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To operate a roller, you typically start by familiarizing yourself with the controls and safety features of the machine. Once you have done that, you would start the engine and ensure all systems are functioning properly. Then, you would carefully drive the roller to the desired work area, making sure to follow any specific instructions or guidelines for the job. Once in position, you would engage the roller drum and begin rolling over the surface, using the appropriate speed and pressure to achieve the desired compaction. It's important to maintain good visibility and be aware of any obstacles or hazards during operation. After finishing the task, you would properly shut down the roller, clean it if necessary, and perform any required maintenance.

Pavers work by interlocking individual units together to create a durable and stable surface. They are laid on a base of sand or gravel, and the interlocking design prevents them from shifting or separating. This allows for flexibility, easy maintenance, and the ability to withstand heavy loads and different weather conditions.

Skid steer attachments work by utilizing the hydraulic system of the skid steer loader. The attachment is connected to the loader using a quick attach mechanism, allowing for easy and efficient swapping between different attachments. The hydraulic system then powers the attachment, providing the necessary force and control for various tasks such as digging, lifting, sweeping, and more. The operator can control the attachment's movements using the skid steer's joystick controls, enabling precise operation and versatility in different applications.

There are several different types of pile extraction equipment used in construction, including hydraulic pile extractors, vibratory hammers, impact hammers, and pile jacks.

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