wheel excavator with long reach boom & arm

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Quick Details

  • Model Number: WYL80
  • Condition: New

  • Moving Type: Wheel Excavator

  • Operating Weight: 6600kg

  • Bucket capacity: 0.3m3

  • Maximum Digging Height: 6840mm

  • Maximum Digging Depth: 3520mm

  • Machine Weight: 6550kgs

  • Max Digging Radius: 6600mm

  • Certification: ISO9001

  • After-sales Service Provided: No overseas service provided

  • color: yellow

  • Length: 6265mm

  • Width: 2088mm

  • Height: 2985mm

  • Max.Track Force: 40kn

  • Min clearance: 195mm

  • The way of drive: 4WD

  • Engine Power/speed: 60/2600 (kw/rpm)

  • The Height of Cabin: 2985mm

  • Min Slewing Radius: 2900mm

WYL80 Wheel Excavator 
Model /WYL80
Operating Weight kg6600
Bucket Bucket Capacity m30.3
Overall Dimension  L*W*Hmm6265x2088x2985
Engine Model YN38GBZ
Rated PowerkW60
Rated Speed r/min2600
Hydraulic System Pressure Setting Working Setting        MPa20
Slewing MPa16
Flow L/min83.2
Operating Range Parameters            Max Digging Radius mm6765
Max Digging Depth mm3520
Max Vertical Digging Depth mm3380
Max Digging Height mm6840
Max Unloading Height mm4820
Performance Parameters  Max Digging Force kn40
Slewing Speed r/min10
The Height of Cabin mm2985
Min. Ground Clearance mm195
 Wheel Trend mm1670
Wheel Base mm2135
Tyre Size mm8.25-16
Min Slewing Radius mm2900



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man that truck was made for towing, as far as the trailer a regular car trailer aint gonna work, u should get a flat bed or a goose neck trailer
Q:I purchased a S corp thru a stock purchase agreement. Included in the corporation were 2 tractors and an excavator. Can I write-off any of my purchase price of this corporation? Tractors and excavator? They are part of the corporation.
You can depreciate them over their remaining useful lives at their market value when purchased.
Q:What's the average price, per square foot, to have a foundation dug out?
There is no such thing. Get a bid from an excavator. The price will reflect, among other things, how long it will take to do your job, which will depend on how deep, where you want the dirt put and what the ground is like.
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Q:My father won an auction on the internet for a really nice excavator that looks too good to be true. The seller wants us to pay him first before he delivers it to us. I was wondering if there was a form of payment similar to escrow, where we transfer the funds, but the seller does not get to access it until the equipment is in our hand and we approve of it.
I am assuming you bought this on Ebay. Paypal is the online OKorder account that acts as an escrow account. You put the money in, which notifies the seller. The seller delivers the product then can collect the money. If you do not receive the item, you can contact paypal and they take that money right back out of the seller's account. A credit card does exactly the same thing. If you don't get the property, you have 30 to 60 days to contest the charge and get the money right back. Hope this helps.
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