Excavators 15-20 Tons Crawler Hydraulic

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Product Description:

Excavators 15-20 Tons Crawler Hydraulic

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:ZE230E-9


Type:Crawler Excavator



Certification:ISO9001: 2000



Model:Crawler Hydraulic Excavator

Color and Logo:Can According to Customers′ Request


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.




Standard:3C & ISO9001& CE


Origin:Hubei, China

Production Capacity:3000 

Product Description

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12. Bulk cement truck, 
13. Chemical liquid tank truck

Operating weight13800kg
Standard bucket capacity0.4-0.52m 3
Direct injection/
Four strokes/
Water cooling/
Turbo charged/
Air to air intercooler×/
No. of cylinders4/
Rated power/speed69.6/2200kw/rpm
Max. torque/speed337.6N.m
The main performance
Travel speed5.16/3.03km/h
Swing speed12.3r/min
Max. gradeability≥35/
Ground pressure42kPa
Max.Bucket digging force85kN
Max.arm crowd force65kN
Max.traction force134kN
Hydraulic system
Main pump2/
Rate flow of main pump2×123L/min
Max pressure of prime relief valve31.4/34.3MPa
Max pressure of travel system34.3MPa
Max pressure of swing system25MPa
Max pressure of pilot system3.9MPa
Fuel tank capacity250L

Excavators 15-20 Tons Crawler Hydraulic

Excavators 15-20 Tons Crawler Hydraulic

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Q:How heavy is Komatsu excavator PC60?
General excavator model is from the self-respect, such as PC300 on almost 30 tons, PC360 has more than 34 tons, PC60-7 is about 6 tons of machine.Excavator, also called excavating machinery, is a kind of earthmoving machine that uses bucket to excavate material that is higher than or lower than the machine surface and is loaded into transportation vehicle or unloaded to the stacker.
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Your best bets are actually either paper towel or slate tile. Reptile carpet is pretty good, but sometimes there are incidents of leos catching their toes in the carpet. And I'm not sure that the excavator stuff is a very good idea, I think sometimes it collapses and/or can be ingested.
Q:1992 chevy 3500 6.5 turbo diesel smoke problem?
White smoke means its burning coolant, u prob have a bad head gasket or cracked head
Q:hi i was wondering what would be the quickest way to install 200 metres of ranch style fencing?
Have put up a lot of fences... but not necessarily an expert. Good sources on the web in many DIY places... but in my opinion: A lot depends on the type of soil you're putting the posts in, and the climate. Dry climate and rocky soil would be less dependent on adding concrete. Moist climate and/or sandy soil would require something more substantial. And, it also depends on how high the fence is going to be and what you intend to keep in or keep out. In any case, would likely recommend treating the bottom couple of feet of the posts with a tar or creosote before installation to prevent rot and moisture penetration (Regardless of whether you use cement or not.) My experience, in rocky soil and an alpine climate, involved using a post-hole attachment on an International Harvester, a spud bar to break up rocks, and a supply of rocks to tamp back around the post once it was dry set. Six inches of large gravel in the hole. Insert post. Tamp large rocks around post with spud bar. Fill with dirt. Tamp some more. No concrete. Posts that loosen with time can be readily re-set. A slightly improved option, is to set the corner posts and gate posts in concrete and dry set the others. That works pretty well and saves some $$$. If you're going all out: treat the posts, drill the holes, bed with gravel, set the post, fill with concrete, slope the concrete away from the post, use bracing as necessary to maintain plumb. Can do a bunch or a few at a time that way. Make sure to cover the concrete with plastic as it dries to slow the drying and reduce cracking. Good luck. I'm sure there are lots of other good/better ideas as well. One nice option = the poly/vinyl fencing. Less weight. Very durable. Comes with instructions.
Q:How Does The Hydraulic System In Hydraulic Excavators Work?
The engine (usually a small truck engine of 8 or 9 litres) drives a high volume hydraulic pump which supplies oil under pressure to a set of spool valves which are operated by the driver through a series of levers or in modern equipment by a set of electrical solenoids in the cab.When a valve is opened oil under pressure is fed to one end of a 2 way ram which forces the piston in the ram either in to the ram cylinder or out of it which operates the arm or the bucket.Some track vehicles also have hydraulic motors which are fastened to the track drives to move the vehicle along or they have a simple hydrodynamic gear box and diff as on some large bull dozers.Most have a large heat exchanger to keep the hydraulic fluid cool.
Q:i have 15 acres to use on a motor cross track i need something really cool send me pics and ideas?
Don't okorder.com/
Q:what the trick to runnung a excavator?
Like all the other machinery, it takes practice. If you have experience on other machines, you should pick it up quickly. Try to find someone to let you practice on it for a couple of hours.
Q:I'm confused. re the Romanov family - the finding of 2 more bodies?
You might enjoy The Romanov Prophecy by Steve Berry. It is pure fiction but it explores the possibilities thrown up by the uncertainty surrounding the murders, although it was written in 2004, before the discovery of the last two bodies. The plot revolves around what might happen if the Russian people of today decided to restore the tsar, and who the heir to the Romanov throne might be.
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