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1. Excellent Operation

The multi-function digital color monitor panel together with electromic fuel control allow the operator to select the best setting for a wide range of operations and hence maximising operatiing efficiency.

2. Ease of Maintenance

Service points are easily accessible for operator and service personnel. Centralised greasing for work equipment is standard equipment.

3. Superior Structure

The superior structure allows multiple work equipment configurations for wide range of applications.

4.Heavy Duty Undercarriage 

The Heavy Duty Long Crawler(HDLC) undercarriage is standard equipment on crawler excavator. HDLC undercarriage offers longer life, lower ground pressure and improved stability for all applications.

5. Operation Comfort

Adjustable operator seat for best operating position and comfort for operator. High capacity air-conditioner provides comfortable operating environment. Pilot actuated low effort controis designed for long hour operation and reduces operator fatigue.

6. Safety

High visibility cabin with pull up front window for better viewing and ensures safe operation. Get in and out of the cabin and upper service area sfaely with the large hand rails. Emergency escape hatch is standard equipment for crawler excavator.

7. High Performance and Reliable Components

Industry proven high torque 6 sylinder diesel engine coupled with a reliable variable displacement hydraulic pump and load sensing hydraulic system ensure high performance and reliability.

Model TME621E
Operation WeightTon21
Standard Bucket Capacity m³0.9
Diesel Engine ManufacturerCummins
 Engine ModelB5.9-C
Engine PowerKW112
Hydraulic Flow RateL/MIN2x 224
Hydraulic PressureMpa32
Travelling Speed Km/h2.6- 4.6
Grade Climbing Capacity%65
Slewing Speedr/min13
Stick Digging ForcekN108
Bucket Digging ForcekN132
Overall Lengthmm9760
Overall Widthmm3000
Overall Height of Boommm3280
Overall Height of Cabmm2885
Overall Height to Engien Covermm2300
Counterweight Clearancemm1060
Ground Clearancemm465
Upperstructure Widthmm2710
Rear End Swing Turning Radiusmm2940
Overall Track Lengthmm4510
Center Pitch Length of Track Tramemm3720
Gauge Widthmm2400
 Track Widthmm600
Ground PressureMpa0.042
Stick Lengthmm2920
Maximum Cutting Heightmm9210
Maximum Dumping Heightmm6380
Maximum Digging Depthmm6570
Maximum Reachmm9970


