7 ton Hydraulic hammer mini excavator with air conditioning

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Quick Details

Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: YOREINT

Model Number: WY75

Condition: New

Moving Type: Crawler Excavator

Operating Weight: 6310kg

Bucket capacity: 0.25m3

Maximum Digging Height: 5840mm

Maximum Digging Depth: 3970mm

Machine Weight: 6310kg

Max Digging Radius: 6400mm

Rated Speed: 1.9/3.7 km/h

Certification: ISO9001:2008

After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Engine Model: Yuchai YC4F60Z

Engine Power: 43kw/2200rpm

Back-end swing radius: 1770mm

Overall Dimension: 6200*2050*2660mm

Max unloading height: 3920mm

Rotation speed: 10 r/min

Hydraulic system pressure: 21.5 Mpa

Track shoe width: 400mm

Manufacturing date: 2014 brand-new

Shipping method: 40'OT; frame container; Ro-Ro ship



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Q:My excavator is KOMATSU PC650,the bucket is vulnerable to wear after changed . How could I choose a right one
Wow u killed a bucket they should outlast the machine if properly cared for. Have u ever had the bucket rewelded with build up wire so you r wearing the weld rather than the bucket? Its very simple all you need is an inexpesive mig welder and a couple of rolls of build up wire and weld x's all over the contact patch of your bucket.
Q:Where can I find reviews and opinions online for CAT Excavator
My Three-Year Old's Favorite Toy Right Now My wife and I purchased this differ for my son's third birthday. He loved the diggers at nearby playgrounds and a digger was his number one wish for his birthday. The tractor wheels don't really make the digger super mobile, but they do make for a very stable base and, even more importantly, they make this digger look even more like a real tractor, which my son loves. I was a little concerned that my son would be too small for this digger or that it would be tipsy, but was pleased to find out that it works great for him and he's had no accidents on it. The digger has a red plate that locks it in the upright position. It has a tendency to lock the digger in that position unintentionally and my son isn't coordinated enough to hold the digger upright with one hand and unlock it with the other so I just removed the locking plate, which was easy. I was a little concerned that he might pinch something (Ouch!) in the joint that was then left uncovered but this hasn't been an issue. All in all, a great purchase. If your 3-5 year-old is even remotely interested in trucks, tractors or digging he or she is sure to love it.
Q:So I got a new job and today was my first day. It was horrible, I got no training and it is a pretty dangerous job, it's installing sewer and drainage piping. I don't mind hard work, but I had no idea what to do and felt useless. My co workers are either assholes or idiots. My foreman is nice, but he hasn't trained me to do anything and expects me to figure everything out on my own.So I'm thinking of just not showing up tomorrow. I got a call about another job today and did not answer because it wasn't safe to do so at the time, but they left a message and asked me to call back, so I think I will tomorrow. Thoughts?Also I can't go in tomorrow and call about the other job because I'm always in a trench with excavators all around.
you'll get the hang of it, give it a chance .. most crews like that are pretty tight almost like family on the job .. theyre just feeling you out .. jump in and work with them i bet it will get better after a week or two and you'll find your 'place' in the crew and will feel alot better about it ....
Q:He works outside as an excavator he doesn't want anything fancy, he wants something durable and I don't know anything about it. but before I go to the jewlery store I want to know I am doing this right LOL
Like Nova Queen said, my husband also has a tungsten band. He did a LOT of research because he works in the automotive industry and wanted something that was going to be durable. He loves his ring. Also, like Nova Queen said, they are easy to cut off in an emergency. You can always ask your jeweler what they recommend, metals and alloys are changing on a regular basis! Also, look at the style of the band because he's gotta like that too ( = Good luck!
Q:i'm not dealing with engineering line. This might soubds like a stupid question to ask. But i just need to know. Hope you can help me to sort it out. Thanks alot.
For this particular case I would say both but more towards mechanical engineering. Excavator bucket involves in geology which is civil engineer major.
Q:I need some work done and none of the excavators call me back. I'm thinking about buying one and doing some part time work with it if the demand is so high they wont return calls.
Backhoe work can be expensive. I feel fortunate that we have a guy in the area that does this work at a reasonable fee. He is a farmer first, then does backhoe work on the side when he has time. He doesn't even have a set price per hour, and is very bashful about asking for much at all when he has the job done. Last time I hired him I had a six foot burried hydrant replaced in the burried water system going between buildings. He worked about an hour to ninety minutes and I paid him $30 - $40. Contractors can be a very independent bunch. Look for someone in your area that either 'moonlights' or does this type of work as a hobby rather than tries to make a living at it. As far a buying a back hoe for your own use, be careful. These are high maintenance machines and you might be purchasing some else's problems. Cylinders and other components can very quickly cost you several hundred dollars should you have a failure, or need to work on it. Good luck,
Q:Stumps, 3ft diameter rocks, plenty of large pines, etc. Cleared, leveled and made ready to turn into a yard... any idea? Heard somewhere around $8,000 an acre.... Any excavators or landscape construction or loggers/ landowners inputs would be appreciated.
contact ur real estate agent
Q:Hi not sure if this is the movie bullitt or not but it has a really long police chase, at the end the police line up excavators and bulldozers across the road and the guy being chased rather than stopping, slams straight into them? So is this bullitt? Or another movie? Cheers
You okorder /
Q:We built our own house two years ago and moved in April 2008. We had the excavators back-fill after inspections. Since then the soil has been settling down to the point now I can see the top of the tar on the foundation. How long does this continue? It seems to have slowed down this past year, but it has messed up my plans of planting around my house. I want to put more dirt around the foundation to build it back up where it is suppose to be, but then I'd have to wait on that to settle. That is a lot of dirt. I'm debating on doing it myself or have the excavator come back in and do it for me.
Ground Settling
Q:What kind of excavator is trong?
It's built in Shandong, JCM.Excavator: excavator is a kind of special engineering vehicle, which is composed of rotating platform, large shovel and mechanical arm.

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