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Mining Excavator

Mining Excavator

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Tianjin Port
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100 Units per Month unit/month

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Product Name: Mining Excavator


1.       Technical Parameter

Engine model

Cummins QSM11-C335


Water cooling, 4 stroke


Turbo charging, air intercooler

Cylinder amount


Cylinder bore

Piston displacement


Speed controller

Electronic, whole process speed control



Rated revs


Fuel system

Direct injection

Max. torque


Lubrication system

Gear pump forced lubrication


Full flow type

Air filter

(double element, dust discharge and dust indicator) dry type

Hydraulic torque converter


Single stage, 2 phase, 3 elements


2.       Product feature of mining Excavator

Mining Excavator is mainly used in underground mine, particularly for transporting excavated rock. It can also be used for the construction of railway, highways, water conservancy and other tunnel projects. It is particularly suitable for poor working conditions, narrow operating site, low and muddy operating surface.  

This machine employs DEUTZ air-cooled low-pollution engine which is advanced in today’s world and is deployed with dry-type platinum exhaust cleaner and silencer provided by ECS.

Its transmission system uses hydraulic torque converter and power-shift transmission provided by DANA and thus it boasts light, convenient control, and smooth operation. The vehicle’s hydraulic system mainly adopts the components provided by parker. The well-designed main frame structure ensures ruggedness and high efficiency.

Braking system uses full-hydraulic two-line mechanism, and comes equipped with fully enclosed multiple wet discs brake and ON-SPIN limited-slip differential for safe and reliable operation in poor environments with high moisture content or on muddy roadways. It is designed with full hydraulic steering and manual control.


mining excavator

mining excavator


3.       Delivery of Mining Excavator

This model could be shipped by Bulk Vessel or Roll-on roll-off vessel.


