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Is the tent a double deck? Or a single layer of good?
Tent in general, there is no good or bad, but different functions, different parameters, different prices, see what you choose what the weather is used.The so-called function: breathable, waterproof, high mountain tent, three season tent, with the snow and so on;
Does the white tent have the same sun protection effect as the blue tent?
Red effect is better. The longest red light absorbs large amounts of ultraviolet light from the sun, while other colors are relatively weak
How about staying in tents for summer vacation?
I am a hiking enthusiast, often go out to the tent, intimate contact with nature, so the tent is not what is not good, the key is to pay attention to moisture, pest control, mosquito prevention and drainage.
How should field tents be chosen?
General camping, choose the thin type polyester and nylon fabrics that will carry double tents, portable, double and waterproof, and can improve the fabric warp and weft density, the use of foreign 210T to upscale tent 300T (high density, weft density) of the water will be relatively increased.
How heavy is a tent?
See what you do. Generally speaking, you can see the weight of the cloth, the material with the brace, the number of users and the range of application.
What should be noticed when setting up tents?
Check out all the flames before you go to bed at night and make sure the tent is firm and sturdy. To prevent the worm from entering, place a circle of kerosene around the tent. Tent face is best to see the sun in the South or Southeast. The camp should not be on the ridge or the top of the mountain. At least with grooves, not at the side of the river, so it won't be too cold at night.
How do you close the tent?
2. pull the spring button out of the square eye. All the spring buckles of the four corners are untied.3. remove all items inside the folding tent.4., two people stand opposite each other, each hand holds the two supports of the folding tent separately.5. note, two people to stand on the roof support longitudinal folds, ensure the force when the roof bracket can be folded up.
What should I pay attention to in the tent?
The weather is cold or rainy, hot air will human exhaled condensate formed in the tent, and along the wall flow, in order to prevent the condensation of water wet clothes, can put a towel, raincoat, roll up, close to the tent, underneath a circle. If you keep the tent well ventilated, the condensate will naturally decrease, but it will affect the heat preservation effect.