Mining Excavator

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Product Description:

Product Name: Mining Excavator


1.       Technical Parameter

Engine model

Cummins QSM11-C335


Water cooling, 4 stroke


Turbo charging, air intercooler

Cylinder amount


Cylinder bore

Piston displacement


Speed controller

Electronic, whole process speed control



Rated revs


Fuel system

Direct injection

Max. torque


Lubrication system

Gear pump forced lubrication


Full flow type

Air filter

(double element, dust discharge and dust indicator) dry type

Hydraulic torque converter


Single stage, 2 phase, 3 elements


2.       Product feature of mining Excavator

Mining Excavator is mainly used in underground mine, particularly for transporting excavated rock. It can also be used for the construction of railway, highways, water conservancy and other tunnel projects. It is particularly suitable for poor working conditions, narrow operating site, low and muddy operating surface.  

This machine employs DEUTZ air-cooled low-pollution engine which is advanced in today’s world and is deployed with dry-type platinum exhaust cleaner and silencer provided by ECS.

Its transmission system uses hydraulic torque converter and power-shift transmission provided by DANA and thus it boasts light, convenient control, and smooth operation. The vehicle’s hydraulic system mainly adopts the components provided by parker. The well-designed main frame structure ensures ruggedness and high efficiency.

Braking system uses full-hydraulic two-line mechanism, and comes equipped with fully enclosed multiple wet discs brake and ON-SPIN limited-slip differential for safe and reliable operation in poor environments with high moisture content or on muddy roadways. It is designed with full hydraulic steering and manual control.


mining excavator

mining excavator


3.       Delivery of Mining Excavator

This model could be shipped by Bulk Vessel or Roll-on roll-off vessel.


4.  Primary Competitive Advantages

1) Brand-name Parts

2) Country of Origin

3) Competitive Price

4) Good Product Performance

5) Prompt Delivery

6) Quality Approvals

7) Good Reputation

8) Expedite Communication

9) Good Packaging

10) Distributorships Offered

11) One Step Service

12) Good Quality Service

13) Small Orders Accepted

14) Overseas Service Branches


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Q:This is the link of a cake that i found. I am wondering if anyone has any other ideas of a cake. i like this type of cake, you know where its not in a quot;regualr cake shapequot; I am seeking any and all of your ideas.. Thanks for all that helps Not sure if the link will show on here.. Search for quot;Edible Excavatorquot; thanks a bunches all
There are a lot of cool cakes out there on the internet. You can go to kraft kitchen, and they have recipes and videos to show you how to make kids cakes. The cake you were looking at is a cute cake, but I wonder how many people it serves, maybe try making a train.
Q:hi,does anyone know how to find excavator driving jobs in canada,i am a qualified operator of 15yrs?
Hi there! If you are from out of Canada, I HIGHLY suggest that you concentrate on the Fort McMurray area. I know of several companies that are hiring workers from the USA, and from other countries. Many of these jobs are union, but there are a few that are non-umion. A lot of these jobs have camps to live in. Others pay sub......X amount of $$$ a day.....and you find a room to live in town for 1000.00 a month, plus buy and cook all your time is 2-3 hours a day to site, you're better off in camp. I would look up every heavy machinery co. in ft. mac......... there is a lawyers office in Fort McMurray that specializes in immigration regarding employment. Hope this helps.
Q:Okay it's finally time for my to get my CDL (Commercial Drivers License) because now my boss requires it as I'm a heavy equipment operator however I use to pay my friend to haul my excavator to job sites for me. but he recently got into an accident and I honestly have no experience driving a semi-truck yet a lone a flat bed semi... how hard is it to drive one and reverse one? I'm nervous but heard from my friend that it was easy just took awhile because of the 8-hour classes + refresher classes after you take breaks from trucking.but I don't know how to drive semi-trucks! so I don't know if I will be able to get my CDL (Class A) are there schools that can teach me?
My brother got his CDL for a gas company by doing it a local class. Just search online and find a class near you. He had absolutely 0 experience driving anything but a car. I think it will cost a couple grand but its worth it, people with their CDL are above and beyond everyone else!
Q:I have two mechanics working on two Isuzu E120 engine (one spare) to be fitted onto Hitachi EX400 excavator. Here's the problem, both of them gave me two different firing order.Mechanic A: 1-5-6-3-2-4Mechanic B: 1-4-2-6-3-5I think i just realized something ... instead of clockwise, can it turn anti clockwise? because the engine is designed to go anticlockwise the numbers would make sense now.
If it's a 3.1 or 3.2 V6, order should be 123456, where #1 is 1st cylinder on the left when standing in front of engine.
Q:any mx track builders in ohio?
Any excavator can do the job, but you would have to draw them some ideas because they tend to follow instructions rather than just build me a track. My friend built his own awesome mx track after renting a backhoe.
Q:I was wondering what other states call their Underground Utility Locator Service. By the way, JULIE=Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators
louisiana one call
Q:so i was out in the middle of the woods and saw this hitachi excavator; ZAXIS-3 series Short rear-end swing versionanyhow i started it for fun. then i tried turning the key off and i took the key out and it wouldn't turn off the engine it kept going. so i tried everything with turning the keys and i tried taking off the batteries but they are locked in this door thing so i can't get to them. how the hell do i turn this thing off. i found an emergency shutoff switch but it was long can it idle before something happens. will it blow up after a week? or run out of gas (it had a half a tank left)
Hitachi Backhoe
Q:Thanks for reading. I've wanted to participate in an Archeological dig since college after taking two classes on the subject. Any suggestions on where/how I could get involved with a dig as an amateur? Preferably somewhere warm of course.
This site will give you a place to click on sites available for archaeological digs. The Smithsonian Institution Magazine often lists some possibilities as well.
Q:How many kinds of excavators are there?
Types of excavators:According to the driving mode, the excavator can be divided into an internal combustion engine driven excavator and an electric drive excavator;According to the size of the scale, excavators can be divided into large excavators, medium-sized excavators, small excavators;According to the way of walking, the excavator can be divided into crawler excavator and wheeled excavator;
Q:I am going to buy a weatherby vanguard with a Barska? 8 - 32x50 mm Illuminated Long - range Excavator Scope. I have not decided whether to get a .308 or a .223 i can get both round for 15 cents a round. I will be doing nothing but target shooting at 500 yards + so knock down power has no effect on my decision .I am deciding on the pure fact of accuracy.any advice appreciated thank you.
If you're shooting for accuracy at 500 yards or more, you aren't getting ammo in either caliber for 15 cents a round, not even if you handload it yourself. The .308 will be less effected by wind at those distances, and a good round (not a 15 cent round) will be more consistent, if not necessarily more accurate.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Luoyang,henan
Year Established
Annual Output Value ¥25 billion
Main Markets China;Southeast Asia;Middle East;Russia;Africa;South America
Company Certifications ISO9001;GOST;CCC

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin
Export Percentage 0.35
No.of Employees in Trade Department 5
Language Spoken: English
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 500acres
No. of Production Lines 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range ¥350000-450000
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