Earth Moving Excavator : FR60 high quality

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Product Description:

1. Variable power, low fuel consumption, and clean emissions which meet the American EPA Tier2.  Standard and the European EU Standard; low vibration, low noise which will be good for the enviroment and staff.
2. Advanced hydraulic system which will make sure the working devices can be coordinated with each other during complex operation in any case.
3. Control system which is designed ergonomically will make it more comfortable to operate and more easy for the driver to  get in and out.
4. Convenient maintenance.
5. Advanced hydraulic control system which will provide perfect driving manipulation.
6. Structural parts with high strength which will make sure that the digging force can be brought into play powerfully.
7. Spacious driving view, comfortable operability and ultra low noise.
8. Optimized job parameters of the working devices which will make sure the larger excavation area in case of sufficient strength.
9. Lengthened bucket rod and buckets of different capacity can be selected as the mating to adapt to different working conditions.

Main Parameters

Operation Weight (Standard Configuration) (KN) 5730

Standard Bucket Capacity 0.18

Transport Dimensionsmm 6010*1880*2650

Bucket Digging Force (KN) 42

Bucket Rob Digging Force (KN) 31

Maximum Traction (KN) 52.8


High-low Speed (Km/h) 4.5/3.0

Climbing Performance(°) 30

Total Length of the Crawler 2550

Tail Turning Radius (mm) 1600

Width of the Crawler 400

Ground Pressure (Kpa) 32

Turning Mechanism

Turning Speed (rpm) 10.2


Model 4TNV94L-SFN Yanmar 4TNV94L-SFN

Form Four Cylinders, Direct Injection, Naturally Aspirated, Water-cooling

Rated Power/Rotate Speed (KW/rpm) 39/2200

Rated Torque/Rotate Speed (N.m/rpm) 218/1000

Cylinder Diameter*Stroke (mm) 94*110

Output Value (L) 3.054

Fuel Consumption (g/KW.h) 235

Hydraulic System

Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 120

Main Pump Pressure (Mpa) 24.5

Main Pump Flow 135

Operating Scope

Maximum Digging Height (mm) 5330

Maximum Dumping Height (mm) 3640

Maximum Digging Depth (mm) 3935

Maximum Digging Radius (mm) 6110

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Q:Which excavator school in Shijiazhuang is good?
Practice lesson: dig various ways of unloading soil, Lou Ping in various ways, simple slot skills.2, excavator basic class enhanced class 45 daysTheory course: on the basis of a month, increase the hydraulic circuit replacement technology.Practice lesson: on the basis of one month, increase the practice of leveling and forehand operation.3, excavator intermediate class, 75 daysTheory course: study the whole content of one and a half months, increase the work of hydraulic component, the working principle of hydraulic pump, the fault judgment of engine, the hydraulic principle, the fault judgment of the system, the periodic maintenance of excavator.Practice class: learning a half course, increase the ground leveling, super deep, super wide loading technology, groove mining, climbing downhill, up and down carts, trimming slope repair and use broken technology.4, excavator senior class 150 days
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That particular one is a Bobcat skid-steer loader. The name bobcat is often applied to all brands of skid-steer loaders. The Bobcat is very dangerous if used incorrectly. The seatbelt and a hardhat are mandatory. If you don't use them, your head will be smashed into the top of the roll cage if you try to lift something that's too heavy or immovable. that's because the bucket will remain stationary and the Bobcat will tip forwards. It's an exciting ride if you have the hardhat, and a fractured skull if you do not.
Q:is there a wheel loader / excavator job vacaancy in guam?
This is not the right forum for your question.Google for it and you will find several sites.
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Q:Why do excavators use such complicated drive motors ?
Actually, the drive system is relatively simple. You have a single engine running a hydraulic pump, and two hydrostatic drive motors on the track system that propel the machine. Beyond that you have two control handles that are tied into the main hydraulic valves with either electronic controls or pilot hydraulics that open and close valves to move the hoe. There are a lot of hoses, but the system itself is really pretty simple in design once you understand it.
Q:BEST ANSWER!! What are some things that use pneumatic and hydraulic systems? :(?
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Q:Modern 305-7 excavator oil consumption per hour, how many liters oil full load?
Modern 305-7 excavator oil consumption 0.2 liters / horsepower * hour full load.Excavator, also called excavating machinery, is a kind of earthmoving machine that uses bucket to excavate material that is higher than or lower than the machine surface and is loaded into transportation vehicle or unloaded to the stacker. Excavators are mainly made of soil, coal, sediment, and soil and rocks that have been pre - loosened.
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