Excavator Hydraulic Crawler 25 Ton (XE250)

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Product Description:

Excavator Hydraulic Crawler 25 Ton  (XE250)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:XE250


Type:Crawler Excavator

Usage:Mining Excavator



Transmission:Hydraulic Transmission


Drive Type:Internal Combustion Drive

Bucket Capacity:1.0~1.5m³



Certification:CE, ISO9001: 2000



Engine:Imported Cummins, Yanmar or Domestic Brand


Track Width:600/800mm

Excavator Size:10055*2990*3280mm


Export Markets:South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe

Additional Info.

Trademark:FULL LUCK


Packing:Nude Packing

Standard:CE, SGS



Production Capacity:1000 PCS/Month

Product Description

 Including bus, light truck, tractor head, dump truck, cargo truck, concrete mixer truck,mining dump truck, terminal tractor, workshop truck, flat tray truck, 20'container self-loaded truck, logging truck, road wrecker truck, AWD ruck, tank truck, suction pump truck, septic tank truck, garbage truck, special purpose truck, customized truck, all types of semi trailer, skid loader, wheel loader, mobile crane, excavator, motor grader, road roller and all brands of pare parts. 

Working weight24200kg
Bucket capacity1.1M3
Track width600mm/800mm
Transport dimension10055*2990*3280(mm)
Overall dimensionLength of track on ground3840mm
Ground clearance of counter weight1070mm
Tail swing radius2950mm
Total length10045mm
Total height3280mm
Total width2990mm
Track gauge2390mm
Min. ground clearance460mm
Track width600/800mm
Track height950mm

Excavator Hydraulic Crawler 25 Ton  (XE250)

Excavator Hydraulic Crawler 25 Ton  (XE250)

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Q:why do diesel truck drivers and excavator operators always leave their engines running?
Truck drivers leave their rigs running because 1) They are asleep and it is hot outside so they are running the A/C 2) They are asleep and it is cold outside so they are running the heater. 3) It used to be said that a rig used up more fuel when you turned it off and on compared to just running it. Depends how long, like restroom breaks, paying for their fuel. A typical big rig uses 1 gallon of fuel an hour just idling. Most trucking companies are finding other ways to keep the driver comfortable while he is sleeping. As for the backhoe operator, I cant answer.
Q:JCB excavator - problems starting engine after cleaning out the filters?
Its not the food for your engine thats the fuel,run your car out of petrol it comes to a stop and you gotta walk to the garage with a can but it'll run once refilled.Run your car out of oil or have a serious oil problem then you'll kill your engine within a very short time either throwing a con-rod or siezing it and fusing it into one large lump of useless metal.
Q:How are buildings with basements demolished?
Actually a very good question. When the use an excavator to demolish these buildings or even a wrecking ball or explosives, they normally clear out all demolition debris from the building. Its considered trash and not allowed to remain at the site. Generally they will also remove the foundation. With the foundation removed the site has more value for future use. The demolition debris most often goes to the dump. Some companies do recycle industrial buildings for the metals and concrete. The only time you can't is when the materials are contaminated. On occasion, I know of businesses that have torn down a buiding, but left the slab behind. Generally you will expect to find that the ground under the building is contaminated, By leaving the concrete, less rainwater will penetrate the ground. This slows the amount of polution in the ground water. Debris is never used to fill the building (at least not legally). Really if you think of it, they are deconstructing the building. Its pretty much the opposite of building it. The biggest difference with construction you are careful that your finished work looks nice. Demolition on the other hand you only care that the site looks pristine when you leave. On a final note, I saw a program about people who make a living removing antique fixtures, windows, knobs, doors, etc. from old buildings to be resold for restoration or speciality work. They will do this prior to a renovation. Some fixtures from old home are buildings can be very valuable.
Q:1992 chevy 3500 6.5 turbo diesel smoke problem?
White smoke means its burning coolant, u prob have a bad head gasket or cracked head
Q:when it comes to building a house....?
owning the lot already is a huge savings. doing some of the work yourself is extremely helpful at lowering the cost, your not paying for all the labor. if your going with a builder, you need to ask if its ok if you can do some things yourself, many wont let you. what you might have to do is be your own contractor, and subcontract out the excavating, like the person you know, but you would need to check with all of the codes and get up to date on how that all works, if you need any special license to do that. like with the electric, you can do it, if you have it inspected. you would be surprised at how much you can save just even doing the finishing work yourself, like cabinets, floors, lighting, hanging the doors, fixtures, installing the shower, toilets, etc. some builders will basically bring the house to drywall, building the shell, and you can do the rest. a friend of ours is helping on his house and he cut at least 60,000+ off his price. as far as wood being cheaper than carpet, i would say not. but it all depends on which you choose and who you have install it. if you do wood floors, you can do that yourself and will save huge, and its easy, unless you lay carpet professionally i wouldnt go there, its worth having that done..
Q:Do you think this is real?
It looks like acid has melton him down, it doesn't look like piranhas got to him. I believe it isn't true.
Q:Evans or Schliemann Which was a better Archeologist?
Evans is better.
Q:If you know anything about...?
It's fast in the sense of doing a lot of digging quickly. It is also very strong, and it doesn't get tired as human diggers would :-)
Q:How much is the tuition fee for Sichuan excavator?
How long will it take me to learn? There are many students who want to study the excavator. I will ask this question. It depends on how to learn,If you only learn it, you can learn it in about a month, but if you have to do some maintenance, it will take longer. The Baoding tiger school is a professional course set up in this way.Theory course study content: tap the day-to-day maintenance, mining procedures and attention items, excavators of all types of brand machines, dashboard cognition, simple engine and hydraulic principle.Theory course: study all the courses for 75 days, increase the daily maintenance of the loader, regular maintenance, principle and so on. And what students should pay attention to in their work.Hebei: School of excavator hook machine which is good, choose Baoding tiger vibration mechanical engineering school, famous old school, strong teachers, teaching, theory and PracticeAfter graduation, the school guarantees the assignment, and can not find a job to refund all the tuition fees2, excavator basic class enhanced class, school system 45 days3, excavator intermediate class, school system 75 days
Q:secure money transfer / payment?
I am assuming you bought this on Ebay. Paypal is the online OKorder account that acts as an escrow account. You put the money in, which notifies the seller. The seller delivers the product then can collect the money. If you do not receive the item, you can contact paypal and they take that money right back out of the seller's account. A credit card does exactly the same thing. If you don't get the property, you have 30 to 60 days to contest the charge and get the money right back. Hope this helps.

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