4.  Primary Competitive Advantages

1) Brand-name Parts

2) Country of Origin

3) Competitive Price

4) Good Product Performance

5) Prompt Delivery

6) Quality Approvals

7) Good Reputation

8) Expedite Communication

9) Good Packaging

10) Distributorships Offered

11) One Step Service

12) Good Quality Service

13) Small Orders Accepted

14) Overseas Service Branches


Q:We're in Western PA, and have a steel 16X 32' inground pool with a vinyl liner that's about 16 years old. Between replacing the liner, water under the liner, broken heater, movement of the concrete surrounding the pool, replacing the electrical box, the cost of opening and closing the pool, chemicals, fencing repairs, etc. it's a bottomless money pit. I'd like to get a price for having the whole thing just taken out and going back to grass. A realtor friend said that the pool doesn't add much value, especially with utility prices going higher. (Our town has also built a great community pool). Our pool guy and the pool store say they don't know who removes pools. Any suggestions?
Call your city's building inspector for ideas.
Q:Can you dig down straight always in the same diameter? I mean if you dig down in 10x10, will you end digging in 10x10?Only theoretically. Only serious answers.
Do you mean a rectangular, 10 x 10 hole? If so: No... at least not very deep. The excavation wall in most earth materials loses structural stability, and so excavation below some practical depth must be sloped to prevent failure. Even in a very competent rock, you cannot go very deep... I'm also neglecting the practicalities of the usual excavation equipment, like a backhoe or excavator, which are limited by the mechanical-arm length and geometry. I guess if you wanted to dig a 10 x 10 hole by HAND (or jackhammer or something), and you progressively reinforced the excavation walls above you as you went, then yes, I suppose you could go pretty deep. OSHA might have something to say about it, but I'm being theoretical as you asked, or semi-theoretical. Now, if you are DRILLING, so that your circular boring is 10 units (inches, feet, whatever) in diameter, then your hole stays more or less the same diameter, although there is wallow-out at the top, and maybe some small percentage of variability throughout- depending on the competence of the earth-material. Even then, you would case a deep boring to prevent wall-failure when you withdraw the augers. What you case it with depends upon your purpose- steel, PVC, cast in-place concrete, whatever. There are also cool boring machines that can drill lovely, round holes of consistent diameter through rock. There's probably plenty of other tech that I'm not experienced or familiar with with, too.
Q:Creatures - 244 - Qasali Pridemage 4 - Hada Freeblade 4 - Halimar Excavator 4 - Jwari Shapeshifter 3 - Graypelt Hunter 3 - Kazandu Blademaster 2 - Harabaz Druid Planeswalkers - 2 2 - Ajani Goldmane Support Spells - 84 - Aether Tradewinds 2 - Summoning Traps 2 - Marshal's Anthem Non-Basic Land - 142 - Celestial Colonnade 2 - Stirring Wildwood 4 - Seaside Citadel 2 - Halimar Depths 4 - Terramorphic ExpanseBasic Land - 12 4 - Forest 4 - Island 4 - PlainsSide Board 4 - Kazuul Warlords 4 - Jungleshrine 4 - Lightning Bolt 3 - Join The Ranks
the one thing i could suggest is replace Marshal's Anthem with Honor of the pure. Yes i know the kicker ability is nice but sepending on how your game goes you may or may not want to use the kicker and Honor of the pure is cheaper mana wise. and i know multi coloured decks are fun but if your big plan is to just Mill your opponent with Excavator / shapeshifter (at least i presume thats your plan) why not just go with a blue deck or if you want to keep it multi coloured pick blue/something else that way you might speed up your opponents defeat a little. Because if you dont draw your excavator when you want your opponent will not be overly threatened. anywho just suggestions but otherwise an ok deck.
Q:excavator KOMATSU (DEMAG) H241 is excessive consumption of fuel ,what's the renson ? I just change the bucket lip .
Umm, because it's an excavator.
Q:Caterpillar said Friday it was shifting production of small tractors and excavators from its Sagami, Japan plant to the United States.The world's leading construction equipment maker said it will build a new $200 million facility near...Toyota announced on February 8 it will move remaining production of its Highlander crossover sports utility vehicle from Japan to Indiana, creating 400 US jobs.
Both parties are for returning critical manufacturing to the North American Content. Tho I am sure they will both put on a show for us. And do some stupidness name calling. Reason we are entering a cold war era with China. And that,that is critical to war production will be rebuilt here. As China can well block shipping lanes from Asia. It will be slow. Unless things cool down. Or fast if they heat up. And Japan don't want all its eggs in one basket there. But we the commoner can but wait and see. And listen in awe at the words that will be said.
Q:I need a second person to sweep up my droppings and 2 more to help shovel beans rice into my mouth. These jobs are shovel ready people! Let's move!
We could hire a crew of excavators to dig you out of the National treasury too!
Q:i'm not dealing with engineering line. This might soubds like a stupid question to ask. But i just need to know. Hope you can help me to sort it out. Thanks alot.
For this particular case I would say both but more towards mechanical engineering. Excavator bucket involves in geology which is civil engineer major.
Q:the other owner has occupied the property up until june of 2012, then he went to prison his half he has a loan out of 152,000 dollars. We have occupied the house since he went to prison paying all the bills but he has not made payments on his loan, or payed the taxes as promised. when he went to prison he signed over all assets he has excavator's and log trucks the house is worth over 425,000 and he owes at least 80,000 grand in contract with us from payments we previously made.? we were served with a summons from the bank. Does Adverse possesion apply?
You'll have to pay the loans because they used your house as collateral. Pay or lose the house. You can sue the other owner when he gets out of prison.
Q:Excavator hydraulic oil how much?
You need to see the model. 6T's about 5 barrels, 8T's 6 barrels. 14T 20T 8 barrels 8-9 barrels, added to the hydraulic oil observation holes on the scale between the line, the premise is placed in good posture, check the hydraulic oil, oil cylinder, all contraction end, arm down, small arm out, the bucket.
Q:I would like to demolish a small house and garage on my property and want to rent a excavator for the day. Is this something I could do myself? I live in Ma.
ask the people that rent the excavator, they should know.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Luoyang,henan
Year Established
Annual Output Value ¥25 billion
Main Markets China;Southeast Asia;Middle East;Russia;Africa;South America
Company Certifications ISO9001;GOST;CCC

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin
Export Percentage 0.35
No.of Employees in Trade Department 5
Language Spoken: English
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 500acres
No. of Production Lines 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range ¥350000-450000

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