Sany Sy35 Brand New Small Size Mini Digger Hydraulic Mini Crawler Excavator with Rubber Tracked

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Item specifice:

Operating Weight: 3.78 T Bucket capacity: 0.12 m³

Product Description:

SY35U no tail mini excavator is designed to help you work efficiently while maximizing your jobsite productivity. The 3.5 ton mini excavator has many features to help operators achieve the balance of power, smoothness, fuel efficiency and speed.



Technical Paraments


Length * Width * Height


Track Gauge

1420 mm

Min. Ground Clearance

295 mm

Tail Swing Radius

860 mm

Roller Gauge

1670 mm

Operation Range

Max. Digging height

4855 mm

Max. Dumping height

3460 mm

Max. vertical Digging depth

2700 mm

Max. Digging radius

5465 mm

Min. Swing radius

2475 mm




Rated Power

19.5/1200 kW/rpm


Overall Weight

3780 kg

Bucket Capacity

0.12 m3

Bucket Digging force

30.4 kN

Arm Digging force 

18.2 kN


4.4/2.4 km/h

Swing Speed

9 rpm

Grade Ability


Ground Pressure

32 kpa

Service Capacities

Fuel tank


Hyd tank




2540 mm


1400 mm

Bulldozing plate

Width x height

1720×350 mm


375×370 mm

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The Border Security Force is making the use of excavators and bulldozers of the required specification for digging and levelling the broken ground for the erection of border fencing and construction of protective bundh along the international border in Jammu and Kashmir, Minister of State for Home Affairs Vidyasagar Rao told the Rajya Sabha in a written reply today. The minister said excavators and bulldozers were being bullet-proofed in order to shield workers from the unprovoked and continuous Pakistani fire aimed at disrupting the work. Thirty km of fencing has been completed so far, out of a total length of 180 km of the international border in the Jammu sector, he said. :> peace
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Q:CAT where is the origin of the small excavator?
1.CATER American brand, made in japan.2. in terms of quality and performance is not inferior to other Japanese brands; power is the Carter Co independent models, and there is high pressure refrigeration pump; bucket capacity in the 1*5 to 2*8 range; the cab dashboard is adjustable, convertible, digital dial. So, on the control, comfort, more satisfied.3., Sino US joint ventures are made by XCMG and Carter joint venture factory.
Q:Excavator three oil one water refers to
Talking about diesel, oil, hydraulic oil and cooling water
Q:Which term is more common, cherry picker truck or bucket boom truck?
Bucket boom truck
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Q:What do you mean by "50" in excavator PC50?
Komatsu's 5 ton pc360 is 36 tons, but not particularly accurate, the actual 35 tons more
Q:How can i get excavater operater job in australia let me know the company name?
The occupation of Excavator Operator is not eligible for any Australian work visa. It is not listed on the CSOL and it is regarded as unskilled or low skilled work so is not even eligible to an RSMS visa which is the only visa for which there is no list of occupations.
Q:Method and steps of slope repair by excavator.
The slope is an inclined plane. Turn left and turn right | general dig one or more like groove, to make reference to the sample groove is generally a bucket width, by the excavation line to the excavation line, line connection, and then by the sample groove extended into a surface. In the second case, it is harder to cut from top to bottom. In the slope below the ground excavated roadbed. Turn left turn right | repair this slope is more complicated, many factors, such as irregular excavation line slope ratio (the ratio of height and width of the slope), table height etc..

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