Sany Sy35 Brand New Small Size Mini Digger Hydraulic Mini Crawler Excavator with Rubber Tracked

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Item specifice:

Operating Weight: 3.78 T Bucket capacity: 0.12 m³

Product Description:

SY35U no tail mini excavator is designed to help you work efficiently while maximizing your jobsite productivity. The 3.5 ton mini excavator has many features to help operators achieve the balance of power, smoothness, fuel efficiency and speed.



Technical Paraments


Length * Width * Height


Track Gauge

1420 mm

Min. Ground Clearance

295 mm

Tail Swing Radius

860 mm

Roller Gauge

1670 mm

Operation Range

Max. Digging height

4855 mm

Max. Dumping height

3460 mm

Max. vertical Digging depth

2700 mm

Max. Digging radius

5465 mm

Min. Swing radius

2475 mm




Rated Power

19.5/1200 kW/rpm


Overall Weight

3780 kg

Bucket Capacity

0.12 m3

Bucket Digging force

30.4 kN

Arm Digging force 

18.2 kN


4.4/2.4 km/h

Swing Speed

9 rpm

Grade Ability


Ground Pressure

32 kpa

Service Capacities

Fuel tank


Hyd tank




2540 mm


1400 mm

Bulldozing plate

Width x height

1720×350 mm


375×370 mm

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Q:What's the meaning of a digger outside the window?
6, two slide shoes feet. 7, there is a big square outside the house. Anyway, he did not issue # #Excavators are noisy
Q:How to find the total volume of Earthmovers buckets?
Spec sheets for excavators like the one on the first link typically talk about the SAE standard at 2/1 heaped. The standard is the Society of Automotive Engineers standard J742. Interestingly this standard, which came out in 1979 was cancelled in 2001 and not replaced. However you can still purchase this document for $98.from the second link. The summary for the standard says Description: This standard applies to buckets of loaders (as defined by SAE J1057a, Identification Terminology of Earthmoving Machines). This method applies primarily to buckets having parallel sides and a cutting edge parallel to the top edge of the back sheet. Moderately clipped back sheet corners will introduce no appreciable errors. Bucket teeth, tooth adapters, as well as other similar local discontinuities are ignored. a. Interpretation of irregular shaped cutting edges is identified in paragraph 4.4. b. Interpretation of irregular shaped side sheets is identified in paragraph 4.5. Purpose - The purpose of this standard is to provide a uniform method for determining the SAE struck capacity and rated capacity. The volume calculations used result in a realistically conservative heaped volume. The calculations are based on the inside physical dimensions of the bucket only without regard to bucket action provided by any particular machine. For rating purposes, a nominal heaped load with a 2:1 angle of repose is to be used with bucket orientation dictated by the strike plane defined in paragraph 3.1. This in no way implies that the loader linkage must carry the bucket oriented in this attitude, or that all materials will naturally have a 2:1 angle of repose. So effectively use geometry depending on the buckets shape. If it has parallel sides its going to be height X width X length for the struck volume with the addition of the prism for the heaped volume. 2/1 means 2 horizontal for 1 vertical. So the prism volume will be length X width X width / 8.
Q:I am interested in buying a mini excavator what kind of trailer ,the excavator will weigh about 5500lbs give or take to modle i get. will my 250 be able to tow this. ill have to get a trailer break system put in. It has a 7 prong connector but theres nothing for braking in it if i am correct?its a 2004 Ford 250 super duty would a regular car trailer work? i don't know how much they can hold.
yes. you have more than enough truck to tow this. my uncle and i pulled a semi up a hill with his. so yeah... youve got truck. dont under estimate it. car trailer should do it. but at least get a tandem axle. most tandem axle trailers already have brakes so if u hook everything up you're good to go. 7 pin = braking. however a brake controller (sits up in the cab and controls how much work the trailer brakes are doing) is strongly reccomended) 4pin= lights only. if you do get a car trailer. look at what its maximum capacity is. go to a trailer dealer. (the one ur going to buy from) and ask them which trailer best suits your needs (they tend to know what they're doing) and when i say car trailer i mean flatbed that weighs well more than you can push around by hand
Q:Please only answer if you have knowledge of this subject. I know it hauls more than a ton so don't just say 1 ton drrrr. I am pretty sure we have been hauling around 5 tons on it. I want to see what someone that really knows about this subject says like a landscaper or excavator. My backhoe (Case 780CK ) front bucket hold 2 yards of dirt which is about equal to 2.5 tons of dirt. 1 Yard weighs about 2400 pounds. We put 2 buckets at a time on the dump truck.
