wheel excavator with long reach boom & arm

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Quick Details

  • Model Number: WYL80
  • Condition: New

  • Moving Type: Wheel Excavator

  • Operating Weight: 6600kg

  • Bucket capacity: 0.3m3

  • Maximum Digging Height: 6840mm

  • Maximum Digging Depth: 3520mm

  • Machine Weight: 6550kgs

  • Max Digging Radius: 6600mm

  • Certification: ISO9001

  • After-sales Service Provided: No overseas service provided

  • color: yellow

  • Length: 6265mm

  • Width: 2088mm

  • Height: 2985mm

  • Max.Track Force: 40kn

  • Min clearance: 195mm

  • The way of drive: 4WD

  • Engine Power/speed: 60/2600 (kw/rpm)

  • The Height of Cabin: 2985mm

  • Min Slewing Radius: 2900mm

WYL80 Wheel Excavator 
Model /WYL80
Operating Weight kg6600
Bucket Bucket Capacity m30.3
Overall Dimension  L*W*Hmm6265x2088x2985
Engine Model YN38GBZ
Rated PowerkW60
Rated Speed r/min2600
Hydraulic System Pressure Setting Working Setting        MPa20
Slewing MPa16
Flow L/min83.2
Operating Range Parameters            Max Digging Radius mm6765
Max Digging Depth mm3520
Max Vertical Digging Depth mm3380
Max Digging Height mm6840
Max Unloading Height mm4820
Performance Parameters  Max Digging Force kn40
Slewing Speed r/min10
The Height of Cabin mm2985
Min. Ground Clearance mm195
 Wheel Trend mm1670
Wheel Base mm2135
Tyre Size mm8.25-16
Min Slewing Radius mm2900



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Q:dawoe minie excavator?
Check out the Daewoo website... Happy Christmas
Q:If atheists are smarter then theists, then why cant an atheist build a pyramid like the Egyptians did?
Why would an atheist build a pyramid in 2013? Seems as redundent as this question
Q:Where is the throttle motor for the excavator?
The throttle motor position of each company may be different. There's a stupid way to help you. You can find it along the throttle line of the engine
Q:What are the skills of an excavator?
Q:My theory of Loch Ness?
it could have been some kind of sea dinosaur
Q:In MTG, if you have a Renegade Doppelganger on the battlefield and you put a Halimar Excavator into play...?
Previous answer is incorrect. If you have a Renegade Doppleganger already in play on the battlefield, and a Halimar Excavator comes into play, your opponent will put the top 4 cards of their library in the graveyard. Halimar excavator checks for another creature to resolve, and then becomes the creature until end of turn. Once Halimar Excavator resolves, it triggers the Doppleganer's effect, thus making 2 allies at the same time it enters the battlefield. The reason it causes 4 to mill and not two, is because they are both now ally creatures with When Halimar Excavator or another ally enters the battlefield under your control, target player puts top X cards of his or her library into the graveyard, where X is the number of allies you control. When Excavator resolves, you suddenly have 2. Each one mills for 2. Hope this helps, I just constructed a deck around that same strategy, enjoy.
Q:Is it possible to mine copper without using fossil fuels?
copper mining is no different than any other industrial operation. Primary mining equipment uses diesel fuel (haul trucks and excavators) and/or electricity (shovels and processing equipment--pumps, crushers, mills, conveyor belts, electrowinning). Many newer operations tend to no longer employ smelting, though smelting is still an important part of the global copper balance as a source of sulfuric acid required for heap leaching and general copper processing (copper sulfate). Some very clean and modernized legacy operations (Kennecott in Salt Lake) are great examples of a modern smelter--operated on a continuous basis for high efficiency (meaning CLEAN).
Q:what is the price of a 450 hitachi excavator?
Try okorder.com/
Q:Call of duty: Black Ops Zombies Moon?
depending on how many people you have the time may very from 30mines-2hours
Q:Help with blue/white ally mill deck?
I think you are focusing too much on non-ally-based mill here. The Excavators will do huge amounts of mill by themselves if left alone, and if not left alone, your opponent is leaving your beatsticks alone. So I'd ditch the Tome Scours, Archive Trap, and Traumatise. Instead of Tome Scour, go with 4 Ponder. Step down to 3 Talus Paladin. Go from 3 Clone to 2 Rite of Replication (kicked on an Excavator, it's a minimum 180 card mill). Then bump your Evangel count up to 4 and add in 3 Seagate Loremasters, or the Evangels to 3 and add 4 Ondu Clerics.

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