to manually assemble tent is to build two tents, can not say which kind of good which is not good to see their own preferences this love yourself can choose to assemble tents can be chosen automatically this tent to choose according to their own needs if they are afraid of trouble.
Q:What are the things that match the field tent?
Sleeping bag, conditional, it is better to choose a down, containing seventy or eighty of cashmere line, the advantages of good heat preservation, light weight, folding up very small, do not occupy the place. Bag type is best to choose Mommy type, wear a hat, plus fat, very warm. Also, choose a sleeping bag, an outer bag and a sleeping bag inner liner to protect your sleeping bag. Sleeping bags don't wash easily, or they're not warm.
Q:Will the tent waterproof index be valid against rain at 800---1500?
Tent mat is directly paved on the ground, easy to touch the ground moisture, rain is also easy to soak in the water, so the seat of the waterproof index requirements than the external account to be higher.If the three quarter (spring, summer, autumn) account is not used in harsh environments, waterproof PU in the 2000MM-3000MM will be enough. Like extreme outdoor climbers, double double deck camping tents, waterproof exterior PU2500-3000MM, in mid and heavy rain environment can be used.Four seasons account, you need to use in alpine, snow and other harsh environment, waterproof coefficient is relatively high, to be in 3000MM - 5000MM or so. Like this extreme outdoor pioneer double double deck camping tent, is the typical alpine snow tent.
Q:Outdoor camping tents are divided into several classes according to the degree of thermal insulation What kind of tent should be used for all kinds of insulation?
Different tent designs have different supports, so they should consider their own use when shopping, especially the snow period. Light tents should be spacious enough and strong enough to cope with special needs. Generally two people account is the most commonly used tent, because it is easy to carry, easy to find camp, and three or a single person can live. Tent colors are best for warm colors such as yellow, orange, or red. Outdoor emergency, in case of trapped, conspicuous color will be easily found.
Q:How do you choose tent lights when you go camping? What brand is better for tent lights?
Camping requires tents, lights, and camp lights, so you need to figure out what you want.
Q:What's the cushion in the camping tent?
Warm, because when camping in the body in direct contact with the ground (on the bottom of the insulated tent is very little, so the) between the body and the earth as a layer of moisture-proof pad apart, the effect will be a lot of warm. Third, moistureproof. When camping in the wild, the ground is very wet at night and the moisture mat is waterproof and can play a role in separating the tide.
Q:What about the tent leak?
1, check the tent bag, find tents dedicated repair bag, directly with the fabric and glue fit in the small hole, KingCamp tent will be equipped with special repair bag, very practical and convenient;2, if you can't find a repair kit can be used to prevent the belt hole, larger, can temporarily play rain effect when it rains.
Q:What's the function of the mattress in the tent?
Warm: because when camping in body in direct contact with the ground (on the bottom of the insulated tent is very little, so the) between the body and the earth as a layer of moisture-proof pad apart, the effect will be a lot of warm.
Q:What should we pay attention to when we set up tents outdoors?
The most important of course is to choose safe, camped away from the cliff, steep terrain and dry, trees, more open and convenient smooth drainage, can prevent rockfall, debris flow, heavy rains and wild animals, snakes and rats infestation.

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