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Q:Hi, i am creating a diy enclosure for my leopard gecko with a rock like substrate and walls using expanding foam. I would like to use a substrate to stick to the foam such as calci sand, childs play sand or zoo meds excavator clay.Impaction shouldnt be an issue as the substrate will be 'stuck' to the foam.Has anyone got any ideas as to which would look the best in a desert set up and whether it sounds as safe as i imagine?Many thanks
I used expanding foam in a similar fashion in a 100 gallon custom setup I did for dart frogs, only I used it to create a background and didn't use it on the bottom. Substrate won't stick well to the foam, and what the terrarium builders do who are building custom setups like this is to let the foam dry really well, then get some tubes of silicon in a caulking gun, and get some rubber gloves. Flip the aquarium onto its back gently so the back is now the bottom, and squirt out a bunch of the silicon and smear it around carefully covering the entire surface. Then as quickly as you can while the silicon is still very fresh, throw your sand (I would suggest calci sand or another digestible sand) all over it. Throw on more than you think you need, so it is well covered. when you flip the tank right side up all the excess sand will fall onto the bottom glass and you can either vacuum it out or you can use a small hand brush and small dust pan to get it out. This method works perfectly, and yes it does look very cool when it is all done.
Q:I can nnot find the peices anywhere! Can you help me?
Excavator parts can be found in , Wildwood Glen and Jaguar Temple. The mixer parts are in skytown skatepark and the crystal catacombs.(on the 3rd plateau 350 coins!
Q:Im doing a project on mercury a 5 page essay to be exact and i need loads of information on mercury. Specifically How is it obtained and processed from the earth, Where is it found, What is it like in its pure state, I also need to list qualitative and quantitative descriptions, state uses of the metal, are there toxic qualities associated with this metal, what is the cost per pound or ounce of it.
it is obtained by earth
Q:it's currently -30 degrees out, brother in-laws who owns the machine is out of town and cannot find the plug to prewarm the engine,
On the 312c it has a 3064T cat engine that doesn't use a block heater. It uses a circulation heater which is usually installed either on a heater hose, or on the lower radiator hose. Check the hoses to see if there is a cylinder or a box with a plug on it. If it doesn't have one, they are available at most equipment or automotive stores. You would have to know the inside diameter of the hose when you go to purchase a lower rad hose model. If it's going in a heater hose, they are a standard 5/8. Hope this helps you. Keep warm! Rob
Q:Why do excavators have gas caps?
There natural gas in mines
Q:NEW ORLEANS - Thieves hauled off $100,000 worth of heavy equipment that was being used to help build a Lower Ninth Ward memorial to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. A Bobcat excavator and a Bobcat T300 Skid Steer Loader, both of which require trailers or flatbed trucks to transport, were removed from the site sometime between midnight and 6:30 a.m. Saturday, construction company officials said.In the neighborhood that remains nearly pitch black at night almost a year after the levees failed, the equipment didn't last three days at the site.Can you really blame them???? Almost a year and no fucin homes put up and some assholes are tryin to build a memorial for the dead people (no disrespect) and sayin fuc the ones that are alive, I would have stole the equipment too. Why the hell are they even building a memorial in a town where anyone that its quot;SUPPOSEDquot; to be for isnt even there to see it because they are out of a home and jobs, what the fucs the purpose????
Dude, I guess I'd be pissed to, but unfortuneatly right now New Orleans is not the only place in America that's Fuced as you put it. And some people may want to remember their loved ones, People who are still alive have the option to leave, the deceased don't, have some respect for the dead
Q:Ok, so the simple quot;unbolt the rod end plate, slide out the ram and replace the sealquot; isnt quite what I'm looking for.The ram is on a JCB excavator and holds probably 10 or 20 litres of fluid (which I dont want to just throw on the floor), also its 15 feet up in the air.What I hope you will be able to tell me is method, like: 1 disconnect hydraulic couplings at the piston (plug pipe to digger unit. 2 connect manual hyraulic pump to expel fluid. 3 remove clevis pins... etc. etc how to bleed (if necesary)remember this thing is big, heavy and not easy to get at.
well you pretty much either going to have to manhandle it or used something as big to get it down to the ground taking it apart is about what you think not really much to any of them but the size..... but once you get the thing off just what the order the seals come out and pretty much replace the same way sorry replacing the seals is not hard its get it where you can work on it.... man ive done a few when i was logging and they all about the same will be o rings and packing seals.... im sure you can do it but get it on the ground
Q:ok here it is when you have an old horse and it passes away what do you do?do you call the police? how do you move it?what if you want it cremated?=-[ its a sad question but i need to know thank you
Some people bury or cremate the horse. Your vet should have some info on this. Other people, (depends how attached you are to this horse and how many you have room to bury) will call the dead truck. This is a service that comes and hauls your dead away (cattle, horses, etc) and I don't know roughly what the cost is. Your vet should have this number too. Lots of people just haul it out to the back 40 for coyote bait but again, it depends how attached you are to the horse. Myself, I don't mind leaving cattle out there but a horse is another story, I like to have them buried.
Q:31, 75 excavators
31, 75 excavators belong to crawler hydraulic excavators? high flow of main pump and faster movement? automatic high and low speed switching and automatic idle system with high efficiency and energy savingDesign of incremental counterweight and center of gravity forward, the stability of the whole vehicle is highGood coordination of complex movements and excellent floor performancehigh efficiencyDedicated imported engines, powerfulIn the same tonnage machine, the digging power is the strongestPower optimization control to improve operation efficiencyPrecise rotation controlAutomatic conversion between high and low speedAdvanced hydraulic system, stable and reliableFaster job speedLarge capacity bucketA new type of reinforced earth shovelRadius of gyration of super small machineHigh economyHigh efficiency and low fuel consumptiondynamic controlAutomatic idle systemMultiple work modesLower maintenance costsThree stage air filtrationLarge color display screenSpacious and comfortable operating environment
Q:LOL excavator how to play ah, great God taught some skills
Besides the early damage, your own personal Q or W, AQQEQ is the maximum damage, but not across the stakes, fish can go E, go to arthorn E wall to block your teammates and so on.Keywords: interrupted displacement. W priority excavator is very high, to you on the displacement, the vast majority is interrupted, such as arthorn E, NAR jump (hit fly can't jump), Q E (crocodile fish, with two Q, NAR) the blind, the opposite confident run down. Some of the high-end, you can even make small displacement transfer these non police directly stay around you. The rest is to leave your anger entirely on the opposite side. Blue punishment, look at the situation before giving.Finally, say, as long as you avoid the eye, the opposite is human, not God, can not always be able to prevent you from coming, so that the speed of light escape. As long as it can escape smoothly, the displacement length of the excavator E is difficult to escape.GANK blue side, big frog, F4, stone jump out; GANK red side, on the road slightly, F4, down the frog jumped out. These eyes can hardly be seen. After cutting, it is the art of interrupting movement, and perfect output. If it doesn't die, it's not your problem.

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