Crawler Rotary Drilling Rig Drilling diameter: 500-1500 mm

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Product Description:

Quick Details

Brand Name: CBL

Model Number: YG120

After-sales Service Provided: No overseas service provided

Machine weight: 13600kg

Max drilling depth: 16m

Drilling diameter: 500-1500 mm

Power head torque: 17000-22000 N.M

Drilling head rate: 30-50 r/min

Max lifting force: 120 KN

Working mode: pressure drilling

Engine: YTR4105; 65kw

Slewing angle: 360 degree

Hydraulic system pressure: 28 Mpa


Technical data for crawler rotary drilling rig




Machine weight 








Rated power 



Rated speed 



Appearance  Parameters


Transportation size (L*W*H)



Track shoe width



Performance  Parameters


Max drilling depth



Drilling diameter



Working mode

Pressure drilling

Power head torque



Drilling head rate



Max lifting force



Steel rope diameter 



Slewing angle



Rotation speed



Travel speed



Hydraulic system pressure




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I have had good luck with a company called Gabberdeen. They have everything. I have a 331 and I got my whole undercarriage and tracks for them from CHEAP. Find them on the internet.
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Q:I was thinking about digging a couple pretty simple hole in the backyard for compost and dumping grass in. The only problem is that I am thirteen and my Dad doesnt' want to do do the digging. I've had past experience doing stuff with backhoes and even those big excavators. Could my Dad legally rent one and have me do the digging, or do I need to teach him how to drive it? :)
You sound like you're a pretty smart kid and have it together, so it shouldn't be a problem as long as you follow all safety and operating directions. Go with your dad to the rental place and listen to the instructions he's given without indicating that you're going to be the one doing the actual digging. What you're planning on doing isn't legal because you're a minor that will be operating heavy machinery and you won't be able to rent it under your own name. The others are right, if you damage the machine, your dad will be on the hook for any repairs, as he will if you cause any damage to your or your neighbor's property, structures, or vehicles. In most municipalities and counties, permission has to be gotten prior to digging, even on private property. Check with your local utilities to find out if there are any power, sewer, phone, or other cables running through your dig site.
Q:it is an excavator is it a good scope
8-32 means it's variable power....8 times magnification to 32 time......50 is 50 mm objective lens and is pretty dang big and should gather light pretty good...but I've never used any Barska products so I can't tell you how it matches up to other products...but at $150 I can't be that bad lol.
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All those who used to use a lot of manpower were replaced by excavators. Because the use of excavators is much cheaper than using labor. A medium-sized excavator's workload is equivalent to about 300 of the manpower per day. 300 people *60 yuan / day =18000 yuan / day, and excavator work day will not pay more than 2000 yuan.
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ur looking for a gecko that is rare among breeders i would look on the net just figure out if u want a hypo or not because dependeng on the breeder, morph. morph quality, and parents there is going to be some price differences... use exo terra desert sand with no dyes in it and get it with calcium then mix it with exo terra burrowing substrate.... the substrate will cost u a good 60 if ur going for a 40g wide and the geckos cant be priced with the small amount of info ur givng
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Backhoe Price

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