4wd Chinese mini garden tractors for sale low price

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China main port
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1 set
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1000 set/month

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Product Description:

Quick details

ondition: New

Type: Wheel Tractor

By wheel: 4WD

Usage: Farm Tractor

Drive Type: Gear Drive

Power(W): 33.8

Certificate: CE

Model Number: 464

Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

After-sales Service Provided: Overseas third-party support available

Color: as u like

Cabin or canopy: optional

Engine: YTO or Perkins

Specifications of the products:

Chinese mini tractors 
Various attachments 
Hydraulic steering 
factory price,quality assured 

4wd Chinese mini garden tractors for sale low price

4wd Chinese mini garden tractors for sale low price

4wd Chinese mini garden tractors for sale low price


1.How about the shipment?

You can put 3 sets of of wheel loaders in one 40HQ container. The spare parts are packed with boxes.

The delivery time is 20 days. 

2. What about your service?

Our quality ensurance time is 12 months. 

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