Curb weight + cargo weight + passengers = gross vehicle weight Gross vehicle weight + loaded trailer weight = gross combined weight One-ton trucks usually carry about 16,000 pounds
Q:What brands do excavators have?
Import brands: [USA] CAT (Carter), CASE (Keith)[Japan] KOMATSU (Komatsu), HITACHI (Hitachi), KATO (Kato), SUMITOMO (Sumitomo), KOBELCO (Shen Gang).[Korea] DAEWOO (Daewoo), HYUNDAI (Modern), SAMSUNG (Samsung).[Sweden] VOLVO (Volvo)Domestic brands: Xugong, Liugong, Sany, Xiamen, Yuchai etc..
Q:In a project, 5 excavators need to be used. The probability of a single excavator malfunctioning is 0.0594. And their operational functioning is independent from each other.1. Which variable should be formulated as discrete random variable?2. What is the probability that exactly 2 excavators will be malfunctioning?3. What is the probability that there are less than 3 excavators malfunctioning?4.Give 2 reasons why independency assumption might be violated?Anyone please be kind enough to clear my ignorance in the above questions. I am happy to thank you in advance
1. x, for the number of excavators malfunctioning, takes on the values 0,1,2,3,4,5 p = .0594 q = 1 - p = .9406 2.. P(x=2) = 5C2* p^2 * q^3 = .02936 3. P(x<3) = P(0)+P(1)+P(2) = .73625+ .23248+ .02936 = .99809 4.Think of a reason where the malfunction of one causes problems for the others.
Q:I love A7x and I was watching a video on YouTube of the new maps but I saw one were Nightmare starts playing all of the sudden on the map moon. I want to know if its true and if anyone know knows how to get it to play, I know its not from activating the teddy bears cause if you activate those a different song plays.
Here's what I heard on how to activate it... 1. Get the One Giant Leap achievement. (Idk how to get it) 2. Have the excavators block off tunnels 6 11 blocking you on one side of the map 3. Same as two but someone must die near quick revive 4. Same as 2 but someone has to go down and get revived near quick revive 5. Get to wave 20 Idk which one does but those are the theories I heard, save you the trouble of looking it up =) Hope it helps
Q:My PC160 slows down when I run it for an hour or so. Its not over heating and my filters are clean, the hydraulic fluid and type is good.The cowd in and outand boom up and down is the most noticeable, but I'm sure the swing is affected by this seeins how everything is set based on the swing. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
might be the pressure relief valve on the pump when it gets hot? maybe a pinched/crushed hose that collapses when hot?
Q:Okay, i need some help with my deck (Blue/white ally mill)4Halimar Excavater4Jawri Shapeshifter3clone4hada freeblade4talus palidon4kazandu blademaster4join the ranks1Kabiral evangle4tome scour1(The card the gets rid of 13 cards from the top of target players librery/dont remember name)3(The card that gets rid of half of target players librery rounded down/dont remember name)12plains12islandsrate 1-10 i need help with the deck, it recently finished 2/10 in a FNM tournament
It would be best if you included the difficulties you encountered in the FNM tournament. That way, we can help you to address your problem. For U/W ally, rite of replication is a good addition. Please consider. Another thing, is that you need to be able to protect your halimar excavator. Please consider adding kabira evangel to your deck. Having 1 in your deck is not enough. You may need spells to protect halimar excavator. Drop traumatize (big casting cost). Archive Trap may be maintained. Tome Scour, remove. Replace it with ones that will protect your halimar excavator. Kazandu Blademaster, I'm concerned regarding its WW casting cost. If you're unlucky with your land draws, this may cause you problems. Kabira Evangel at 2W is a bit easier to cast. Ease of casting is essential. Jwari Shapeshifter is tricky to use. Use it well. During the first few turns, you have to decide between the following: - if you're early setup is dominantly white, game plan would be creature beatdown. make copies of lots of talus paladins. - if you're early setup is having 2 halimar excavators in play, make more copies of it then finish them of by casting join the ranks. At forums, I've seen other adding hedron crabs. It's not an ally, but easy first turn cast, if you have no hada freeblade in hand. Lastly, take note of the rules (from a friend) regarding the interaction of join the ranks and halimar excavators. Here's a scenario. - 2 halimar excavators in play after turn 3 - casting 1 join the ranks, hopefully at turn 4 Mill count is as follows: - 4 allies in play (after join the ranks) - 2 allies came into play (after join the ranks) - MILL = 2 allies into play * 2 halimar excavators * 4 allies total = 16
Q:Which is the most popular excavator on the Internet? What do you mean?
The usual method is to use, poker-faced to tell a story, and then at the end of the story to "mining" digging "buried" and other related words, then ask "mining technology which is stronger, then evolved into" the question ", which makes the use of the word. More extensive.

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