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1. Excellent Operation

The multi-function digital color monitor panel together with electromic fuel control allow the operator to select the best setting for a wide range of operations and hence maximising operatiing efficiency.

2. Ease of Maintenance

Service points are easily accessible for operator and service personnel. Centralised greasing for work equipment is standard equipment.

3. Superior Structure

The superior structure allows multiple work equipment configurations for wide range of applications.

4.Heavy Duty Undercarriage 

The Heavy Duty Long Crawler(HDLC) undercarriage is standard equipment on crawler excavator. HDLC undercarriage offers longer life, lower ground pressure and improved stability for all applications.

5. Operation Comfort

Adjustable operator seat for best operating position and comfort for operator. High capacity air-conditioner provides comfortable operating environment. Pilot actuated low effort controis designed for long hour operation and reduces operator fatigue.


Model TME623ELD
Operation WeightTon23.9
Standard Bucket Capacity m³0.6
Diesel Engine ManufacturerCummins
 Engine ModelB5.9-C
Engine PowerKW133
Hydraulic Flow RateL/MIN2x 224
Hydraulic PressureMpa32
Travelling Speed Km/h2.6- 4.6
Grade Climbing Capacity%65
Slewing Speedr/min13
Stick Digging ForcekN56
Bucket Digging ForcekN70
Overall Lengthmm11650
Overall Widthmm3000
Overall Height of Boommm3310
Overall Height of Cabmm2885
Overall Height to Engien Covermm2300
Counterweight Clearancemm1060
Ground Clearancemm4650
Upperstructure Widthmm2710
Rear End Swing Turning Radiusmm2940
Overall Track Lengthmm4510
Center Pitch Length of Track Tramemm3720
Gauge Widthmm2400
 Track Widthmm600
Ground PressureMpa0.046
Stick Lengthmm4400
Maximum Cutting Heightmm10410
Maximum Dumping Heightmm8040
Maximum Digging Depthmm9580
Maximum Reachmm12700

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Q:When did excavators first come out?.
In the current social construction, excavators are becoming more and more integrated with our daily life. The excavator is the earliest human or animal power for digging deep river dredger, bucket capacity is generally not more than 0.2~O.3 cubic meters. The first excavator manual has been developed for more than 130 years of history, has experienced a gradual development process of automatic hydraulic excavator driven by steam rotary bucket excavator to the internal combustion engine and electric drive rotary excavator, application of mechatronics technology during the. 2012-4-15 22:37:57 upload download attachment (7.39, KB)American Otis 1833~1836, the design and manufacture of the first steam engine, composite structure, semi rotary, rail mounted single bucket excavator, productivity is 35 cubic meters per hour, but because of poor economy without application. The improved steam shovel was formally produced in 1870s and applied to strip stripping. In 1880, the first semi - rotary steam shovel with tractors as the chassis appeared.From the early twentieth Century to the late 40s, excavators entered the stage of diversification of power and walking equipment.In 1910, there was the first motor driven single bucket excavator;In 1912, there was a full rotary single bucket excavator driven by gasoline engines and kerosene engines;In 1916, a single bucket excavator powered by diesel generators was produced;In 1924, diesel direct drives began to be used on single bucket excavators; crawler walking devices were introduced in 1910. With the development of the automobile industry, the tire walking device is widely used in small excavator.In 30s, a walking device appeared.Due to the application of hydraulic technology, a suspension excavator equipped with hydraulic backhoe was installed in the tractor in 1940s.
Q:Rule number ONE. Never mention offhanded glorified-tempjob websites like texasworkforce in your answer.They fail on an epic scale.Now. I need a job, I need one in San Antonio area within 10 miles of Converse.
I work for a power company that has plants in NE Texas. Pirkey Plant and Welsh Plant are both near Longview, TX. These are the closest ones to San Antonio that I know of.
Q:will a small backhoe/dozer level trees up to 8 inches around?
If your aim is to clear an acre, you should invest in a good chainsaw,preferably 18-20 inch bar.Once you have downed the trees, rent a stump grinder for a week (or more) and remove the stumps. Then rent the backhoe for the boulders. A backhoe is not the ideal choice for all of these assorted tasks.If you have never downed trees before, I would have some one along in case of an accident and to assist in lining up where you need to cut the tree to have it fall where you want it. Suggestions: to have a tree fall in the correct direction, take a walk around it to see which way it leans (if at all) and if there is anything in it's falling path (vehicles, people, etc). The proper way to do this is to make your first cut on the front side, this will be a V cut (falling side) up to 1/2 to 3/4 of the diameter of the tree. Then on the opposite side cut straight through to about 1 or 2 inches of the the first cut and move directly back away from the tree as it falls.Wear eye. ear, hand protection.
Q:is this a good Magic: The Gathering deck?
in my opinion i think you should just stick to one tribe and excel in it.
Q:What does a NAPA GOLD 1085 oli filter fit?
Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Vehicles (91-08), Mitsubishi Eclipse (95-99); Caterpillar 3 Series Excavators, 9 Series Loaders, Kubota you can find more specific applicatin info at NAPA filters website
Q:Finding probability in these questions?
1. x, for the number of excavators malfunctioning, takes on the values 0,1,2,3,4,5 p = .0594 q = 1 - p = .9406 2.. P(x=2) = 5C2* p^2 * q^3 = .02936 3. P(x<3) = P(0)+P(1)+P(2) = .73625+ .23248+ .02936 = .99809 4.Think of a reason where the malfunction of one causes problems for the others.
Q:Do excavators require strong insurance?
All companies can guarantee strong risk, strong insurance is compulsory national insurance clauses are the sameStrong insurance is mainly to claim the third, and when the third death, through the strong risk insurance claims maximum fifty thousand,Wounding occurred, the highest claims eight thousand, third property loss, claims two thousand (and the car is fully responsible for the case)
Q:How much does it cost in gas to run an excavator for 10hrs a day?
depends on the size, eg: 20tonne komatsu at what we call full load conditions, big bucket loading sand non stop will use about 12-15 litres/hr on a hot day with A/C on, oh then operator's wages, payment, tube of grease, blah, blah, blah
Q:Is a 67 gallon terrarium too big for a leopard gecko?
For two FEMALE adult leopard geckos, that's a good cage. Make sure you watch for bullying and make sure they're both getting enough to eat. Provide them with several different hides, as well, not just the 3 necessary hides (hot, cool, humid). I wouldn't recommend having the big branch in there, as they could fall and injure themselves. They do climb, but not very well. The excavator clay can also be a pain in the butt to work with. Not only is it messy, but it can collapse if it gets too dry and small amounts can still get ingested. Since it's clay, it can easily impact a leopard gecko even in small amounts. Stick to something solid such as tile, linoleum, vinyl, paper towels, newspaper, or butcher paper.
Q:What sized excavator should I rent?
You're only talking about 60cubic yards of material; you don't need an extremely large excavator for that amount. Even a small, tire-mounted backhoe should be able to easily handle that amount unless it is hard-packed clay, stone or oyster shell. I'm not talking about a terra-mite (a lawn mower with a backhoe attachment) but a decent sized John Deere, Case, Ford or Kubota with a backhoe. Of course, you can go all out and rent a smaller tracked excavator but there really isn't any reason to spend the extra money unless you just want to. They will make the work go quicker but the added expense is, in my opinion, not justified by the time saved. Good luck and enjoy!

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