Trade show booth tent

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Product Description:

5X5M trade show booth tent  

Features of  trade show booth tent :

1 reinforced aluminum frame and durable double PVC coated fabrics.

2 No posts in the tent ,make use of the space 100 %

3 Easy to put up and demolish (1000sqm/day)

4 Reinforced aluminum frame, strong  and light, easy to carry and store; PVC fabrcs cover, durable  and     luxury,  fire proof, water-proof and anti-fungus.

5 Width from 3m to 6m, bay distance is 3m/5m+

Other applications of trade show booth tent

The pagoda pagoda trade show booth tents can also be widely used  private & corporate party,

big events,celebration, outdoor exhibition & Expo , trade show, commercial activity, sports events,

temporary warehouse & workshops, military, relief & emergency solution, semi-permanent or

permanent industry facility, entertainment space, etc.

Optional accessories

Door-double open glass door

Wall - glass wall, ABS Wall with PVC-clear window, PVC fabrics

Flooring - exhibition flooring, high-class event flooring, carpet

Others-lighting, linings, Ramp units, rain gutters, exhaust fans

Lining (decoration ceilings) and inside curtain

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Q:Is the tent mat built inside or outside the tent?
Moisture-proof。 When camping in the wild, the ground is very wet at night and the moisture mat is waterproof and can play a role in separating the tide.
Q:What should I pay attention to when buying an outdoor tent?
The tent cloth waterproof index: 1000MM above the higher the better if you just in the spring and autumn 3 season tent, and is used in low altitude (2000 meters), the ordinary PU1000 to the glass rod tent 1500 enough.If you prefer 1 people on a long journey, choose a single tent or 1 to 2 tents, such as a single pole account or a JWS account;
Q:What should I pay attention to in the tent?
Because of the special conditions in the disaster area, it is possible to wear shoes covered with mud and enter the tent. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to sanitary cleaning and disinfection in the tent. Smoking should not be allowed in tents at all times. Never use a stove inside a tent because stoves emit carbon monoxide and cause fire. The tent can be a simple "Chamber" to facilitate the victims rest, eliminating the trouble at night to urinate.
Q:How can outdoor tents be lightning protected?
1. the choice of lightning is based first on the height of the conductor and between several conductors, and it hits the highest. In addition, as the lightning is usually on rainy days, both the rod and the aluminum rod, the fabric of the tent is made of conductor due to wet water.Therefore, in the attraction of lightning, more are determined by height rather than account pole material.
Q:How to clean and maintain outdoor tent?
The tent material does not fire, do not close to the fire, to ensure the safety and happiness of outdoor leisure. For cooking in the tent, be sure to let the flame away from the tent cloth and fireproof plate for isolating flame, people can not leave the tent when cooking, usually do the fire plan, and removing the oil fume exhaust fan installation. Before setting up tents, keep the ground level and clean, and make it more comfortable to rest.We must carefully survey the terrain, the rolling stones, bowling and rock weathering those camps for lightning, not above; do not put the tent on the top or open fields; installed in mud or sand, you can dig a drainage ditch around the tent, to ensure that the ground is dry in the tent.
Q:What do you need to go camping with a tent to the beach?
Backpack。 In addition to placing a variety of debris, you can also suppress tents, not easy to be blown away, of course, if you have valuable things, it is recommended to rent a safe.
Q:What are the details of choosing a tent?
Generally used for mountain tent is mostly yellow or orange; if most of the time for low altitude trekking activities, flysheet yellow are easier to recruit small flying insects. Therefore, the recommended colors are blue, green, orange and other bright eye-catching color
Q:What is the difference between the practicality and applicability of camping tents and engineering tents in actual use and the actual effect of fighting against nature? And good and bad?
Stand: exquisite, light, light. Engineering tents are shipped in place, light requirements are not high, the stability requirements than camping tents high, so often steel skeleton with carbon fiber support. Camping tents are light, low grade carbon fiber, high-grade aluminum alloy is always used.
Q:What's the function of the mattress in the tent?
Anti Luo: because it is difficult to find a flat place camping in the wild, so sleep will feel very uncomfortable, use moisture-proof pad, the situation will be much better.
Q:How do you pack a climbing bag?
You should see if the mountaineering bag can hold the tent, and how to restore the tent to the fold you just bought, so that it can be solved.

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