Earth Moving Excavator high quality FR330

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Product Description:

1. Isuzu high power engine imported with original packaging achieves the lowest fuel consumption among excavators of the same tonnage. The rated power is 18. 4. Kw;
2. New technology is adopted in the hydraulic system, which can minimize the loss in the energy conversion process and improve the utilization rate of fuel oil;
3. Enhanced working device design, adopting cast-weld structure of low welding stress, excellent effect of absorbing vibration and high strength;
4. All parameters of the excavator are improved compared with excavators of the same tonnage. Durability, reliability and convenience of maintaining are enhanced to show excellent working performance. The excavator is a product paying attention to both working conditions and environmental protection.

Technical parameters

Main Parameters

Operation Weight (Standard Configuration) (KN) 33600

Standard Bucket Capacity 1.4

Transport Dimensionsmm 11234*3205*3343

Bucket Digging Force (KN) 227

Bucket Rob Digging Force (KN) 214

Maximum Traction (KN) 262


High-low Speed (Km/h) 5.5/3.3

Climbing Performance(°) 30

Total Length of the Crawler 4620

Tail Turning Radius (mm) 3410

Width of the Crawler 600

Ground Pressure (Kpa) 59.6

Turning Mechanism

Turning Speed (rpm) 12.2


Model A-6HK1XQP Isuzu AA-6HK1XQP

Form Four Strokes, Water-cooling, Straight, Turbocharger, Inter Cooling

Rated Power/Rotate Speed (KW/rpm) 181-184/2000

Rated Torque/Rotate Speed (N.m/rpm) 872.8/1700

Cylinder Diameter*Stroke (mm) 115*125

Output Value (L) 7.79

Fuel Consumption (g/KW.h) 236.6

Hydraulic System

Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 586

Main Pump Pressure (Mpa) 31.4/34.3

Main Pump Flow 280*2

Operating Scope

Maximum Digging Height (mm) 10210

Maximum Dumping Height (mm) 7140

Maximum Digging Depth (mm) 7380

Maximum Digging Radius (mm) 11100

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