Mini crawler excavators WY15 0.05m 3 and 1.5ton

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Q:Who can tell me about Doosan and Sunward Intelligent excavator which good? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
Doosan used Korean goods, but also cheap, that is, bad quality, old and bad
Q:How about Xugong excavator?
First of all to the upstairs is not equal to the correct xuwa while in Xuzhou but Xugong Xugong is state-owned enterprises xuwa is a private enterprise by personal feeling is good after all, and Carter cooperation for many years, compared to 31 this is definitely my family a Xugong a 31
Q:Creatures Air Elemental X2 Surrakar Banisher X1Wall of Frost X1 Drake Umbra X1 Plated Seastrider X1 Halimar Excavator X1 Cathartic Adept X1 Windrider Eel X1 Phantom Warrior X1 Mnemonic Wall X1 Wind Drake X1 Merfolk Looter X1 Caller of Gales X1 Kraken Hatchling X1 Jwari Scuttler X1 Snapping Drake X1 Serra Angel X2 Stormfront Pegasus X1 Leonin Arbiter X1 Platinum Angel X1 Linvala, Keeper of silence X1 White Knight X1 Blinding Mage X1 Soul Warden X1 Archon of Redemptiom X1 Lone Missionary X1 Goldenglow Moth X1 Perimeter Captain X1 Artifacts Couriers Capsule X1Marble Chalice X1Kitesail X1Grindclock X1Sorcery/Enchantments Pacifism X2 See Beyond X1 Cancel X2Essence Scatter X2 Diminish X1 Tome Scour X1 Telepathy X1 Sleep X1 Mind Control X1Unsummon X1 Divination X1Summoners Bane X1Day Of Judgment X1Soul Parry X1Dispense X1Fulgent Distraction X1Guardian Zendikon X1 Safe Passage X1Repel the Darkness X1 Lands Terramorphic Expanse X3 Island X10 Plains X10
Um, this deck kinda sucks just from a quick glance. The first problem you have is that there are way too many one-ofs. Ask yourself, Self, what am I really trying to accomplish with this deck?. Then, find the cards that are essential to that idea and put 4 of them in. The creatures that you selected are mostly low-tier creatures. That is, you could find better creatures for the same price, if not cheaper. This is the same for your spells section. Your lands are decent. If you can, put in some dual lands, even tap duals would be good. Boreal Shelf, Celestial Colonade, Coastal Tower, etc. Overall, I would rate this as a 3/10. It falls into the beginner type decks (put cards that match the color I am going for into the deck and play.)
Q:I'm doing a project on cranes. I'm wondering which crane has the longest jib. Thanks!
Probably a dragline crane used for quarrying etc.
Q:it is an excavator is it a good scope
It is a variable power scope that goes from 8 power to 32 power. The number 50 is the diameter of the front lens measured in millimeters. I am not familiar with the Excavator brand so I don't know if it as any good or not. You have a scope that is generally too powerful for hunting. Even on its lowest power, it will be hard to find your target in the scope. At 32 power, you would have an almost impossible time finding it. The scope is best suited for long range stationary target shooting..
Q:Two Tank/Tank Destroyers during WW2 (That I know of) used the American 3-inch M1918 and British 17 Pounder. These Vehicles were the M4 Medium Tank (Sherman to the British) which mounted both 3 Inch or 76mm Gun and the Firefly M4 Tank Variant mounting the 17 Pounder. The M10 Tank Destroyer mounted the 76mm and Achillies mounting the 17 Pounder. The reason I chose practically the same vehicles is cause I wanted you opinions on the guns rather than the Tanks/Tank Destroyers.
The U.S. had 2 tank/tank destroyer guns that fired the same ammunition: The 3-inch M7 gun from the M10 tank destroyer (and various prototypes) and the 76mm (actually 76.2mm) M1 and M1A1. The guns had the same ballistic performance but the M1 series were much lighter and more compact, being designed specifically for use in armored vehicle turrets and not adapted from other applications. Both of those American guns and the British 17-pounder (also 76.2mm but operating at higher pressures) were high velocity guns designed specifically for tank-killing. The 17-pounder was certainly the better tank killer firing standard ammunition (APC, APCBC, etc). The American's started shipping HVAP around the same time the British started using APDS so the 17-pounder kept its edge. HE performance for all of these guns was notably inferior to the 75mm M3 or British 75mm QF, which is why they were fitted primarily to tank destroyers instead of tanks. Somewhere in my files I have the production figures for 17-pounder ammo (but I'm not at home right now). Until August 1944 the 17-pounder essentially did not have an HE round. The original projectile was a poor performer and produced in very small quantity. The reason only 1 or 2 tanks per troop were Firefly's was due in part to availability but also due to the fact these tanks were only issued with AP ammunition until late summer/fall of 1944. The summer of 1944 is when the 2nd generation of 17-pdr HE ammo came out with reduced propellant charge. This was an OK round, but no 75. After this I don't think there is much to chose from on the HE front between the respective British and American guns. For a Tank Destroyer whose main job is firing AP (rather than a tank that fires mostly HE) the 17-pounder is clearly the better weapon
Q:If you have a Renegade Doppelganger on the battlefield and you put a Halimar Excavator into play, how many cards will you make the target player put into the graveyard (2 or 4) and why?
1 or 2 depending on how you stack the triggers. When the Halimar Excavator enters the battlefield it's enter the battlefield trigger and Renegade Doppelganger's enter the battlefield trigger go on the stack, you choose the order that they happen in because you control both effects. If you let the doppelganger's ability resolve first and then the Halimar Excavator you will mill 2 cards because you control two allies. If you let the Halimar Excavator's ability resolve first and then the doppleganger you'll only mill 1 card. You can't mill 4 cards because when your Halimar Excavator entering the battlefield triggers the Renegade doppleganger it will become a copy of Halimar Excavator when it's already in play and won't trigger.
Q:Can somebody tell the average diesel consumption of the following: a. Excavator CAT 330BL, b. Wheel loader / Shovel 996F, c. Grader CAT 14G H, d. Roller Compactor 10 ton DYNAPAC, e. Dump Truck 18 cu.m.
There is no average> It depends if the EG is being worked or not> And when the operator is running it is he working it to max> They use a lot of fuel> so have a lot on site for refills> Ot the job stops??
Q:I am wanting to convert my log splitter that runs off of tractor hydraulics into a gas motor powered splitter so far this is what I have came up with 8hp gas motor16gpm 2 stage pump What size hydraulic tank should I useAny tips or suggestions would be appreciated
Log Splitter Hydraulic Tank
Q:I have a few questions about breeding Leos. And please don't answer anything like quot;Lol you shouldn't be breeding themquot; or stuff like that. I will down vote any of that stuff, and please no guesses either. I want answers from people with actual experience. So my first question is, how many eggs in a season do they lay?
In a 15 - 20 gallon tank you should be able to put about 2 - 3 geckos in there but you do not want to put 2 males or they will fight each other. As for the breeding if you are a beginner I would definitely wait and do some more research, talk to veterinarians or anything close to a herpetologist.

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