Wood Grasping Machine 360 Degree Swing Caught Diameter

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Product Description:

Quick Details

Type: Grasping machine

Use: Agriculture, crops, sugarcane, wood, timber, steel

Certification: ISO9001:2008

Model Number: YGL60-1000 grasping machine

Condition: New

Machine weight: 4720kg

Engine Power: 47kw/2400rpm

Max Grasping weight: 1000kg

Fixture width: 840mm

Overall Dimension: 4700*2210*2630mm

Back-end swing radius: 1780mm

Max gripping diameter radius: 4600mm

Max loading height: 5700mm

Max vertical uninstall height: 5000mm

Max clamping force: 36kn


Technical Parameters for grasping machine   


Multifunctional Grasping Installed Machine





Engine Power(kw)


Engine Speed(rpm)


Overall Dimensions(L*W*H)(mm):



Fixture Width(mm)


Performance Parameters

Travel Speed(km/h):


Swing Speed(rpm):


Operation Range

Max Grasping weight(kg)


Back-end swing radius(mm)


Max Gripped Diameter radius(mm)


Max loading height(mm)


Max Vertical uninstalled height(mm)


Max Clamping Force(kn)


Mini turning radius(mm)


Max Caught diameter(mm)


Hydraulic System

Rated Pressure(mpa):


Wheel Tread(mm)

Front 1910  Back 1700

Wheel Base(mm)



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AMD FX 8-Core Processor Black Edition wayy better than intel

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