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1. Excellent Operation

The multi-function digital color monitor panel together with electromic fuel control allow the operator to select the best setting for a wide range of operations and hence maximising operatiing efficiency.

2. Ease of Maintenance

Service points are easily accessible for operator and service personnel. Centralised greasing for work equipment is standard equipment.

3. Superior Structure

The superior structure allows multiple work equipment configurations for wide range of applications.

4.Heavy Duty Undercarriage 

The Heavy Duty Long Crawler(HDLC) undercarriage is standard equipment on crawler excavator. HDLC undercarriage offers longer life, lower ground pressure and improved stability for all applications.

5. Operation Comfort

Adjustable operator seat for best operating position and comfort for operator. High capacity air-conditioner provides comfortable operating environment. Pilot actuated low effort controis designed for long hour operation and reduces operator fatigue.


Model TME623ELB
Operation WeightTon24.1
Standard Bucket Capacity m³0.55
Diesel Engine ManufacturerCummins
 Engine ModelB5.9-C
Engine PowerKW133
Hydraulic Flow RateL/MIN2x 224
Hydraulic PressureMpa32
Travelling Speed Km/h2.6- 4.6
Grade Climbing Capacity%65
Slewing Speedr/min13
Stick Digging ForcekN50
Bucket Digging ForcekN64
Overall Lengthmm13150
Overall Widthmm3000
Overall Height of Boommm3320
Overall Height of Cabmm2885
Overall Height to Engien Covermm2300
Counterweight Clearancemm1060
Ground Clearancemm465
Upperstructure Widthmm2710
Rear End Swing Turning Radiusmm2940
Overall Track Lengthmm4510
Center Pitch Length of Track Tramemm3720
Gauge Widthmm2400
 Track Widthmm600
Ground PressureMpa0.047
Stick Lengthmm5200
Maximum Cutting Heightmm12190
Maximum Dumping Heightmm9800
Maximum Digging Depthmm11600
Maximum Reachmm15000


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